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Divine WoW



  • instant 255
  • Custom Launcher
  • Non-PvP Mall
  • Tier Zone from 2 to 8
  • Instance tier 9-12
  • World bosses
  • 3000+ Custom items
  • New unique System(based on berserk , but we still work on it,will be soon added)
  • over 200M+HP
  • Scripted teleporter with images
  • Buffer NPC
  • V.I.P System
  • V.I.P Mall
  • V.I.P Instance
  • Custom Gems
  • Bosses Announcer
  • Welcome Announcer
  • Beastmaster for hunter pets.
  • PvP title system
  • Transmog Master.
  • Reset on duel.
  • Working battlegrounds.

The server has been opened 3 days ago and we still work hard every day to fix and add the content on it!
And also the server has been made from 0. Because that we don't have to much gears and weapons yet.

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Guest Gamer

This thread contains broken links, images and/or broken BBC that deems this out dated and because of this it will now be archived. If this is your thread feel free to re-post your thread with updated content.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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