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Mightywow is a quality server utilizing talented developers to ensure the best fun experience around. The project aims to take advantage of Cata/Mop/Wod/Legion/Bfa models/maps, unique system content to become the new fun private server reference. We desire to offer a server with functional and balanced spells. http://mighty-wow.com Register today!


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Now im not 100% sure on this so I don't mean to flame, but i think i saw a promo video for this server, and it seemed to have the same load out of another server i used to play on that had the ability to buy custom spell tokens. Something along those lines.... I don't remember exactly. The point i'm trying to get across is that Its dishonest to claim unique when some of your systems, and the mall load out are a copy of another server. Like i said no flame i though that server was pretty nice. Your server doesn't look bad either "If i'm thinking of the correct promo video". But i don't know if one of my selling points would be uniqueness is all :)

Edit: Astaroth was the server if i'm not mistaken

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