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[TOOL] Cameleon, Wow Database Editing

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Hello to all, i'm new to the scene, and i like creating apps, i have been working for a few days on a new wow database editing tool called Cameleon.

My dream is to make a updated multiemu/multidatbase/multilingual wow database editing tool. The design is simple, but the ideea behind it is big.

Please let me know if you desire such a tool, and if its worth developing it further.

Features for the first release of Cameleon:

By design compatible with all wow database flavors (Vanilla => BFA, but needs more testing, lets see)

Dynamic loads the desired table, and fill with table defaults

Search function

INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE capabilities

Live\notLive sql execute to database

*If you have a number in the entry field, and double click on the entry label, it will automatically load all values from the database

For the moment only one database at a time can edit

More features to come if ppl are interested in the tool



Connection Form



Main form, dynamic loads all table from database, you can select witch you want to edit



Load selected table (examle 1)



Load selected table (examle 2)

*If you have a number in the entry field, and double click on the entry label, it will automatically load all values from the database



Search Form

For text, leave LIKE, for numbers use "=. >, <"

x2 button opens another search form (only 2 available for the moment)



I hope there are no bugs left :), please test it on something not important first then on the live database

In order to successfully run this application you need the following:

1) Windows machine (7, 8, 8.1 or 10)
2) .Net Framework 4.5.2 -> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down....aspx?id=42642
3) MySql Server containing your Wow Databases


I got 1 hit on the virustotal, i didnt put eny viruses, but i obsfucated the code, i will make it opensource if you ppl whant these tool to be developed further :)

Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/beb048282eedc343302a33a3ea9be6a1e9a803b0d0e2ea80c63272691d1bfa12/detection

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;Please note, i am not posting this to step on anyones toes, i am posting this to criticize your product for the sole purpose of you improving it.;

First of all, what makes this program oriented towards WoW development? I simply do not see how this program is targetted towards Wow servers.

To me it look like, you just make a simple connection towards your database and you can execute SQL code. In which to be quite fair, there's many other programs that already does this which is also free. HeidiSQL, Navicat etc.


Secondly, the design and everything of the whole program is very basic. You most likely used Visual Basic and put together a quick menu. Looking at your pictures, there isn't even an icon. To me this is very sketchy. Making me think your sourcecode would be copy-paste, from others project.

Thirdly, i'd like to ask you a question, what makes your program stand out from others? Why would i, as an every-day SQL Developer switch from my usual Navicat to something like this? What makes it special?


Now i am going to say something VERY critical about your application, i am doing this, because you have no reputation.


I have good reasoning for the above message.

Your application might not have been detected by any virus scanners. But said program doesn't need a virus.

Once you put in your details and press the connect button you could easily establish a connection to your very own database, god knows where. and insert said information and simply steal another mans work.

The thing is about virus scanners, they do not look for this, as it is as simple as it gets. The virus scanner would over-look this because it isn't Malware or virus, many applications today access databases to gather information such as login, user information, accounting information and so on. Virus scanners would therefore look over this.

Also, you haven't provided sourcecode for your application, you're very unknown to the scene as you said so yourself.

Without sourcecode none of us could determine if your application was legit or not. I am strongly against this move, and i highly advice you to commit your project to Github or anything a-like.


Again, not to step on your toes, your application is ofcourse very welcome. I am just trying to point out to you, how it looks to me, as a developer.

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Thank you Babylon for taking the time to write to my thread, but it seems you didn't understand why i posted this tool.


Long story short:

My thread requires only a binary answer, yes or no, this was only an IDEA to help wow database editing i'm not trying to replace your current preferred sql app, i had an idea on how to maybe help/improve the tedious sql work on wow databases. Many features to come if this will be continued.


Long story:

The idea behind my app was to make the sql more readable and user friendly, i tried working with sqlyog, navicat and others, and i just had an idea maybe to do it more friendly.

If you are afraid of using it, just use wireshark or something else to see the network, in a virtual box, there are a lot of more smarter ppl than i am, they will easily see if this app is doing some bad code, i stated in my initial post to test it before using it on official stuff :)

This tool is the first release, it's in alpha stage, of course it doesn't have all the bells and whistles yet, i just want to know if ppl would be interested in such a design.

I don't want to spend 100+ hours of coding on it, if nobody is interested in using it, there are other tools already out, agreed?

