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Server Review: Hyper-WoW

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Hello! This is my first review. So please be kind to me. ^^

About the server.

Hyper-WoW has supplied with sufficient information to determine that their server would be quite epic, if they could get the player base. However as for the future i see lots of people dropping off as there doesn’t seem to be that much progression over all.

  1. Instant 80
  2. Pick a spec npc – Automatically unequips your gear and equips a gear template with gems, enchants and talents.
  3. Gearing is fast and does not require arena rating. You can gear through Arena, BGs or World PvP.
  4. Custom PvP Zone with Hourly PvP Chest Events.
  5. Professions are leveled through arena wins.
  6. Challenge command – Solo or in a group.
  7. arenaque command (solo,1v1,2v2,3v3)
  8. Global chat for 4 different languages (EN,FR,DE,ES) – Channels can be turned off by a command.
  9. Custom Transmogrifer – Transmog from inventory, item id or arena rating.
  10. Custom mounts for Top arena teams – No patch required.
  11. Vanilla ranks automatically obtainable through honorable pvp kills.
  12. Killstreak system with rewards and custom announcements.
  13. Arena Spectator for 1v1,2v2,3v3 and SoloQ – shows games above 1500 MMR.
  14. Custom Hunter Pet Zone with over 100 tameable pets.
  15. Arena Cases – Filled with over 2.6k tradeable transmog items. Dropped from Arena Chests or PvP Zone Chests.
  16. Arena Case trader NPC – Players can sell their arena cases for honor points.
  17. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary Arena Chests % chance to be dropped from Arena wins.
  18. Custom 1v1 and 3v3 SoloQ Bracket – 2 Dps – 1 Healer.
  19. Phased Dueling – You can only see your opponent while dueling. While players that aren’t dueling can see you and your opponent.
  20. Visual Tabards.
  21. Shirts With Race Morphs.
  22. Hidden Transmog Items.
  23. Leaderboard NPC.
  24. Fully Working PetAI – Returning to stay position and Casting spells while in LoS.
  25. Working Vanish / Shadowmeld Delay.
  26. Arena and Battlegrounds Ready check crystals.
  27. Battlegrounds buffer.
  28. Advanced Anticheat.

Now reading from their words, they have some quite unique features for their server. The spec NPC is something i personally have never seen and it seems quite good. You can queue arenas from anywhere and you can also challenge.

What you see first.

At first there was a countdown to the release of their server. This has been replaced and now it gives you a link to their website.


You could scroll down and see an about them section and a contact section which was literally just a widget to their Discord server… Which you can join here. Next up, if you followed the link to their website, you’d get to a FusionGEN site, without a forum(Which is a shame since i believe communities are what makes a server great, and a wow community needs a forum in my opinion.)


Their website is very basic and easy to follow around. However if they do however get ‘bigger’ i’d like to see this website re-designed. It is not the prettiest i’ve seen but it’s something, it works for what they need it for.

There is an option to donate for the server, however the cash shop is empty. In game you are able to find an NPC which would trade you stuff in exchange for donation tokens. However mostly this is just cosmetic items.

What you see when you login.

>>No patch requirement(yet) huge plus for me atleast, since i don’t like downloading patches and having to manage different patches between servers. If they could keep it like this, i’d absolutely love it. But they most likely won’t, they have an option for Custom Mounts, which isn’t released yet, and i assume this may require a patch of some sort.

First thing you’ll see are 3 NPCs, middle one is floating and the others are standing regularly on a pedestal. First NPC from the left, is <Low Gear>, then <Pick a Spec> and last <Endgame Gear>. You can always choose your own gear and customize how you want, even though there’s the auto equipping NPC and talent maker. Depends if you want to take the time to select your talents or you just want to head into combat.

It took me around 1 minute and 49 seconds to make a character, and getting ready for PvP action. I was into PvP after just about 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Which i think is remarkable, if you want to switch class or reroll for whatever reason, or if there’s just one annoying guy that you can’t kill with your main character and want to show him with a Warrior instead of a Druid for example.

The other NPCs such as Gems, Trainers etc. are scattered around the mall, rather than making it just one NPC, however i actually like that it’s orderly scattered around instead of just one NPC with everything, since it makes the mall come a bit more to life.

The mall is indeed a shared mall, so you share it with Horde & Alliance at the same time. PvP Seems to be completely disabled.

Mobility and Transportation.

They have 1 teleport NPC;


Here you can see the available options for teleportation. Only Hunters may teleport to the Pet zone however, it seems to be a PvP Activated zone.

