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Logo / banner request

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I can pay if needed & the price is right :)


Render/Stock : I have none, but if you can find something that flows with the name and the idea we have, then feel free to do so)

Text : cocaim (COCAIM/cocAim/CocAim/Cocaim) (Whatever feels right)

Subtext : Highly Addictive, keeps you on point

Color Scheme: We dont really have one, and was kinda hoping that we could base our color scheme on how the logo would turn out.

What Type of Request is This? : Would love a logo of some sort & then combine that with the text.

Size : 400x100-425x160 (Again whatever feels right)

Any Additional Information? : This would be for our website & our software client & since our name is a pun on cocaine and the word AIM it would be nice if that could be incorporated into it, if possible and your up for it add some cocaine into the logo or a character doing cocaine while holding i gun (I really don't know, which is why I'm here) :D (I should mention that this is for a community that will be "helping" their users with aiming through software, if you know what i mean ;))

.PSD Needed?: If possible

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GRAPHIC REQUEST - PENDING "Ride the wave of creativity"
Greetings, your request is currently pending and is awaiting response by a member of our design team. In the mean time we encourage community submissions! Otherwise a team member will connect with you shortly.

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