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YHOOL 1% - The most brutal way of playing WOW (permadeath)

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Introduction :

During years, I worked on a big project called Y.H.O.O.L. that some of you may have heard of, and you might ask yourself if it’s the same project or not. The answer is : it's different.


Original project banner.

The main reason people knew about YHOOL’s existence was because I spent a lot of time trying to recruit qualified and ambitious developers (I posted numerous times on Lordcraft). Since working with volunteers on something big and innovative is close to impossible, I decided to rethink the project, and make it as simple as possible while retaining its core concept : permanent death. The goal there is to make something playable which can be completed by one man (or with punctual help).



YHOOL 1% :

Main features :

  • Instant lvl 20 - Max lvl 20 (no levelling)
  • Free For All (no faction restriction)
  • Permadeath
  • Rebalanced resurection spells (custom patch needed)
  • No BGs, no Arenas, only world PVP
  • 1 character maximum
  • Starting zone : item vendors, class trainer etc...
  • No easy transportation, you are forced to fight (no teleporting spells, no summoning)
  • No sanctuaries
  • No dungeon finder

Some planned features :

  • Jump to level 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.
  • Outdoor PVE (mobs and bosses).
  • Custom quests, events and rewards which can greatly influence the server and others’ gameplay (like becoming a monster).These features will encourage player interactions.

When can you play ?
Open beta starts the 3rd of June (06/03/17).


From the early tests.


Links :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YHOOL-564489756993415/
Discord : https://discord.gg/gzyD9xm
Website : http://www.yhool.gg

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Valtorei, then join the discord, there is a suggestion channel.


Open beta date delayed to the 06/03, check out facebook or discord for explanation.

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Guest Gamer

This thread contains broken links, images and/or broken BBC that deems this out dated and because of this it will now be archived. If this is your thread feel free to re-post your thread with updated content.


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