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How do I convert HTML from Notepad to IE?

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Hello all,

I have recently started taking an online course on HTML. I am trying to figure out how to make a website from scratch so to speak. I've pretty much done what the book says as far as entering my HTML into Notepad but that is as far as i have been able to get. Granted I am not by any means thru with the HTML course yet but I have finished the first few stages where the course states that I should be able to make a web page. What do I do next?

Thank you,



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I dont seem to understand your issue here. 


First of all. HTML is a coding language, where notepad is a Text Editor Program FOR CODERS/and in general for any text format there is. and IE i'm assuming you mean Internet Explorer. That's a web browser. Putting all this together communicates rather well if you ask me. there is no reason nor possibillities to have the need for a conversion? 

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File --> Save as --> all file types.

Amend .html to the end of your filename, such as test.html and not test.txt or test.txt.html 

You should then be able to double click the file for it to open in your default browser.


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