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[Format] Scam Report Format Must Follow!

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We can understand that scammers are no fun, we are now allowing for you to report scammers directly to the administration of lordcraft

Format (Copy this one, and use it when you make a new report thread!)



User-Name |Name | Link | :
Date | 00-00-0000 | :

Proof | IMGUR PASTES | :




This is also somewhat community driven, Community members may provide additional evidence towards the same case if this incidence has occured elsewhere as well.


example - filled out ( Do not copy this one! it's just an example of how you are suppose to fill it out)



User-Name |Name | Link | : EXampleUsEr
Date | 00-00-0000 | : 17-10-2017

Proof | IMGUR PASTES | : CRz8fu1.png





What will happen after the report has been published? The Staff will take anywhere from 1 day to 10 days to make a decision regarding the case. If this is approved the accused will be named and shamed on the Known Scammers List


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