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  1. Welcome to the rushboost World of Warcraft Classic Page! To check our full offer please visit us at our website. Contact us: discord: rushboost#3828 email: [email protected] Live chat: 24/7 at our website. BEST SELLER PRICES: 1-60 Leveling - 329e Professions 1-300 Skill - 99e
  2. Hello ! Today we will learn how to create an NPC from nothing ! Summary Required tools NPC dressing CreatureDisplayInfo editing CreatureDisplayInfoExtra editing Patch creation DB addition Looks like it's time to gear up ! - Software like Photoshop or Gimp. Personally I use Photoshop because of this : BLP Plugin - Wow Model Viewer or something similar - BLP Converter (useless if you use the Photoshop's plugin) - My DbcEditor - MPQ Editor - Your 3.3.5 client ! Looks like it's time to dress up ! I only mentionned one tool which can dress up our future NPC, so, let's go to Wow Model Viewer ! First, we have to select the race of our NPC, I'll choose... Human male ! You can select this in the menu on the left, in the character part. Now, here's the interesting part. Quick explanation : The menu in the top right corner defines the look of your npc, face type, hair color... ATTENTION ! In CreatureDisplayInfoExtra, hair color and hair style are inversed ! Below this menu, it's seems to be obvious, you can set your Npc's stuff. Below again, Oppa tabard style ! 8-) I let you prepare your NPC, I'll create mine and after, we compare who made the most beautiful ! Time's up ! Here's mine : Ok I used WoD stuff, I cheated... a bit Now, you can screen the whole right menu, that way you will not forget the character's characteristics ! Sometimes you can see two numbers to the right of the object name, they are important, the first is the itemID, the second his DisplayID, keep them two ! Our NPC is created, now we need to extract its texture. In my WMV version I do this : Once exported, a single file will interest us : body.tga Open it with Photoshop or your software, and you'll see this : You're free to customize the face, adding scars or whatever ! If you don't use the BLP plugin, save this file as png, and slide it on your BLP Converter. We have finished the texture ! "But, Hyakki-master ! And weapons ?!" Creature_equip_template, world database ! Your turn CreatureDisplayInfo ! Open this DBC with the software provided by this tutorial (MyDBCEditor) You'll see lines. Lines everywhere ! Scroll to the last line, right click and select "Insert line...", your ID MUST be unique ! I'll choose 70010. Quick explanation 2 : First column : unique ID Second column : Model ID that is registered in CreatureModelData.dbc (for a human male it's 49, a human female 50...) Third column : Dunno, let zero. Fourth column : ExtraDisplay : We'll see it in CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc, it must be unique too. Fifth column : Let 1. Sixth colum : Creature opacity. 255 means your npc is opaque, 0 means... yes it's transparent. Seventh and Eighth column : "Extra texture", when you npc isn't a character but a creature, these colums set their skin. The next columm : Contains an ID or 0, the ID corresponds to sound ID in NPCSounds.dbc. Last column : Let zero. Here's the look of my NPC column : You must to put this DBC in your MPQ patch and in serverside. Next ! Braces yourselves CreatureDisplayInfoExtra is coming ! This is where it all take shape. Documentation time ! 1 : ID, that one you choosed in the fourth column in CreatureDisplayInfo. 2 : Character's race, 1 for human... IDs are situated in ChrRaces. 3 : Gender. 0 for male (It is also the degree of intelligence of the person who wrote this guide) and 1 for female. 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 : SkinColor, FaceType, HairStyle, HairColor, BeardStyle. (Don't forget, in WMV, hair style & hair color are inversed) 9 : Head DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 10 : Shoulders DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 11 : Shirt DisplayId (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 12 : Chest DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 13 : Belt DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 14 : Legs DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 15 : Boots DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 16 : Bracers DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 17 : Gloves DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 18 : Tabard DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 19 : Cape DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 20 : 0. 21 : Your texture name, in my case, it'll be admerin.blp Fill your DBC line with your items's DisplayID that you choosed for your NPC. Be careful, sometines the first digit is valid, sometines it's the second. Here's mine : Save it ! Upload it to your server, put it into your Patch ! But... Where in my patch ?! I assume you know how to create a MPQ patch. So, open your MPQ with MPQ Editor ! If they don't exist, create two folders at the root of the patch. Call them : DBFilesClient Textures You can put your two DBCs in DBFilesclient Now, go in Textures, create a folder called BakedNpcTextures and put your .blp in there. Your patch is ready. Last step ! Creature_model_info Serverside part ! In your world Database, find this table and open it ! Quick explanation... Oh no, copy/paste the content of an other line. EXCEPT ONE THING ! Your ID must be the same as the one in CreatureDisplayInfo, in my case : 70010. This digit is the DisplayID that you MUST use for your creature. Once your line is written and your NPC created... This tutorial is finished ! Don't hesitate to show your NPCs here ! Original Guide Credits - Oldaron @ Model-Changing
