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Antorus Boost ★ Argus Mythic Mount ★ Guldan Mount ★ The Choosen title ★

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EU and US WoW Boosting Service


7% Discount Code: Owned7


antorus_heroic.png   Shackled_Ur_zul.png antorus_mythic.png
argus_kill.png glory_of_argus_raider.pngviolet_spellwing.png


Glory_of_tomb_raider.png Fiendish_Hellfire_Core_Mount.png glory_of_legion_raider.png
the_choosen.png the_black_temple.png

Great Service. Ordered a Nighthold Heroic Masterloot Run at got 9 items. Service was very fast. I recommend them! :)

Level 100-110 went quickly and way before time was estimated.
NH Mythic service is clean and they do it well.

Used this service before, even in WoD. They never dissapoint!

Customer service is always available to help you with whatever task you have.
Very flexible, I misordered a service and was offered a refund. I used it as a deposit for the service I wanted instead!
Timewise they are on-point. They don't lie and are very friendly and easy to contact during whatever you ordered.

All in all, this is a service I highly recommend for anyone.

-Will contact more in the future about other services for sure :)

skype.png discord.png


power_leveling.png class_hall_campaign.png artifact_power_boost.png
good_suramartian.png legion_flying.pngthe_deaths_of_chromie.png

bought 100-110 powerlevel. Fast service, definitely recommend!

Purchased 4 100-110 boosts. ALL 4 OF THEM were done within 48 hours, no extra charge for "expedited leveling." offered to stream the leveling process for me if I wanted, but I decided to let them handle it - and they ended up being way above my expectations! highly recommended :D


glory_of_legion_hero.png keystone_master_achievement.png
Mythic_plus_dungeons.png return_to_karazhan.png

Bought a Nightbane run with mount from them,  started within an hour and had the mount within 1½. Great service!

Did a nightbane run, great group great communication.  I would highly recommend to anyone new to the boosting scene like myself.

Did a run 8/10 mythics run with these guys tonight. Fantastic group, great customer service, I would highly recommend. :)

skype.png discord.png


arena_2x2.png visious_saddle.png arena_3x3.png

Really dedicated team behind this company who will guarantee your order. Honest and friendly seller. Will use again.


voidtalon_of_the_dark_star.png spirit_of_echero.png skepter_of_azj_akir.png
time_lost_proto_drake.png reins_of_the_infinite_timereaver.png Phosphorescent_Stone_Drake.png
long_forgotten_hippogryph.png grey_riding_camel.png Deathcharger_s_Reins.png
corrupted_dreadwing.png shablon.png

Ordered a mount run for the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph. Went smooth and took less than 10 min after invited to group as advertised. Saved me HOURS of searching . Great service. 3rd time I have used these guys.

Purchased a challenge from them and everything went smoothly.  Excellent and pleasant communication.  Would recommend to anyone interested in the service.

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me by skype or e-mail

Once again, we are not intermediate sellers, we are the real performers. During the order completion we provide you with a private stream so that you can enjoy the process and watch your toon through out the service.


skype.png discord.png

Boosthive has made its main goal to provide fast and efficient services for people interested in acquiring PvE and PvP achievements and in-game content.
We are a team of professional players taking the game seriously and working hard to provide you with more and more staff available in the World of Warcraft.


Privacy policy

When ordering some of the services from us, you may be asked to provide essential account related information, such as, email address, password, skype or other details required for the fulfilment of service and making your experience as smooth as possible.
The received information is stored offline and given only to the service provider. 
Only the service provider and the customer know about the ordered service.
None of your information will be used outside the sphere of ordered services. 
Information is secured and protected and bound by the non-disclosure agreement.
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.
 After the completion of all activities related to the order you are free to change all the provided information for the additional security precautions.


General Terms & Conditions & F.A.Q.

All received orders are performed by the reliable service providers, who we use for a number of years.
All orders are being taken to the execution only after the pre-payment or against the deposit previously agreed with the customer support manager.
All services are clearly described to the customer beforehand and agreed on the terms and scheduling before the payment.
The approximate time and date of the service completion will be provided, which can only be changed in case of emergency. Costumer will be notified about this change immediately.
Refund Policy.
Our customers are eligible for a full refund only in the following cases:
Your service has not yet begun and you would like to cancel it
We are unable to fulfill the service according to agreed terms
Your account is suspended as a result of our services (time frame for this type of refund is 1 week after the fulfillment of service)
In case your order is in progress and you would like to cancel it, you are eligible for a partial refund.

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