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[Tales of Azeroth] Grand Opening on 28.06.2019 [3.3.5a] [4.3.4][Custom Content]

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Tales of Azeroth Relase at June.28.2019 6:00PM

Tales of Azeroth WoW Blizzlike with Custom Content
Currently PVE focused 
99% spells complete
99% Content Working
Levelgear Vendor in the Startareas 


Server Rate 2x (dynamic)
3x Profession Learning
LvL Token droping by Raremobs
Custom Content
Transmog on 3.3.5a
Legendary Weapon for all classes
1vs1 Arena

Our Story: The project Tales of Azeroth WoW was launched on 10.04.2019! - Since the beginning of April 2019, we are working on our wotlk server, which is a main part of the Tales of Azeroth WoW project, it is 95% bug free. We also work on a Cata 4.3.4 server that is online since May 2019, the Cata server is 87% bug free and in beta phase !! In this project, are more than 1920 (thousand-nine-hundred and Twenty) hours of working time, development, hard work and sleepless nights, but that is worth it! Our team has more than 10 years of experience in World of Warcraft and the emulation and also operation of game servers!






Teamspeak: toa-wow.de
Discord: toa-discord

Website: Tales of Azeroth

Set realmlist: logon.toa-wow.de

*Please be patient while we gain traction and figure out some progression flow and bugs

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