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HailstormWoW! A true community server!

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Hello everyone!

I am here to invite you to the opening of HailstormWoW! It is a free to play server of World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5a). I am personally inviting you all as the owner of this non-profit server. We have developed this server with a community of people who were affected by the closing of a big Cataclysm server called WoWBeeZ. Now, this community is supporting the creation of this server. 

Now! Let’s talk more about the server. This server is high rates and as mentioned before it is a WOTLK server. This server is different than most of the other servers out there. How? We make sure that the community’s suggestions are not ignored. This server will be changing directions depending on what the community asks. We want you, as part of our community to decide the path the server needs to take. The only restrictions I as the owner have placed are; NO Pay-to-Win armor or weapons, only visuals will be given as a reward for donating! NO GM/Admin servers! All other suggestions will be accepted and checked by our developers and admins.

The server is set to be released soon, but before that we want everyone that is willing to join us, to create a forum account and give us suggestions of this that could make our server unique and will make it fun for everyone. Although try not to suggest things that will be not possible or at least at this moment. Custom visuals and importing models from WOD and other expansions have been processed as one of the suggestions of our community. 

WoWBeeZ Community?
Yes, since WoWBeeZ has closed many of the members of it stayed in contact through a Discord Server. Thanks to that, the idea of doing a server with the community showed up.

I can suggest anything?
Yes, but make sure to be realistic. As an example of things that will not be done are: WoW for Oculus Rift, 2D client for WoW, etc.

Where’s the funding coming from?
All donations will be considered funding of the project. This money will be distributed to purchase advertisement and pay the host. For now, I (Dawnbrightsu, Owner) will pay the host. We will also need to invest on developers that could help us fulfill all the suggestions.

I am a developer interested on this project?
You can contact me through Skype: ta6363237. I will set you up so you can help us develop our server.

I want to help the project but not be assigned as a developer but just a contributor?
The base source of our server will be released through GitHub, in which you can push fixes that we can add into the main server.

Are you looking for paid devs?
In the moment, I am searching for freelancers. I can’t commit to pay someone per hour or per month. I am looking at someone who I can pay to do a script or fix something and that’s it.

Where’s the server located?
In a datacenter in France. The server has DDOS protection and the internet connection is 1 Gbps. Western EU, good connection for all EU.

Website: http://hailstormwow.com/ <--- Currently offline, merging it to new server!
Forum: http://forum.hailstormwow.com/ <--- ONLINE AND WORKING! GO GIVE US SUGGESTIONS!

Thanks for your Attention,

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