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Hellreach - Beta

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Hellreach - World of Warcraft Private Fun-Server
Server content
Friendly community
Professional staff members
Custom items
Custom patches
High uptime
Dedicated developers
Strong & steady host
Constant updates
No Pay-to-Win
Constant back-ups

Unique features
World chat
VIP benefits
Custom mall
Server mysteries (+awards) script
Dungeon gearing method
Solo gearing method
Automated events
World bosses
Automatic transferring script
Unique auction system
Unique Multi-Store system
All-in-One vendors
Unique leveling system
In-Game Donor + Vote shops
Automatic level-up-learn-spells
Fun & dynamic quests

Words from the Staff
It has been months since we first thought of developing a server. It started as a fun, spare-time hubby and now we consider it an actual project and a real server with special content and a large amount of work put into it - and still, we only consider it as Beta because there's a lot more to be added. Not only ours, but also testers we've invited over and over to check us up again and again.
This project means a lot to us and we hope to make it better with time, feedbacks and contributions from our member's side, if it's a report, a suggestion or even an actual fix to a problem we cannot solve. We take EVERYTHING into consideration.
Give us a shot, register now and try Hellreach out.
set realmlist logon.hellreach.info

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2 hours ago, Unrecognized said:

Best of luck (y) Sounds like a good server!

Thank you!

5 minutes ago, SpadeSire said:

Sounds good, I'll be sure to check it out. :)

You are more than welcome! :D

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Not a fan of the fact that you used @darksoke's dark CMS and didn't leave the credit in it. Especially considering you didn't modify or change anything except the text.. Big thumbs down from me.


Sorry - not trying to be negative. But seriously..

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Guest Gamer

This thread contains broken links, images and/or broken BBC that deems this out dated and because of this it will now be archived. If this is your thread feel free to re-post your thread with updated content.


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