  3. Hello everyone, I always had this idea to create a game launcher and I'm busy with a project now together with a close friend and classmate and we needed a custom launcher for it. We are not experienced in building one ourselfs, so we went looking for one. There was only one problem, there is not a single finished launcher source for the private server we are creating so we went on looking for another game launcher which was finished and I stumbled uppon this World of Warcraft launcher source. We can't use this launcher source so I decided to share it with you guys, I uploaded it on my MediaFire account so the link won't expire unless I remove or rename it. Whenever the link is dead please send me a private message and I will take a look at it. This application/launcher is without a login system, if you want one you have to create it yourself! You can also change everything inside this launcher from images to text and settings to URLs. NOTE: I have not made this launcher nor did I have anything to do with the development of it! [hide] Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/07ny19xyxkfqekn/World+of+Warcraft+launcher.rar [/hide] I'm sorry for the hide tag, this is to prevent anyone from leeching someone else his/her work and for people to show their appreciation. Kind regards, Dion.
  4. Full client here Yes, 20 mb is the correct size for this since it downloads while you play. ReadMe in English: 1. Unrar the whole Files and create a new Folder with the name "WoW 4.3.4". <-- Does not really matter with name 2. Click Wow.exe 3. A PopUp-Window will open in the upper left corner. Let it load. It could looks like, your PC got freezed, maybe is it, but just wait. 4. If the PopUp disappear, wait some minutes and the Game will start. Do not terminate it, it might look like game froze on black screen, but just let it download everything it needs. It will get you to log in screen. Once there, exit game. 5. Now check realmlist again, make sure it is set to: set realmlist set patchlist localhost Also make sure all region folders have realmlist(enGB, enUS, deDE, esES,...), if not, just copy existing realmlist from enUS to them. 6. Start the Game again with the "wow.exe" and ONLY with it (!!!), login with your Account (Username, NOT the Email). 7. The Game will initialize the Game Files. Let it load. Go AFK or do something else. Game might take bit longer than usual to get you to character selection screen, so just wait it out if this happens. Remember, it needs to download anything as needed, so it is not connection issue. Also loading will be longer than usual. Don't worry, running game and logging in will be faster next time you play. Those delays are just first time. Only loading screen might take longer next time. Possible issues: These issues might happen, if your connection can't handle streaming. If you have fast connection, then most of them should not be bad, you might still get minor lag increase, but it won't be game breaking. But just to let you know: - High lag -> This is normal, if your connection can not handle all downloading and game data. This is only for people with fast connection. Lags will end when whole game gets downloaded. Only thing you can do about it is to try disabling add-ons. Sometimes additional traffic from add-ons an make it much worse. - Low detail textures -> Again, this is normal at beginning. Game needs to download high resolution textures. But that takes time, so it will display low detail ones, till then. - Long loading times -> This will happen at every loading, when you enter any area for first time. That is because game must download instance or location data. Background downloading will in first line focus on zones around you. So instance data for example will only get downloaded when you enter them at beginning. But once downloading gets far enough, this will stop happening. Though it might give you problems when using dungeon finder, due to long loadings, it will look like you went offline. - Invisible objects, models and stuff -> Again, this can be normal. Especially on slower connections. That means game just did not download them yet, so they can't be shown on your end. Controlling background downloading: There is a way to control how much bandwidth is dedicated to downloading. By default WoW should take 33% of your bandwidth. But you can control this, you can increase it when you idle or if your connection can handle it to download WoW faster. You can do that by using this command: SET bgloadthrottle X Just replace X with % of bandwidth. Default is 33. To use it, just type it in chat like this: SET bgloadthrottle 75 This will set it to 75% of your bandwidth. If this does not work, then try: SET bgloadthrottle "75" Not sure if it need quotes. WARNING: Only use above command, if you are sure what you are doing. Do not use it to reduce background downloading to minimum. That will cause a lot of issues and will make game unplayable. Only use it if you can go higher or if you want it to download faster when you are AFK. If you messed it up, restarting client should reset it to default, if it does not, delete WTF folder in WoW folder, that will reset all settings, including this.
