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[3.3.5a][blizzlike] RustEmu Core

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* Implement Blink v4 for REv2 (read more)
blink in abyss
blink by path ( rechecking each step )
where player can walk - blink will available there
implemented check on dynamic objects (locked doors and etc)
implemented total path of blink.


* implement Master Call (read more)
* pet should moving at player
* in melee distance cast spell (for remove root-effects)
* after cast will going at his (pet, not player) target


* implement Spell Dancing Rune Weapon (read more)
* copy 50% of melee damage
* special abilities damage


* fixed Core/Spell: Titan Grip Penalty (warrior) 
* fixed Steady Shot damage (hunter)
* fixed Shadowmeld (night elf)
* fixed Fix drop stealth by Slice and Dice (rogue)
* fixed Living bomb (Fixed check on AOE for all nearest targets, when cast explosion) (mage)
* fixed Pets and LoS - available to use spells of pets on target in LoS or Out of Range

very important changes:

Fear effect (priest/warlock/warrior) :
* fixed Movement Fear visual bug 

Confuse effect (polymorph, blind, scatter shot (right movement position and right orientation bug)):
before : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJe24fYTgkw
after: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dmc9-Nsrys

* Fix npc drop under texture. (fixed Collision check in Target Movement Generator)
(Try to check this place on your server!)

It's from big changes, other commits you can see web-site



In-Game Accounts : admin 123456; test 123456


Visual C++ Redistributable2015 (need 64 and 86)

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sorry, new upd :




For a long time it was time to lay out a new repack with rustemu.

A short info:
The project for development lasts for more than a year, and it's impossible to list the work done, so it's only in the rough.

* always actual core with merge with official TC (actual structure of database and etc)
* priority of development in stability and game framework (classes/races abilities/talants)
For example blink, shadowmeld, fire bomb, killiong spree and etc 

* improved work of LoS
* improved movement generators : work with fear (not stucked, not blinked, not async with speed and et, work with confuse-generator (scatter-shot, polymorph) 

* crossfaction BG :
- all possible races for each class
- released work with chat (horde can't understand text from alliance (coded) , and doesn't matter original or fake race you have in this BG
- released work with /wishper chat, player with fake-race can write in PM all players from this Team (for example your original team=alliance and on BG your fake-race Orc (Horde), you can talk with all ppl from your temp-team (orc, tauren and etc) 

Also you can write by /whisper anyone from your original faction . For example you playing with friend (by Horde), but on BG you registered as Alliance (you can talk with your friend by /w, but talking on BG by /s will not possible, he just can't understand you (will coded text).

From PVE i idk what need to remember, but crusader champion are working... 

Anyway, just get you this repack,and if someone will use it, i will glad to see any comments and criticism

A part of video from development features of core you can see on my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpC..._vj3FrAxO4EHGg

In archive all nessesary files:

Extracted files from 5 locales (enGB, deDE, ruRU, esES, frFR)
- Cameras
- dbc
- vmaps
- mmaps
- maps

also 3 sql files with prepared database
- auth
- characters
- world


Instalation and start

For start you need redistributed libraries of C++ 2017 (better way to install full pack 2005, 2008 and etc...)
for example from here

Next prefere to download and install the last MySql server

Copy from C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7\lib
file libmysql.dll in folder with server

Prepare database :
Create 3 databases : for auth, characters, world, and prefer to create 3 users with access for this databases 

Export in this databases this 3 prepared files : auth.sql, characters.sql, world.sql

Renamed configs (and to do rates and etc, all you need ) from ***.conf.dist in ***.conf
(don't forget to enabled vmaps + mmaps)

mmap.enablePathFinding = 1
vmap.enableLOS = 1
vmap.enableHeight = 1
vmap.enableIndoorCheck = 1
DetectPosCollision = 1

start and play


in database prepared 2 game accounts :
admin 123456
test 123456
both with admin access

Revision : 28482

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RE core has a full implemented VIP system with coins (in account table) without sessions. And now implemented a new feature – Unique Helper. This book will help players in-game, with VIP bonuses, will give a possibility to learn a new spells while gathering experience, without movement in City.


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