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  1. Blizzlike Custom TRINITY CORE REVISION----TDB 335.19081 - 2019/08/16 Transmog Blizzlike Teleporter Custom Mounts Double XP Weekends Custom Ingame 2 discord chat Custom Bosses PVP Titles World Chat VIP Cross Faction & Cross faction Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds tested & scripted XP Rates = x1 <----Double XP Weekends x2 Loot Rates ~ x1 Gold Rates ~ x1 Professions ~ x1 Gathering, Mining, Fishing ~ x1 Quests ~ x1 Progression Raiding Realm "Currently In development" VAS Auto Balance World Chat Tier Donator & VIP Gear not P2W Cross Faction & Cross faction Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds tested & scripted Instant 80 Progression Raiding Mall Multivendor Teleporter Transmog Professional and active staff Pristine Mall design Custom Haste Server Not spoiling the details on this server as its 100% Custom and Unique! Website Discord
  2. Greetings champions, I would like to introduce you to INVICTA WOW. With currently only one realm INVICTUS which is Blizzlike 6x rate PVP oriented, we are featuring Modified Azeroth core(ex sunwell) with amazing content & events. Why INVICTA WOW? Whats so different about it? Its same 3.3.5a server as any other. True True. It`s same o story as always, but what I can tell you this is a Project from passion to WoW as a game, we are not looking to become famous or huge. We are looking to have fun and enjoy proper content without lag, bugs or losing our hours of gameplay due no backups or so. Our focus is on user experience while our players are online. there for we have made sure that what we are publishing live works. Just as example of our dedication towards good and proper user expirience we have tested our infrastructure and core with fake but active bots. Here is latency report: Features Characters Migration - Prove that you have Level 80 character via screenshoot on some other private server. You will be leveled up and teleported to our migration area where you can pickup your gear. Instances & dungeons are rewritten and available. Instead of us writing a list of working things, why dont you join and let us know what`s not working? We will fix it and enjoy the instance or dungeon together. Who doesnt like a good PVP Fight? Why wait after duel to heal/mana up? On our server its instant. Custom organized events by our game masters + Amazing rewards. 1vs1? Say no more, available TODAY. You prefer to level up? Gain gear and enjoy content? Sure go ahead. We will reward you on each milestone with some G & Items. Champions, once again you are hereby called upon to prove to world of Azeroth that you are true PVP champion. You can register TODAY here. We wish you good luck & fair and square gameplay. P.S. I would once again stress that this project is out of passion for WoW as game, we understand if you are already playing somewhere, or if you think we are losers/amateurs, thats fine. Skip this thread. We are looking to have fun with you and to enjoy it ourselves. Feel free to join
  3. [video=youtube;9UgKLHbm7R4]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UgKLHbm7R4&feature=youtu.be[/video] Release date - 5th May, 2019! ● What is Shadowburn? -Shadowburn is small community with few dedicated developers that work on our favorite expansion - Wrath of the Lich King. - Our goal is to make something unique, that will provide solid PvE and PvP experience while having fun in every other aspect of the game. ● Why custom and not Blizzlike? - There are many servers world wide that provide Blizzlike experience. - We decided to change and add some 'features' to the game which will, hopefully, provide extra fun for players to enjoy. ● Then why Progressive realm? - We spent a lot of time to fix and make every raid or dungeon available. - Since we are not "Fun" custom server, our dungeons and raids are fully scripted. - Bringing back some old features that Blizz decided to remove wont affect on PvE at all. - Our custom features on the other hand already exist on retail and we try to add them to Lich King version as well. ● What kind of 'features'? - Some of them, for example Titles were in the game before, and we decided to bring them back. - We also have custom Battleground which will work like any other. - Beside those, after release, we will introduce Warfront, Isle expedition and custom Dungeon. - You can check full list with more information bellow. ● Are there custom items? - Yes, we made few custom items but they wont affect on game play at all. - All items we made are towards transmogrification without stats on them. ● Custom item drops in Warfront, Isles or Dungeon? - As i said above, custom items wont affect