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Freedom WoW Servers : [3.3.5a] Allegiance 255 OPEN >>>BETA<<< RELEASE

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Freedom WoW Servers Presents...
Allegiance 255

"The time has come, the call has been sounded. Take to arms and embark on an epic journey on Allegiance. A world once united by blood, now torn asunder by fierce enemies, powerful demons, and massive destruction. I call to you now, heroes, to aide me in this quest to face the demons that now threaten the sanctity of our homes and families. I knew not before how dire the situation had become, until my very wife turned her blade on me. It was in that moment that I had realized the gravity of the new found threat. It seeks out hosts... our loved ones, our friends, our world... and turns them against each other. I know not what to believe now, only that we must act and face this corruption together - for if we do not, the whole of our civilization will crumble to ash. I implore you to stand with me, to take back your kingdom, and to take your revenge on those who have invaded YOUR home! Your land! Never before has a crisis so imperious DARE show its face among-st our kingdoms - Say for this! Trust me when I say that this is no easy task. It will be arduous and require much from you, but I know with our combined strength, that we will wipe Azeroth of these demons once and for all, and usher in a new era of peace, strength, and prosperity."
- Lord Hailbane
Join the fight against the invading Legion. Experience custom content :

- 1v1 Arenas
+ Rated, Daily AP Flush
- Personal Teleporter
- Crossfaction Battlegrounds
+ "Mercenary BGs"
- Legendary Rings [3 versions]
+ Vara'va Setal, the Bringer of Death
+ Vara'va Sedal, the Destroyer of Life
- Enchant Master
- Professions Master
+ Materials
+ Trainer
- Gem Master
- Glyph Master
- Legendary Weapon Series
- Custom Dungeons (More will be custom scripted in future "expansions")
+ Deadmines
+ Hellfire Citadel
+ Forge of Souls
+ Utgarde Keep
+ Magisters' Terrace
+ Stockades
+ Gruul's Lair
+ Zul'Aman
+ Sunwell
- Hundreds of Custom Quests
- Thousands of Custom Items
- World Chat to Communicate with your allies
- Transmogrification
+ No Class Requirements
+ No Proficiency Requirements
- Master of Transmogrification (for clean mall design, no clutter npcs)
- Active Staff for your assistance
- Daily Updates
- Events
- Scaled Raid content (to incorporate mechanics of requiring healers / tanks / groups)
- Killstreak System
+ Farm-Prevention Implemented
- PvP Title Rewards
+ Rewards based on Overall Kills
- Progressive Arena Seasons
- Legion Invasions
- Friendly Community
- Custom Scripted Bosses
- Epic World Bosses
- Transmog Competitions (encorporated, requires player-base to form)
- Scaled Professions (encorporated for high level raid item patterns)
- Scaled Gems (encorporated, in testing phase)
- Custom Battlegrounds (encorporated, in testing phase)
- Themed Mall
- Custom Class Spells
- Custom Spell Scrolls
- Visual Shirts
- Anti-Cheat Implemented
- Working Dungeon Finder
- Server-Wide 255 Scaling

Vote and Earn Epic Rewards :
- Armor
- Weapons
- Mounts
- Cosmetics
- Transmogrification items
Premise and Ideals :

A big part of 255 servers, or any server for that matter, is what the staff team and players have in mind for the outcome of the server. As a big advocate for "What the players want to see", Freedom WoW Servers will do its best to incorporate a system where players will be able to provide suggestions to the server, and then will trigger a community wide poll to vote for it to be implemented into game-play. In addition to these features that might have otherwise been ignored in other instances, Freedom WoW is aiming to be the server that can be a sort of "home away from home", and an escape from reality. We want to offer players a safe and fun environment to escape their real lives and immerse themselves in boatloads of content and friendly communal interactions.
What do we expect :
Freedom WoW Servers expects nothing but a healthy community of family like members that enjoy their time on the server. All people are indeed welcome on the server, and will be greeted with open arms.
End Goals :

We at Freedom WoW want nothing more than to provide a server that will last and allow for players to become engrossed in their characters through pvp, pve, or otherwise. Of course, as no server is guaranteed success based on work, staff, and advertisement, we intend to keep the server up as long as people are enjoying it.
With all of this information provided, I will provide a few more necessary tidbits of information that apply to both the Open beta, and release of the server.
Server Rules :

1. No Staff Impersonation
2. No Flaming (you are responsible for your actions)
3. No Hacking (if you are even able to get past the system)
4. No Cheating (Win-trading, etc)
5. No Harassment (players, staff, or otherwise... even the npc's on the server have feelings )
6. No Threats (Will be dealt with abruptly, and to an extreme extent)
7. No Advertising (Will result in punishment)
8. All suggestions are to be posted in a safe location, not spammed at staff members
9. Opinions : yes, they are important, but they are your own. Do not force your opinions on others.
10. Be Respectful
11. Under no circumstance will a staff member give you free items. DO NOT beg.

[PS. Recruitment benefits are provided to players that recruit other players to join the server. A prize will be rewarded according to how many players that are recruited. In addition to personal prizes, if the server reaches our player-base goal, all accounts on the server will receive a special surprise.

- To be eligible for the Recruitment benefits, the recruited player must have a verified email and submit a ticket in-game with the character name of the Referrer. The recruiter and the Recruited will then receive rewards for their participation on the server.]
Important and Useful Links :

Website : Here (Under construction, some features may be unavailable)
Patch : Here
Client.exe : Here
Teamspeak : ca25.ts3.cloud:4248
Discord : Here

---First Raids taking place on Day 1 of Open Beta---

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