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[WoW-CMS.com] BlizzCMS Plus

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WoW-CMS.com is a group of web developers who in their free time are dedicated to creating, managing and maintaining cms for the growing community of online games.

At this point they will think, and what does he offer for my server? We are a project that we like to create intiutive designs and adaptable to mobile formats, we think that the future is in modern designs and we have made this our personal brand.

We created this project together with our flagship ship "BlizzCMS" and these days we have been improving every centimeter of the CMS, creating a friendly and cheerful design in sight.


What projects does WoW-CMS.com lead?

  • BlizzCMS: Content Management system for the management of World of Warcraft servers.
  • TitanCMS: Content Management system for the management of Source servers.


Open Source or Private Code?

At wow-cms.com we like to create our CMS's Open Source. We think that open source is the best way to reach more people, and expand our community. This means that you can enjoy all the content of our CMS's for free.


Why choose Blizzcms for your project?

BlizzCMS uses CodeIgniter 3 as a framework, combining the design with the latest version of Uikit3 as a frontend. In addition to an HMVC structure that allows the creation of modules is completely easy to implement.

All this combined with a library developed by the team of WoW-CMS.com, which allows servers to position themselves in google just by configuring some files.

Many people when it came out BlizzCMS came for the compatibility that we offered in all the versions, we still think that is what differentiates us from other CMS, and we continue working in the compatibility between emulators.

About the staff?

We currently have 3 people, but we are always looking for more members.

Lead Project:

  • DZywolf
  • Thranrion/Darthar (Perioner in MMO-Society)


  • Play-Together



Admin Panel (Multi Language):



Project Links:

Support this project:


Thanks for read this post, i hope see you in our discord

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BlizzCMS Plus has already been launched, we currently have 2 days in alpha mode, from tomorrow the licenses will be created automatically, and will not need validation, in the same way ... those licenses that remain inactive, will become active .

We have also released an "autoupdate" system for the CMS, and it is being implemented in the current version 1.0.1 (released today, which corrected several errors of 1.0.0).

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We are already in the final stretch of version 1.0.3, to take the step to 1.0.4, I leave a short list of the many changes we are going to make.



  • implementation of the Panel mod, in its entirety.
  • Implementation of add and remove reputation buttons.
  • Implementation of the permit system (It is not yet very finished, it goes with GMLevel).
  • Implementation of moderation functions.
  • Implementation of the Warnings system.


  • Store now allow buy multi-items
  • Items can buy in quantity
  • Implement items type (items on chain, money, level, rename, customize, change race - faction) [will need test]
  • Implement items price type (dp, vp, dp and vp)
  • Store now allow category by realm

AutoUpdate (Now in

  • Fixed Curl Errors in Wampp.


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Posted (edited)



1.0.4 has been released

With this we put an end to the problems that occur with Curl and add an option that not many servers have in their stores. As always, thanks for trusting us, we hope to never disappoint this beautiful community that is helping us grow as developers and people.

  • Rewrite Store module (you can create items on chain, money, level, rename,etc)
  • Fixed missing column (pending_users)
  • Update languages
  • Fixed some issues
  • Remove sync old account (now is automatic)
  • Clean Structure
  • New Function for time and money (displayed in characters list)

In total 180 files have been modified, added about 13,000 new lines of code and eliminated about 3,000.


Tomorrow will be the entire installation package uploaded to the official website. For now, all BlizzCMS installations can now run the autoupdate, or download the update package from https://wow-cms.com/upload/update/1.0.4.zip

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