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Enabling Python (.py) plugin support

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While Python support is no longer supported by Oxide for public plugins submitted on our site, you can still install the Python extension for Oxide to enable .py plugins written in Python if your host allows it.

  1. Download the Oxide.Core.Python.dll extension from Bintray.com
  2. Download the dependencies for the extension from our GitHub repo
  3. Completely shutdown the server so that it is no longer running in order to replace any existing files
  4. Move/upload the files you downloaded to the location where the rest of Oxide's files are installed at
  5. Startup the server and you're good to go! To install .py plugins, simply place them under oxide/plugins

Python is no longer bundled in each Oxide build due to there not being enough interest and dedicated support for the language. There are very few public plugins written in Python, but the extension will be maintained as necessary for basic plugin functionality.

Credits: Wulf

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