game play, since there is no stats at all. - And yes, from our custom features, you can obtain some transmog items, pets or mounts. - Most of them are removed from game and we wanted to give chance to players to obtain them trough those. ● What about rates? - Rates are 1x, but we reduced experience requirement for every level. - For example, to reach level 80 you need almost 2mill. and we reduced it to 1,1mill. - Gold drop rate is increased to 2x, and we might increase reputation as well, but that depends on community votes. ● Are there Vote and Donate shop? - Donate shop is almost ready and we working slowly on vote. - Mostly in them, players will be able to get Vanity items, Pets and Mounts. - Class, race and faction change will be available as well. - When it come to level boost it will be only up to level 58, 1 month after server release. - Other then that, there will be Premium Account. ● What is Premium Account? - Premium account with few unique features, like spawning your trainer, bank, auctioneer or level 60 mount. - You can use mount from level 1, which works kinda like Taxi Chopper on Retail. - Also include few morph options. - Click here to check how it works. ● In-game Features ● Transmog - You will be able to transmog you gear to desired and obtained items or sets. - There is option to Donate for Vanilla and Burning Crusade Tiers. - We also made few unique Transmog Weapons like Frostmourne, Ashbringer and Shalamayne. - You can see example of Shalamayne in our Promo video. ● Portals - Teleporter NPC with all zones in-game which have level requirements to be used. - Can be found in any Capital city. - Towards faster traveling, players will know all possible Flight Paths towards their Faction after logging in. ● Spectate - Arena spectate is available as well. - You can spectate any player with, yet again, simple command - .spec spectate Knindza (For example) ● Auction - Auctioneers added to Dalaran (Alliance and Horde sides) so players don't need to run back to other cities. - This will help a bit to some players who don't have Premium Account. ● Crossfaction - We enabled Crossfaction grouping which really helped a lot during beta phase. - Party and Channel chat enabled as well - /join world - Auction House, Trade and in-game email also available. - This might be changed once we go live. ● Email - In-game email delivery system is reduced to 1 minute (Down from 10) - There is no reason to wait more when someone send you something. ● Logout - Instant logout no matter where you are. - Pretty unfair to be available only for our Game Masters. ● Cooldowns - Health, Mana & Cooldowns now reset after each duel. - Also, while in Duel, players will be phased. - Idea came from players and we decided to enable it. ● Titles - To keep PvP interesting, we enabled old PvP Tittles (Vanilla). - Works same way as during Vanilla. ● Website Features ● Vote - There are unique vote rewards at the end of every week. - All players will get unique code which can be used in-game to obtain items. - We also working on Personal vote store. ● Donate - Vanity items, pets and mounts can be obtained trough our store. - Also you can subscribe monthly for any category. - There is also option to donate for character boost, Transmog Art Weapons and much more. - Note: We do NOT sell any in-game drops, like Tiers, Trinkets, Rings or etc. ● Transfers (Will be available 6 months after release) - Transfer your character from any server - You will get an 'template character' with 190 ilvl. - Guild transfers are possible as well - For bigger guilds, we will make an Guild House. - Recruit System is also available (RAF) - Will earn Premium Account for 2 months. ● Recruiting - Also, we are looking for extra staff. - Core, Database and Website developers are welcome. - We don't expect to be super good -> Motivation and team work is what we are looking for. - If interested, contact me on Discord. If interested being a part of our community register your account here. Check How to Connect page to download required Patch. To join our Discord click here. Few pictures at the end 😃
  4. Hi guys! All you know, Openwow closed, and some projects need to do own database, or using already exist database from anothers guys (Competitors). And i opened free and neutral database for all guys : dbwotlk.com Database used 5 locales : enUS, esES, deDE, frFR, ruRU for implelent scripts in your web-site (forums and etc) : <script type="text/javascript" src="http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js"></script><script>var aowow_tooltips = { "colorlinks": true, "iconizelinks": true, "renamelinks": true }</script> also you can use selected lang in links ( just replace by this part code in previous) what you need : for eng lang http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=us for spanish http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=es for deutsch http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=de for français http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=fr for russian http://dbwotlk.com/static/widgets/power.js?lang=ru I hope it will help you guys. The freshest database with all updates from TC
