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PvP Kill Reward Script With Cooldown! Stop your player's from kill farming!

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So today someone was asking about how to prevent players from sitting in a corner trading kills for items. I thought about the options and most people's solution was garbage. I thought what if i made each player have a cooldown.

And so this script was born:


It might not be the best way to handle this and there is quite a few more things I could add to this. But it works and I haven't found any flaws in it so far. I made it in a couple hours. I thought about trying to sell this after I finished it but figured it would be nice to give the community something. So enjoy and give me your opinion especially you @Rochet2 if you manage to see this.

Some of my ideas on things I should add:

  • Making World Configs/Updating Trinity Core's Default Ones.
  • Perhaps Clearing the map from memory on shutdown. "Might not be needed but a good idea none the less".
  • A couple bools to disable/enable the messages..
  • A had a few other meh ideas.

You can get the script from my public Bitbucket Repo.

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Not sure if you are the author of the script who posted it on the other emulation forums however a better solution would be this 

enum Configurations{
    itemID = 45978,
    amount = 1

struct check_delay_info{
    uint32 lastChecked;
static std::map<uint32, check_delay_info> check_delay;
class PvPRewards : PlayerScript
    PvPRewards() : PlayerScript("PvPRewards") {}
    //This is called when a player kills another player.
    void OnPVPKill(Player* killer, Player* /*killed*/)
        //get curent timestamp
        time_t now = time(0);

        //get player guid as index for our map
        uint32 playerguid = killer->GetGUID();

        //turn the remaining time into a string so we can show it in chat
        std::string rem_time = std::to_string(check_delay[playerguid].lastChecked - now);

        //If cooldow is cleared add item and update cooldown
        if (now >= check_delay[playerguid].lastChecked){
            killer->AddItem(itemID, amount);
            ChatHandler(killer->GetSession()).PSendSysMessage("You have been rewarded with %u pvp tokens for killing a player of the oposite faction and begun a cooldown", amount);
            check_delay[playerguid].lastChecked = now + 60; //1 minute cooldown
        //Else send a message with remaining time
            ChatHandler(killer->GetSession()).PSendSysMessage("You must wait %s seconds before receving another kill credit !", rem_time.c_str());

void AddSC_PvPRewards()
    new PvPRewards();


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