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Azshara-WoW EmuCoreCraft Fun 85 Server

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Realm Info :
Realm Name: EmuCoreCraft 85 Fun Repack
GameBuild: 3.3.5 -- Wrath of the Lich King --
GameType: Normal -- PVP & PVE --
NPStart Level: 55 -- Normal Player Start Level --
HPStart Level: 85 -- Death Knight Starting Level --
PMax Level: 85 -- Impossible to levelup more than 85 --

All Rates :
Rate.Drop.Item.Poor= 1
Rate.Drop.Item.Normal= 1
Rate.Drop.Item.Uncommon= 2
Rate.Drop.Item.Rare= 3
Rate.Drop.Item.Epic= 4
Rate.Drop.Item.Legendary= 5
Rate.Drop.Item.Artifact= 1
Rate.Drop.Item.Referenced= 1
Rate.Drop.Money= 50
Rate.Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount= 1
Rate.XP.Kill= 50
Rate.XP.Quest= 75
Rate.XP.Explore= 100
Rate.Quest.Money.Reward= 1
Rate.Quest.Money.Max.Level.Reward= 1
Rate.Honor= 1
Rate.Talent= 4
Rate.Reputation.Gain= 5

Stats Limits
Stats.Limits.Dodge= 3.0
Stats.Limits.Parry= 2.0
Stats.Limits.Block= 5.0
Stats.Limits.Crit= 30.0

Server Info :
2500 Custom Item
Epic Custom Commands
VIP System
Epic World Chat System
C++ Support NPC
Teleporter NPC
Player Tools NPC
Buff NPC
Beatmaster NPC
Transmogrifier NPC
Visual NPC
Character Change NPC
Professions NPC
Classes Trainers
Weapons Trainers
Riding Trainer
All Titles Ingame
Donor / Vote NPC's
Custom Instances / Quests
PVP Quests
Exchange Quests
Honorable NPC's
Mount Vendor
Welcome Quest
World Bosses
Leveling -Big Zone-
Iconed Repack
Custom Ranks
Custom Duel Reset
Custom Exteneded Cost
Mall -- NonPVP & PVP
Dueling Zone
Custom Iconed Creatures
Custom Musical Registry Page
Custom .bat on MySQL & EmuCoreCraft Folder
Graveyard Script

Commands Info :
For Player :
For VIP : [ Instant Logout ]
-[.Vip] --> [Mall] - [ChangeRace] - [ChangeFaction] - [Customize] - [Tele].
-[.vault] -- Bank
-[.Buff] -- Epic Buffs
More Info :
--World Chat Command--
.world $YourMsgText
.start -- Teleporter you to the mall if you're not in combat also give you full hp/mana, if you're dead it will revive you and send you to the start location. used by all ranks
.Mall -- Teleport you to start location -- Mall -- used by all ranks
.vault -- Bank. used by ranks 1 +
.resetcombat -- If you have bug combat it will reset it. used by ranks 1+
.MaxSkill -- give you full skills used by rank 1 +
.VIP Mall -- Teleport you to the VIP Mall. used by ranks 1+
.VIP Changerace -- Change your race for free (need to logout). used by ranks 1+
.VIP Changefaction -- Change your faction for free (need to logout). used by ranks 1+
.VIP Customize -- Customize your character for free (need to logout to customize). used by ranks 1+
.VIP Tele -- you can teleport to any X Y Z.

Website : EmuCoreCraft

Realmlist : set realmlist logon.azshara-wow.com

--You liked it ? and you want to host it on your own server ? than you can go to EmuCoreCraft Repack DOWNLOAD

Everyone is welcome for testing the repack.
Everyone is welcome to play on it.

Credits : Tkrokli
Credits : Azshara-WoW

Free V.I.P for people coming from LordCraft -- Just make a new ticket " LordCraft.net" or skype : Mohamedss98




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4 hours ago, Unrecognized said:

Best of luck, maybe have too many colors. For example, the VIP rank has a special color for each letter. Just give it 1 color.

But that's my opinion, it looks good overall.

Can be true :) Thanks for the comment tho :) 

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Guest Gamer

This thread contains broken links, images and/or broken BBC that deems this out dated and because of this it will now be archived. If this is your thread feel free to re-post your thread with updated content.


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