And why would i make it opensource if nobody wants to use it, just to see the code? You are protective of your work right? Well..so am i, even if it's a simple app. Why give the code to somebody to abuse and make fun of it. What drives you to protect yourself, the same drive me also, you as a developer, me as a programer :)

It is wow orientated, i posted on a wow forum, and i have a lot of wow orientated features to add it, like:

-wow emulators or databases profiles, you can add your custom tooltips for each field, and you will have your own custom tooltips and quick notes depending on what wow flavor or emulator you are currently using and what field you are hovering you pointer at;

-load, save templates for each table you like, in sql, or this tool's format

-DBC searchers for items, creatures, flags....depending on what table you are currently editing

-many more, and of course, upon ppl requests


*As an idea, on the usage of this tool in the future, maybe, you are working on wow 2.4.3 database, and you can't find eny information on the tables (items for example), maybe someone can make a profile for 2.4.3 items(explanations for all columns in that table) table, describe or give advice on how to use each column and make it public for the comunity or email it to you

There are other wow tools out there, but they are very good for one version, only 3.3.5a, or only 4.3.4, and nobody has the code enymore or nobody want to update such a massive tool. My approach is keep it simple stupid, but have plenty of functionality, and easy to update or edit by other ppl, for that reason i made it vb.net, simple and easy to understand

Feedback is good to have, but positive feedback is much more appreciated :)

Please test it yourself(in a controlled manner, not on important database stuff) before giving opinions on pictures only, i believe in a world where facts matter more than opinions backed up by air.


The potential of this app(or eny app) is the limits of your own vision and imagination :). I dont like drama, just say if you would be interested in such a design for wow database editing, whatever the flavor, or just stick to navicat or some other tool.

I am over 14, whatever the decision, i can take it :)

Thanks and be well, enjoy wow and what are you currently working on, life is to short for drama, we are all busy, i don't want to waste somebody's time, i was only trying to help ppl do the work more fast.

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Look, i am not trying to start any sort of drama. I am only being sceptical, because that is the way i am.

-I don't have time for drama myself, and i hate drama so i'd rather not.

I believe in opensource, and i believe that sourcecode should be released openly. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and if anyone is making fun of your product, i am sure a moderator will take care of it, or atleast make people stop.

I do believe if you combine this with DBC editing etc. it could be quite useful for Wow emulation and i think it's an awesome idea. However i have to be sceptical, since you have absolutely no reputation in the wow emulation scene as you said yourself, you're new here. If you were a renown member of the emulation scene i'd be less sceptical.


Frankly, i am a programmer myself. Everything i've made, has been opensource or to-be open source. In fact i am working on stuff for  the wow emulation scene as we speak. However, i have no interest in Windows applications, my work field consists of web-development.


My post was to inform you how it looks to the everyday developer, you join the forum and the very first & only post you have is about your application. We haven't seen anything else from you and therefore it's only logical in my opinion to atleast have released the source-code. Maybe make it a private source later on.As of now, your application is very simple and i don't see why you wouldn't release the sourcecode.


I'll edit my first post on this thread, once i feel safe towards your application, i don't have the time to test it via wireshark myself. One thing i dispise is someone stealing one's work. Therefore i made the warning to other users that they might need to think about what they were actually downloading.


Ofcourse, you'd like someone to try it out, if your application is an actual thing. I'd even try it out myself, if i knew it was a-ok, to use, and leave my honest opinion/review on it.


Now, your application has very big potential in the wow-emulation scene and if this is legit software, then i am sorry for what i said. But I have to be sceptical. It is the way i am. I also left some suggestions in my first post, which i highly recommend you to look over. Design of the application itself is very often key to becoming a success. Now i am not talking about anything out of the ordinary or wild. I am just saying that, you might want to make it a bit more user-friendly.


Also a correction to my first post, you do actually have an icon on your application, i overlooked this because the last image you posted was of your search form. Your search form doesn't have the icon.


In short:

I highly suggest releasing the sourcecode, for now. Build up a reputation first, let us know who you are. Introduce yourself. Engage in the community itself.

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Positive feedback noted and appreciated, all advices are taking into consideration, awaiting other opinions if any :).

Meantime i continue working on this tool and adding new features(i thing it has potential), hoping for a new version to post soon :), lets see a few more hours invested in this what will bring.

All the best.

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13 hours ago, Therakin said:


I am over 14, whatever the decision, i can take it :)


I'm confused... is this your age? If so, what's that have to do with the tool?

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This thread contains broken links, images and/or broken BBC that deems this out dated and because of this it will now be archived. If this is your thread feel free to re-post your thread with updated content.


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