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Stuck with trying to open database files

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This has probably been discussed billion times before, but i'm completely lost how to access .frm, .myd and .myi files. What i have only achieved is some encrypted mess or completely empty files. I saw an earlier post how to edit character level capping and thought that was a simple thing to start with. I managed to edit the config file and kept leveling after 80 which was as intended, but i cannot get any stats before i edit player_classlevelstats database. Thats where i'm stuck. Theres a photo where the databases are opened nice and clean in heidisql and thats how i want them as well. Call me complete noob which i am, started this like a day ago but i need to solve this.

Oh, and im using this:


I just want keep leveling as long as enemies give exp for now, and learn to edit other things later.



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