  5. Neverendless-WoW Mid-Beta Update Hello Neverendless-WoW players, prospective players, staff, and Lordcraft forum users! Now that March is upon us, it seemed that it is the appropriate time for us to update you all on the status of our Beta, what has been done over the past few months, and where we are headed. We will also present to you, in phases, our opening weekend plan and events. Read ahead to find all of this information and more (perhaps some hidden gems in there, as well)! WHAT WE DID IN ALPHA: General Information: Removed Custom Item System for a blizzlike gameplay Altered rates to 3x experience, 2x gold drop, 2x item drop, 1x honor, and 1x reputation Switched from a custom core to a TrinityCore in an effort to reduce the strain on our development team, allowing them to focus on bigger fixes and unique features Public Features: Account Panel PM System Attach a unique Neverendless-WoW authenticator Forums panel Password reset Custom Neverendless-WoW email verification tool Donation logs Vote logs Bans Merge Action required panel (in the event of a merge or acquisition) Support Support tickets Forums Add new forums Add forums permissions (user groups/ overrides) Add Sub Forums Add forum alerts / notices Forum Moderation panel Neverendless Staff Toolbox: Accounts Show bans Show characters Show account notes Show linked accounts Show donations Show votes Password change In game actions Send in-game mail Kick Mute Ban Authenticator Tools Special Permissions system (RBAC Site, Custom RBAC for core, Discord Permissions, IRC Permissions, TS3 Permissions) GameMaster Command Logs Set vote points and donation chips Character Show items / spells / skills Show CI Items from the Old realm for conversions Show Guild / arena data Show NE-Vendor Data Online status Store Vote / donation (2 store modules) Has items that get sent by our special Mail Queue system Services (issues a custom command with special requirements pulled from the database to the core to give reputation, skills, professions, etc.) Special offers system Blog Posts Add/edit blog posts WHAT WE’VE DONE IN BETA: Please view all of our change logs here: https://neverendless-wow.com/forums/22-change-logs Quite a lot has changed in the past few months. To see the full list, click the link above. Our major features are summarized here: Majority of our website, most importantly the front page, account sections, and forums, have been made mobile friendly. Forums have undergone a major overhaul and style change. Extensive core improvements have been completed (courtesy of our Development team as well as TrinityCore) Our Neverendless BattleMaster Event system, including token system and vendor, has been added Full-time professional Neverendless Staff team has been completely compiled (minus developers, can’t have enough of those!) Our cross-realm chat system has been tweaked and updated. Extensive back-end administrative tools have been added, such as: Admin Panel WHERE WE’RE HEADED: Neverendless-PLUS What is Neverendless-PLUS? A system that allows access to remote chats outside of the discord cross-realm chat, such as guild chat, officer chat, and whispers. Provides a website-based auction house, linking your mail, bags, and bank to the website server. Allows you to see who is online from the website. Provides GameMasters with a complete website-based ticket system that links tickets from in-game to out of game. Estimated Completion Time: ~ 3 weeks, available in beta Neverendless-WoW Armory Estimated Completion Time: ~ 2 months Complete Out-of-Game Support System What is the OGSS? Online ticket-based system for staff applications, general support, ban appeals, etc. Estimated Completion Time: ~ 2-3 weeks, available in beta Discord Faction System What is the DFS? Links your discord account to your preferred in-game faction, allowing for faction based discord events Exclusive faction-based chats Estimated Completion Time: ~ 1 month Knowledge Base What is the KB? Knowledge base system that provides guides and instructions for almost all aspects unique to Neverendless-WoW, as well as game guides Estimated Completion Time: ~ 1 month, available in beta NEVERENDLESS-WOW GRAND OPENING WEEKEND: Below is what we’re