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[3.3.5a] The Lost Kingdom-Making WoTLK Great Again!

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Welcome to The Lost Kingdom WoTLK 

We are pleased to announce that we are opening 2 realms on 10-05-2019 GMT +2

Valhalla i80 Probably the best Custom PvP and PvE realm.
Westeros Blizzlike x5 Completely reworked and pure Wotlk Content.

Valhalla i80 Feautures and Game Concept
Valhalla is just that funserver you always looked for.Having balanced and working classes,professional made items respecting all the stats importance and impact,our realm is offering you the unique chance to play different game types and mods both PvP and PvE under Wrath of The Lich King Expansion and also having Post Expansion items from versions like : |Cataclysm|Mist of Pandaria|Warlords of Draenor|Legion|.
Make yourself confortable and enjoy the following:
|Instant Level 80|
|Custom Arena Seasons|
|Custom Tiers|
|Custom Instances and Dungeons Soloable,5 or 10 man Raids.25 Man Raids|
|Buffed PvP Feautures and Systems|
|Custom PvP Area and Duel zone-Fight in water|
|Shopping Mall with over 300 custom NPCs|
|Titles Zones including custom ones|
|Champion Mode: 1v1 Arena Games|
|Global World Chat using command .chat YourMessageHere|
|World Flying|
|Custom Fishing Zone,catch up items and cosmetics|
|Ship travelling to custom Events|
|PlayTime Rewards|
|Daily and Unique Events including both PvP and PvE|
|Seasonal $Tournaments on Special Realm available only during the tournament|
|Mall Guards that can guide you to find any zone or NPC|
|Guild Systems like Guild House or Guild Wars|
|Active,professional and dedicated Staff Team|
|Over 1000 Custom Quests|
|Open World Bosses available at our Custom Story : The Legions Return|
|Transmog System with over 60k Cosmetics|

Westeros x5 Blizzlike Feautures and Game Concept

Westeros is all about pure and completely working Wrath of the Lich King content.If you loved this expansion during Retail Period,this is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy reworked and buffed WoTLK content.The Game type is both PvP and PvE.
Log In and find the following:
|x5 Rates and also Individual Mod XP-set your XP as you desire from 1x to 5x|
|PlayTime Reward|
|Transmog NPC that can be found on Dalaran|
|Faction Change NPCs that can be found inside Orgrimmar and Stormwind|
|All types of Quests Working|
|Completely working Spells and Talents|
|Scripted and Working Blizzlike Content|
|Website Store for Cosmetics,Mounts,Pets|

General Feautures

|Strong and Stable Core and Connection|
|Free Donation Systems,change Vote Points->Donor Coins|
|Friendly and always close to the community Administration Team|
|Top Voters Weekly Rewards|
|Always updating and releasing content|
|Special Promotions|
|Daily Giveaways on our Discord Channel|
|Free Character Migration|

Realm Valhalla i80 will be released on May 10 at 21:00 Realm Time GMT+2

Realm Westeros x5 will be released on May 10 at 19:00 Realm Time GMT+2

Welcome Bonus

As a token of appreciation,First 20 Players that will log on Westeros x5 on May 10 will receive Level 80 and 20 Donation Coins.And of course first 20 Players that will log on Valhalla i80 on May 10 will receive 20 Donation Coins and a mount of their choice.

Future Plans

Opening a new 3.3.5a realm,Ultra Fun Realm level 255 with Post content including Maps/Creatures/Objects/Items and so go on from all expansions between Wrath of The Lich King and Battle for Azeroth.Also including visuals from games like Diablo/Skyrim.etc

Server Teaser


Final Words

Our Staff Team is more then a group,we're a family.And we are always looking for new members so feel free to join us.
We are looking forward to meet everybody on May 10 2019.What are you waiting for?Join our Discord and create an account today.Prepare yourself for the Grand Opening!

Extra Note: If you test us before May 10,some things may still be WIP(Work in Progress) and they will become available once the realms are released.Thank you

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