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Nerissyum - 7.2.5 Legion & 1.12.1 Vanilla

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REALMLIST : set realmlist login.nerissyum.org

Welcome to Nerissyum! - an Elysium powered 1.12.1 MANGOS core - We are a team of passionate Classic World of Warcraft Players with years of experience .Our vision is to build up an honest, transparent community where everybody is equal and we tend to do this by following a clear and morally correct path.

What do we offer?

HOST (proof) : 

32 GB of RAM
2x480 SSD RAID 1
500 GB backup storage
Xeon D-1520
1 GBIT bandwith


Our website : https://nerissyum.org
Community Forums : https://nerissyum.org/forum
How to connect : https://nerissyum.org/page/connect
Discord : https://discord.gg/hvU5qAm

Server info : 

Rate.Drop.Money = 200

Rate.XP.Kill = 150

Rate.XP.Quest = 100

Rate.XP.Explore = 300

Leveling road

MALL at Booty bay :

Recruiting : 
- GM's
- Content Developers
- SQL/C++ Developers
- Forum Moderators
- Video Editor / Custom trailer


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We have decided to go with a leveling zone, rather than an i60 realm.

We'll be adding vendors and more cool stuff to the leveling zone gradually. Also, we have set the XP/GOLD/QUEST/EXPLORE rate to (they might increase/decrease regarding the preferences of the community):

Rate.Drop.Money = 200

Rate.XP.Kill = 150

Rate.XP.Quest = 100

Rate.XP.Explore = 300

+ Added Starter Vendor 

Old characters will not be deleted. You can find portals to the Leveling Area at each starting point, including the Mall.

Let us know what you think in the comments or contact us via forums : https://nerissyum.org/forum

- The Nerissyum Team


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We are looking for : 

Nerissyum Openings;

Core Developer
SQL Developer
Game Master - [X]
Forum Moderator - [X]


Use proper grammar and punctuation
Information about yourself
Your interest in the position you're applying for
Why should we pick you over someone else
Previous experience, if any
Contact information

To apply, send your application to our email address at [email protected]  or head over to our Application section https://nerissyum.org/forum/index.php?/forum/21-applications/ - be descriptive, and include as much information as possible about yourself, your goals on Nerissyum, previous experience, and so forth.

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We've opened a new realm - AVALON - i60 

- Custom MALL
- Custom QUESTS
- Custom RAIDS
- 5-man raids
- PVP token/kill
- World Teleporter
- Transmogrifier
- Custom bosses
- Starting zone @ MALL
- Starting vendors
- Starting GEAR
- Starting GOLD 5000
- Portable Teleporter
- Portable Transmog NPC

Check it out!

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Our website's unique features offer vast advantages to our players. Take a peak below to learn more:

RECRUIT A FRIEND - https://www.nerissyum.org/index.php?page=recruit-a-friend

By recruiting friends you will benefit greatly, but before that, your friends must become 
eligible for the program. To become eligible your referrals must have atleast one level 60 character or level 80 Death Knight. 
For each five votes by your friend, you will receive 1 Silver coin.
If your friend purchases 50 Gold coins, you will receive 5 Gold coins as reward.

REFUND - https://www.nerissyum.org/index.php?page=items_refund

Refunding an item purchased from our store gives you back the full amount you paid. 

The system requires your character to be online and the item must be in your character's bags.
You are allowed to use the Refund System 2 times a week.

PROMOTION CODES - https://www.nerissyum.org/index.php?page=pcode

Each promo code is unique and can be used just one time per account. You may find promo codes on our social network pages or in the forums.

SUBMIT SCREENSHOTS - https://www.nerissyum.org/index.php?page=media

Upload your screenshots made on our realms.
After approval from the staff you will receive 1 Silver Coin for each screenshot submitted.
HINT: Try to upload funny and unique screenshots.

BUG TRACKER - https://www.nerissyum.org/index.php?page=bugtracker / https://bitbucket.org/botixrt8/havenshire-7.2.5/issues/new

You can report any non working content in-game or on our website or forum. If we approve your bug report you will receive 4 Silver Coins. 
Please try to include as much information in the report as you can, set the right priority of your report and the right category.

Bug Tracker Guidelines

We highly appreciate your efforts to report any problems you may discover on our site or ingame. In order to process and resolve all reported bugs, we ask you to follow the guidelines below. 

- Please search before submitting anything to our bug tracker. It's possible someone else has already reported the bug in question. 
- Use proper titles. E.g. the name of the quest, NPC or Item you may have problems with. 
- What is wrong? E.g. What happens and what is supposed to happen. 
- Add anything else you think might be useful for us to know. 

Please follow these guidelines and you'll make us work much easier. In return, we'll reward you with Silver Coins for each approved report.

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Guest Gamer

This thread contains broken links, images and/or broken BBC that deems this out dated and because of this it will now be archived. If this is your thread feel free to re-post your thread with updated content.


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