calling the PHASE I Release for Opening Weekend. This means as time progresses we will release the event schedule in phases (3 to be exact). What is listed below is a master list of the events that we will be holding for the grand opening (a couple special events excluded). If you have any further suggestions, join #suggestions on our Discord. Old raid achievement events like Sunwell Plateau. Level 1 bomb dodge events Level 1 PvP events Regular PvP FFA and 1v1/2v2/3v3. Pasta City Events Manhunt BattleMaster/Player will be selected to be the "prisoner" that horde must rescue and escort out of a place in the city towards the main gate, team will win upon the ViP reaching the city limits. Defend the King A horde team must infiltrate and kill a selected BattleMaster/Player in the throne room guarded by several Allies, Team will win when the invasion force either is killed or kills the VIP. Escort Escort/bounty hunt quest with BattleMaster/GameMaster as a side "boss" of sorts, one faction is assigned to hunt a BM target while the other faction must protect the target. Level 1 gnome race We summon them all to somewhere with hilly terrain, obstacles to run around/through, maybe with hostile mobs that can kill them. Level 1 PvP humans vs. undeads in Karazhan crypts Noggenfogger Roulette Scavenger Hunts Hide & Seek Trivia This can include discord participation BattleMaster hosted RDFs We hope this update provides some valuable insight for everyone, as well as provides a reason for you to CONTINUE PLAYING, OR TRY US OUT! If you have any questions, contact Lornhane or Rayx on our Discord (https://discord.gg/8rr32fe). We hope to see you online! Neverendless-WoW. One Step Ahead. https://www.neverendless-wow.com/ https://discord.gg/8rr32fe
  6. MiDo

    [Paid] VFX Artist

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a VFX artist who is professional enough to make a teaser/trailer for our server. It's a paid job, if you're interested add me on discord: MiDo#7805
  7. ORIGINAL THREAD : AzerothCore Repack | Open Source | x64 | WoTLK [3.3.5][/HR] .::. Information .::. What's AzerothCore ? It's a new project focussed on user-experience. For those who don't know SunwellCore, it was a TrinityCore-based game server application with many new features listed here. It's based on SunwellCore with few changes such as : Modular Structure Easy to create/update your database Active community (we are on gitter !) Never heard of SunwellCore? click me ! .::. Why us ? .::. Our main goal is to create a playable game server, offering a fully working game experience. In short, we focus on the user experience (UX). We also believe in software modularity, because the more the software is modular, and the more it will be easy to be maintained, understood, developed, etc... So we organized the structure of AzerothCore as modular as possible, giving the possibility to create new modules to add custom features (instead of patching the core). AzerothCore is a learning project. If you want to learn how to use C++, SQL, git, etc... you came to the right place! We will gladly to help you: programming is our passion. .::. Links .::. Official Site: http://www.azerothcore.org Git repo : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk Discord : https://discord.gg/gkt4y2x Wiki : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk/wiki Issue Tracker : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk/issues .::. Download .::. November-01-2017 [NEW] Release: x86 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x86 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar Apr-27-2017: Release, (dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps). Nov-03-2016: Release, (dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps), AllInOne Maps. .::. Modules .::. Anticheat DuelReset GMSecurity PremiumAccount RandomEnchants RewardSystem Transmog VASAutoBalance .::. Login Info .::. This Repack was realized using (MySQL Portable) issued by Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack. So I will not take no merit. It doesn't contain the Dbc , Maps , Vmaps , Mmaps. So you'll have to download maps and extract them in the following location: .../CORE/DATA/ Database: Host: localhost Username: azerothcore Password: azerothcore Game Account: Username: admin Password: admin .::. Modules Info .::. Module and server settings can be changed or disabled by accessing .conf files. In the last release they are located in the following path: Core/Settings To add a custom NPC, run the command from a privileged account (admin) and position your character at the point where you want to add the NPC. The command is .npc add the NPC ID. For example, Transmog will be: .npc add 190010 ALL MOUNTS VENDOR - 601014 BEASTMASTER - 601026 BUFFER - 601016 CODEBOX - 601021 ENCHANTER - 601015 GAMBLER - 601020 TRANSMOG - 190010 or 190015
