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Hello there,I was looking for a graphic designer for my Twitch Channel called ToxicWards.

Theme: Gaming (nothing special)
Banner Size: 480px high x 900px wide 
Profile Size: 200px x 200px

Text: ToxicWards 
Also a specific logo transparent logo will be great and appreciated.(About logo,I don't mind if it's a symbol or the First letters of my Channel TW for example)

PSD file: If its available sure!

I can put your link bio in my Twitch Channel description and also advertise your name.

If you want to contact me hit me on skype: alampas_puccytale or pm here.

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GRAPHIC REQUEST - PENDING "Ride the wave of creativity"
Greetings DediShot, your request is currently pending and is awaiting response by a member of our design team. In the mean time we encourage community submissions! Otherwise a team member will connect with you shortly.

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