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Lineage 2 Dominate - Interlude Absolute [x1000] OPENING 25/09/2016 19:00

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Welcome to Lineage 2 Dominate! Get ready to feel epic battles , mass pvps, sieges and more! Fight your way to the top in olympiad!

Bring your clans, friends and everything else and taste what real Lineage 2 is!



Site : http://l2dominate.com/

Forum : http://l2dominate.com/forum/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lineage2dominate/

Clan Rewards http://l2dominate.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4-clan-rewards-post-your-clan/


Xp 1000x
Sp 1000x
Adena 100x
Drop 50x
Starting level 79
Insta Subclass level 79
Enchant rates
Safe enchant +4
Blessed scrolls max(+16) 100%
Crystal scrolls max enchant(+20) 100%
Main town Giran
Working all castle sieges
Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants
Wedding system
Unique farming areas
Npc skill enchanter
A grade items for free
Shops till S grade
Tattoos.(c.speed)+(atk.speed)+(speed)+(health 1.000hp) 4 custom tattoos
Npc buffer with all buffs resist + cat + nob
Max buffs 48+4
Max subclasses 5
No weight limit
No grade limit
Quake pvp system
Augmentation system
Offline trade system
Automatic CP/HP/MP potions
6 Farm Zones with adena/ancient adena/ls-bogs
2 custom Party Zones
Party Zone 1 Normal Drops Party item Flowers x1
Party Zone 2 Hard Drops Party Item Flowers x2
You Need 8 players to your party to use the teleports With delay 40sec!
10 Custom Bosses Chaotic Zones
Barakiel Boss 1 Drop Noblesse coins (chaotic zone)
Dominate Boss 2,3,4,5,6 drops Crystalls scrolls/armors/ls/bogs (chaotic zones)
Dominate Boss 7,8,9 Drops Crystalls scrolls/armors/ls/bogs (NO chaotic)
Respawn time 3 hours
PvP Zone
No Bishops Allowed
Auto detect bishop classes they go back to the town
Custom Big Head Zone
Olympiad & Siege Every Week
Olympiad max Enchant +6
Augment system x2
1 active and 1 passive 
Last Man Standing
Lucky Chests
Events Every 30 MINUTES !
Anti-afk system with auto punishment

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This thread contains broken links, images and/or broken BBC that deems this out dated and because of this it will now be archived. If this is your thread feel free to re-post your thread with updated content.


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