  8. {Major 3.3.5 Emulators} - Arcemu - Azeroth - Mangos - Trinity New Release by me. 19 Twink Vendors, I hope you all like it and I hope it becomes useful to someone. If there is anything wrong with my release please leave a reply telling me the problem so I can fix it. I try to add as many things to the vendors as possible but If you would like me to add something that would help everyone then post that below to. If you need any help you can find me on discord Riparoo#7835 Screenshots Photobucket Downloads: Database Structure up to date as of June 4th, 2019 Extra: Comes with the option to set Sell and Buy prices to 0. Support me by clicking the like button to the bottom right of this post
  9. AzerothCore is a core based upon SunwellCore which is based upon TrinityCore. I'll quickly talk about why custom server developers should use it, especially people with new gameplay ideas as it's often the case on modcraft. Sorry if it's not well structured or if it's lacking information. Advantages over TrinityCore Better for players It has been mainly worked on by private server developers unlike TrinityCore (many devs there aren't interested by making playable private servers at all). Almost everybody who contributed to AzerothCore runs his own small public server at the moment, so they want as few bugs as possible for their players. The two developers behind SunwellCore had a server with 3000 players online in January 2016 when they released their code and shut down their server. The two founders of AzerothCore also worked on their own small private (but public) server. It translates into a more polished experience for players, less bugs (look at the SunwellCore features), less complaints and a top notch stability. The database is included in the repo (with working dungeons and raids for example). Custom modules The core makes use of custom modules which allows us to plug them in and out easily, and which doesn't require us to modify the core files. It also means we can keep pulling the git changes from the main repository if we only work with modules. Extras features A better configuration file system which allows us to use a tiny configuration file for better readability and maintenance. A (very) new feature allowing people to disable some unneeded features to increase the performances. A script to easily merge all new SQL updates into one without worrying much. Several custom modules available (such as a Transmogrification module). Based on TrinityCore, so many things are compatible with AzerothCore or require minimum modifications. Sunwell team provided custom addons (raid browser and arena spectator) to use as well which should work very well on AzerothCore. For now, there is no need to extract the client data, it's available as a direct download. Comparison Just found this on google right now : old comparison between trinitycore and azerothcore. Philosophy The goal is to have a playable server, and to favour custom creation. This is an explanation of the long term goals of AzerothCore from the founder : https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/12792-can-someone-explain-sunwellcore/ Links https://discord.gg/PaqQRkd - The main place to talk, come ! http://azerothcore.org/ https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk
  10. Intro: DarkfusionWoW is a new Instant 80 PvP server with alot of features. Your experience is our main event, this means we are always taking suggestions from you and we are always trying to have the best uptime. We also try to give you the best gaming experience, meaning we are always trying to improve! Darkcore (Instant 80 PvP): * Friendly & Active staff * Unique Malls * Unique Profession Mall * Killstreak System * Unique Super Maze * Unique Event's Daily * Working BG's & Arena's * Working Talents & Spells * Daily Quest's * Xmog Mall * V.I.P Commands & Reduced prices & Mall * Arena Spectator * Crossfaction BG * 1v1 Arena System * Vote for rewards * Donate for rewards Contact info: * Site: http://www.darkfusionwow.com/ * Register: http://www.darkfusionwow.com/register * Forum: http://www.darkfusionwow.com/forum * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkfusionwow1 * Activation Email is in your trash can! Hope to see you in-game! Extra information: Christmas is hitting Darkfusionwow early this year! The whole server is decorated to christmas style! But that's not all.. Santa has left you guys a gift.. Santa added free wrathful vendors + a vendor with fun items! Make sure you get your gift, before christmas is over!
