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How to do this?

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Can anyone tell me how to do this?


It shows the number of teams that are in queue for a specific arena and also shows the number of bgs that are currently running how to do do this and send it to lfg channel

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That is actually a customscript probably just triggering when a battleground has started/Arena has started where it just broadcast the message.

I dont know how its written sadly. But perhaps my statement will help others on developing the code

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2 minutes ago, dves said:

I don't know which core you are running, but mangos has this built in. You can enable in in the config.


Great share! :)


When i start to think. Trinitycore also has this 


#    Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.Enable
#        Description: Announce battleground queue status to chat.
#        Default:     0 - (Disabled)
#                     1 - (Enabled)

Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.Enable = 0


#    Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.PlayerOnly
#        Description: Battleground queue announcement type.
#        Default:     0 - (System message, Anyone can see it)
#                     1 - (Private, Only queued players can see it)

Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.PlayerOnly = 0


#    Arena.QueueAnnouncer.Enable
#        Description: Announce arena queue status to chat.
#        Default:     0 - (Disabled)
#                     1 - (Enabled)

Arena.QueueAnnouncer.Enable = 0

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