First up, we have the mall which we’ve already gone over briefly, more on that later on.


A few Mall NPCs for reference.

Next up we have Hunter Pet zone.

The Pet zone is actually pretty, and easy to use. I was there for only a brief moment and could already figure out which pet i wanted to have for my hunter.


The pet zone features pets from Flying to ground spiders and raptors, they seem to be very organized however i’d love to see the exotic pets moved to a different location than their current. It just doesn’t seem logical to have them in their current position.


I did encounter a “bug” here, i don’t think it’s a bug i just think they didn’t intend to have a pet there to function as a vehicle. However, it was there and yes, you guessed it! It functions as a vehicle. Now i have already reported this to one of the Developers and i had a short talk with him, and he seemed professional and nice. (Xaps)


Yes, i am literally sitting in its mouth and that’s where the seat is. Never seen this before.

Next zone on our list is the Dueling zone.

This zone is quite “normal” as one would say, it features a few NPCs and it looks just like a regular Dueling zone.


However they did put a poll NPC where to put this zone, i suppose they aren’t too happy with the current location.


We’ve found the dummies!

Next up is the Training Dummy zone, this is where you would pretty much test out your DPS and see how much damage you can do per second or test out a certain spell, that you aren’t too sure about just yet. The zone itself is very boring. Not much has been done about it, but 2 NPCs i believe and a few Dummies to test your spells & damage on. I’d like to see some diversity in these Dummies, such as a dummy reskinned to be humanoid or orcish. That would be quite cool to see, also i’d like to see Dummies that are not as close as they are right now, since sometimes, you’d like to test out your mutli-target spells and see how much it does per person, instead of multiple targets. Now there are a gap, between them, but spells such as Multishot for hunters, might also target the others. Minor change, but i feel it’s neccessary.


Last but not least, PvP Zone.

This zone is a bit more interesting. This zone seems to be custom scripted, with once per hour, spawning 3x chests, now, i haven’t been able to loot one yet, but i assume this is where you gain stuff for professions, cases, honor points, etc. The zone is very interesting, when you first get there, you’re in a Ghostly world, i assume other players can’t see you. You’ll be in this phase for about 30 seconds, you can break it by debuffing yourself/Right clicking top right corner on the spell. I assume they did this cause nobody likes spawn killing and you actually have a few random spawn locations, you aren’t worth any honor either when you respawn, and if you disable this the phase will also disappear, so it makes up for it and you’ll now be worth honor. Killing you will grant approximately ~100 honor points, and it will count your kill streak. It will also announce in the chat if someone gets killed. If you’re on a kill streak, other people in the chat can also see this. There are random buffs scattered around the zone and you can PvP and pick these buffs up, they’re speed boost, healing and berserking buffs. The zone takes place in Theramore Isle. There are no NPCs in the zone, and the entrance / exits are blocked off, you cannot escape. The PvP takes place on the inner side of the walls.



I played this for about 15 minutes, and i had so much fun. Remember this was right as the server was released, so there were other players there. It was quite fun to play, and i enjoyed it quite a bit. I hope they will keep this zone and keep building onto it and expanding what they’ve got of features for it.


There’s 3 chests spawning with loot. Here’s the 3 locations i found them in.


Inside the tower in the middle, at the very top.


At the front gate, just outside the tower.


At the harbor.

The cases drops random things, such as transmog etc. Here’s what mine dropped.





You can also sell your cases.


Mall Construction and NPCs.

This section is where we go over how they’ve built their mall and set up the NPCs.

The mall is constructed very basically, it’s at Shattrath, the main “Merchant” city in Outland. It’s located in the very middle of the city and has everything that you character might need.

Special NPCs.

Pick a spec NPC.


This NPC is very special because it makes character creation 100x easier, and is way easier to use than anything else. However it is a pre made set up of gear etc. that it offers and same talents. So if you want to customize your character, know what you exactly have etc. you wouldn’t want to use this NPC.


Arena Solo Queue NPC.


This NPC allows you to solo queue in Arenas, very handy if you don’t have any friends, or in case the server isn’t populated enough for 2v2 queues. Firstly you have to create a team which you can by the NPC, then you’ll get to see your statistics, and delete your team. You may also queue for the Arenas here.

There’s also SoloQ for 3v3, you can see how many DPS and Healers are queued for the 3v3. You will get to group with random people from the server, and i think this is a very nice feature.


This is a thing i can criticize the server a lot for.


