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Update 15.01.2019 - New Logo, Theme and Emoticons

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Hello folkz! I'd like to start writing the Update Threads again as i kinda do miss it and do believe it is worth mentioning

the new updates which has happened, is gonna happen and or can happen

So for starters

== New Logo ==

MMO-Society got a new logo as of early january 2019, the logo is live on all themes and can be seen without me needing to showcase it through this thread. The logo overall is something i believe represents MMO-Society in a better light than any of the previously used logos, And it looks alot better. Alltho this may differ from person to person and i do apologize in advance if the logo do not stand up to your likings.
The logo may change or be modified in the future.

For those who still want to see the logo and have not yet noticed, i'll throw a link below


== New Theme (Coming soon & WIP) ==

There is a new Theme in the works which will launch very soon, Premiums, Partners and Mythic Members have been given access to this theme to act as Bugtesters/Early-Testers, Stay tuned for more information regarding that

The new theme will overall bring a feel of modern design and simplicity! It's both sleek and easy on the eyes.

(For those who wonder. yes there will of course be a Dark-Mode Version made when that time comes)

== Added Emotes w/ how to use==

Simply click the Emoji Icon to use, There is a defined way of how to write them aswell but there are limitations within this forum board so i cannot further showcase their BBCodes


More Emoji's are coming soon!










as mentioned above, we will be adding more and more emotes as time passes by!


That's all for now. Thank you for reading this updates post and have a great Morning, Evening, Day and or Night!


MMO-Society Staff

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