  11. -------------------------- We have brought back the old Kamical WoW, currently Crysis is available but once we have completed the development of Crysis we will be starting on Nemesis (Highrate 250 Realm). We offer a different kind of PvP realm, we have all of the Arena Systems such as Arena Spectator, 1v1 Rated Arena and much more, but we mainly offer the best type of PvP, FFA PvP! Kamical is always open for suggestions on how to improve the realm, how we can make the server a better place for everyone, we care about our community. -------------------------- Kamical WoW - 3.3.5a Instant 80 Custom FFA Fun PvP Realm Website : Kamical WoW - WOTLK Custom Private Server Forum : Kamical WoW - Private Server Forums Facebook : Kamical WoW - Facebook Page --------------------------
  12. Introduction We are a semi-professional staff team with currently 12 staff within the team. Originally we started the project as a 1-80 PvE/PvP Realm with an ambition to be unique and provide the best possible experience for players. Since we have been developing and adding new content for the community and also listening to their ideas which we have taken into account. We are confident our release will be successful and if it is many new features are on their way! For a limited time to promote release we have enabled Wrathful Sets to be completely free AND you will also receive Free VIP on your account for a month! which gives you the following: Commands: Such as .appear .changefaction .changerace .tele and .rename In-Game Features: Free Legendaries, VIP Mall, VIP Access, Free Wrathful Armor, Free Wrathful Weapons & Accessories and Free Transmogrification Items! Information about us ▪ Stability - Realms are always online with only a few minutes of downtime due to a crash or a restart ▪ Security - Equipped with one of the strongest DDoS Protection out there ▪ Website & Forums - feature rich, simple and user friendly ▪ Unique Global Mall - simple design with a never seen before placement system for vendors ▪ Development - Active development with daily fixes ▪ Guilds, arenas, battlegrounds for the community to enjoy. ▪ Friendly & professional staff team Features included on the realm ▪ Transmogrification ▪ A Large supply of Transmogrification items for players to enjoy ▪ 1v1 Arena System for players who enjoy Skirmish PvP ▪ Instantly maximized professions to 525 with all recipes ▪ Unique Duel Zone ▪ Cross faction battlegrounds ▪ User friendly website and forums ▪ Functional spells ▪ 10v10 Skirmish NPC ▪ Arena Ladder NPC ▪ PvP Titles NPC ▪ Template NPC ▪ large amount of Legendary weapons all scaled to Shadowmourne stats (Please note these can be purchased from the site and also earned in-game through Arena points) ▪ Functional spells ▪ and More! Current Developments Currently we have other realms that are under development behind the scenes such as: ▪ Cataclysm 4.3.4 Blizzlike PvE Realm ▪ 3.3.5 255 Fun-server with Custom Content ▪ A New Unique designed website which will include a brand new layout and also be user friendly. This is a Pre-Release advertisement to give all of you a heads up! Please note that the release date will be posted here. We would just like to make sure everything is good to go and nothing is there to spoil your fun! Our Estimated release date is 25/09/2015 at 18:00GMT You will not be able to access in-game until the release date, But you can make a In-game and forum account. So what are you waiting for!? Join us now! Website Forums I hope to see you all in-game soon!
  13. About Us Storm-WoW is one of the top "World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King" providers, giving players a truly unique and unrivaled gaming experience. What's so special about us? Our community is made up of "World of Warcraft" veterans, people with a high level of experience and knowledge, both in PvE and PvP, and with a strong focus on quality over quantity. Why "Wrath of the Lich King"? Because in our opinion, this was the greatest expansion in the history of "World of Warcraft", and also the last one to provide the key features this game is known for: discovery, mystery, epic story, amazing music and limitless adventure. Server Features Dynamic LoS and Pathfinding: Enabled. No more creatures passing through textures, spells ignoring LoS etc. Enhanced security: Warden Server Guard is enabled, providing a secure - hacker free environment for our players. Core: Thousands of NPC and game-object spawns with Blizzlike movement/positions/orientation and millions of re-factored, revised and updated code, on a state of the art core, create the most advanced and sophisticated World of Warcraft experience. Unique feature: Transmogrifier - Adds a sense of unique to your character, making you stand out from the crowd, whilst resurrecting old content and bringing back the forgotten-glorious dungeons of the old world. Server: The realm runs on a dedicated machine with 6 cores and 30 GB RAM. Experienced Staff: We recognize that we have a responsibility for the well-being and stability of our community. With this in mind we strive to offer the best support, in a responsible and professional manner. Website Features Armory: Storm-WoW's comprehensive Armory provides a detailed insight on the server's database. Character Tools: Gives you the power to customize your character (Name Change, Race Change, Faction Change, Appearance Change). Teleport Hub: Enables you to teleport to various locations across the world. Online Store: Ever dreamed of getting that spectacular mount or that funny companion? Server Rates Kill rate: 10x Quest rate: 20x Money rate: 10x Honor rate: 2x Crafting rate: 2x Gathering rate: 2x Reputation rate: 10x Uncommon items: 10x Rare items: 50x But don't take our word for it, join now and witness the amazing things Storm-WoW has to offer! Website: http://storm-wow.com Forum: http://storm-wow.com/forum Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stormwowcommunity
  14. WTS AmdWoW 243 converted to 335 www source-craft com And Yes Im the real creator of this and I was the developer on AmdWoW Buy from Source-Craft Shop

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