The server offers a wide variety of tabards, however you can’t purchase these or even equip them, because you don’t have the reputation required, and you would never be able to, since their teleportation NPC doesn’t have the locations available and it would probably take you a long time, for a server that just drops you into PvP from the get-go, this is very bad. You should be able to obtain these reputations either through a custom way or by the standard way. I’d rather see the custom way, possible an NPC that rewards you the reputation required in exchange for a token, honor or arena points.

The server also offers competitor’s tabard, which is a very renown Tabard on Retail, i have it on my own account in Retail, and seeing they basically just give it away triggers me in way i can’t explain. It’s a very rare tabard, i think they should make it obtainable through progression, such as PvP. Maybe make it a random drop. 0.5% chance, would do just great in the Arena Cases.



They also thought about Rune forging, and i think this is great, and it just works. I tested it out on my DK, it’s a bit hidden away, but i think it’s just fine, however i think it should be moved to a more visible location.


Arenas & Battlegrounds

Solo queue Arenas as we spoke of just before, works just fine, you’re met with a ready-check crystal, and once both players has clicked this, it will then begin the Arena match. You buff yourself before you move in and it ends just like a normal Arena with the stats. You’re teleported out afterwards to your last location. Works just fine, and nothing to really point out here other than that it’s Soloqueue. You also get a reward for winning these Arenas.




Battlegrounds has a channel which they get announced in, this makes it available for you to disable this channel, which is great. Same thing for the global EN, FR, DE and ES channel. Though these are rather configurable for your character through commands.


When you get into a battleground you get to buff yourself, and you’re also met with a readycheck crystal. This crystal works just like the Arena one, you click and it requires 10/10 players to be ready to start the match. There’s also a buffing NPC available for you.


Atleast 3 players are needed for normal battlegrounds.


There isn’t much progression just yet. You can progress through killing other players, and getting honor. They have a ranking system, as soon as you get your first kill you will be a scout, you get a title and an achievement.


Conclusion & Rating.


The server is great for fast PvP, if you just wanna get in there and kill some people, this is definietely the server for you. However there are some things i personally would like to see changed, and i hope they will.

The server offers a lot of customization for both your character and custom zones etc. I’d love to see more of this.

If you’re the type of person who likes PvE, this is not the server for you at all, there’s simply no PvE content and you wouldn’t like it.

It’s a fun server, and the time i spent on it, i enjoyed it.

Their word.

I contacted the creators, and asked if they had a word or two i could put in, this is what they told me.

Guild vs Guild Battlegrounds.

They’re working on a Guild vs Guild battleground system, it sounds very promising and i’ve personally never seen this before. Guild leaders will get to queue for the guild, and the guild members can join afterwards, this is currently only randomly selected guilds, that gets to battle, but i suggested him if they’ve put an option to select which guild they’d prefer, it would make it legendary. Could you imagine, battling your rival guild! Awesome!

Rated Battlegrounds.

They’re also working on rated battlegrounds, i assume this will work exactly as their arena system is currently working with how the statistics and everything is shown on an NPC. Sounds promising. I wasn’t given much more information than this.

Event system.

A new event system has been implemented recently, where the game masters can build their events and when they want to start their even a message box will pop up for every player online that’s not currently in an Arena or Battleground, if they press accept they’ll be teleported to the event.


That’s it.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I spent a few hours on it, gathering and getting information and playing on the server. A video will possibly be released soon of it. There was 102 blocks & 2598 words excluding this last “footer” section. If you think i’ve forgotten anything, then please contact me! @ Babylon#0001 ~ Discord




If you want to read the original review, i posted it on my own website. Click here.

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Awesome review. Very interesting to read.

keep up the good work man!

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Just now, OMGhixD said:

Awesome review. Very interesting to read.

keep up the good work man!

Thank you :)
Spent quite the time on it, and i wanted to get everything in my review, hence why it got so long xD

Felt lke i couldn't leave anything out, which in some ways is good but alslo bad. xD

For the ones wanting a quick read then see the conclusion :)

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On 5/12/2019 at 10:47 PM, Babylon said:

Thank you :)
Spent quite the time on it, and i wanted to get everything in my review, hence why it got so long xD

Felt lke i couldn't leave anything out, which in some ways is good but alslo bad. xD

For the ones wanting a quick read then see the conclusion :)

Well done man. i am speachless

10/10 review :)

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Finally, he is doing server reviews.

It's a good reviews, very detailed and an interesting read, keep it up!

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