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EGN Lineage 2 - 25x Gracia Epilogue - [ Free MMO | No Donations | Botting Allowed ]

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EGN Lineage 2 - http://www.EliteGN.Net
L2OFF Platform: 25x Gracia Epilogue

Play an original version of Lineage 2 with added enhancements now.


- Free to play

- *No Donations!*

- Botting Allowed - Download Free: L2Walker IG 2.19c, or L2Adrenaline 1.71 Cracked. (working links on forums)

- Unlimited game accounts

- Permanent lvl 4 vitality

- 25x EXP/SP/Drops/Seal Stones

- 20x Adena

- 15x Spoil

- 10x Quest Exp/SP/Drop Rate

- 2x Boss

- New characters start with buff scrolls and permanent 30% exp rune.

- Auto Learn Class Skills (Excluding Forgotten Scrolls).

- Auto Learn Fishing NPC Skills: Fishing/Slot increase

- Soulshots & Spiritshots sold by each town grocer

- One hour Prophet/SE/EE buff scrolls sold by each town grocer.

- Massive passive weight limit increase

- No 2nd, or 3rd class change quests required

- Free sub-class!

- Free clan to lvl 5

- No GMShops, global gatekeeper, or MP potions

- Offline Shops, exp gain on/off.

- Autoloot Enabled.

- Global Shout and Trade currently enabled.

- Buff times original.

- Hellbound already opened at maximum stage.

- Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon always spawn in Giran

- Seven signs priests allow seal stone exchanges on sign up week.

- Monthly Heroes. Server Time GMT+2. Olympiad start time: 18:00

Join now: http://www.EliteGN.Net

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