  5. " EU and US WoW Boosting Service 7% Discount Code: Owned7 If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me by skype or e-mail Once again, we are not intermediate sellers, we are the real performers. During the order completion we provide you with a private stream so that you can enjoy the process and watch your toon through out the service. TO GET MORE INFORMATION OR PLACE YOUR ORDER JUST PRESS THIS BUTTON AND CONTACT US BY SKYPE: ______________________________________________ Boosthive has made its main goal to provide fast and efficient services for people interested in acquiring PvE and PvP achievements and in-game content. We are a team of professional players taking the game seriously and working hard to provide you with more and more staff available in the World of Warcraft. ______________________________________________ Privacy policy When ordering some of the services from us, you may be asked to provide essential account related information, such as, email address, password, skype or other details required for the fulfilment of service and making your experience as smooth as possible. • The received information is stored offline and given only to the service provider. • Only the service provider and the customer know about the ordered service. • None of your information will be used outside the sphere of ordered services. • Information is secured and protected and bound by the non-disclosure agreement. • We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. After the completion of all activities related to the order you are free to change all the provided information for the additional security precautions. ______________________________________________ General Terms & Conditions & F.A.Q. All received orders are performed by the reliable service providers, who we use for a number of years. All orders are being taken to the execution only after the pre-payment or against the deposit previously agreed with the customer support manager. All services are clearly described to the customer beforehand and agreed on the terms and scheduling before the payment. The approximate time and date of the service completion will be provided, which can only be changed in case of emergency. Costumer will be notified about this change immediately. Refund Policy. Our customers are eligible for a full refund only in the following cases: • Your service has not yet begun and you would like to cancel it • We are unable to fulfill the service according to agreed terms • Your account is suspended as a result of our services (time frame for this type of refund is 1 week after the fulfillment of service) In case your order is in progress and you would like to cancel it, you are eligible for a partial refund.
  6. Hello while I was compiling the latest trinitycore I kept getting errors saying this: (I am using visual community 2017) and and and a lot of this warning please help
  7. Hello.I'm Selling a battle net account with active sub for 1 month,Expansion up to Legion.Many 100 and 90s + some other lowbies!Has Diablo 2,awesome Hearthstone and HoTs.PM me for info or offers.Skype: marina_bg5
  8. Cataclysm Launcher Version 1.1 The main purpose of this launcher is to distribute custom patches and/or automatically set the realm-list for a WoW private server. Requirements: Visual Studio 2012 / 2012 Express Edition Steps To Configure: Launch CataLauncher.sln Right click on the project (which is in the solution explorer) and go to Properties. Go to the Settings Tab Change the settings to match your server configuration realmlist = set realmlist realm.yourserver.com server = realm.yourserver.com patchDownloadURL = http://www.example.com/patches.txt port = your realm port (usually 3724) WebsiteUrl = Url of your website (Leave empty to not show button) ForumsUrl = Url of your forums (Leave empty to not show button) VoteUrl = Url to Vote (Leave empty to not show button) DonateUrl = Url to donate (Leave empty to not show button) Build Distribute CataLauncher\bin\Debug\Launcher.exe to users Optional: In order for the launcher to download the patches, you will need to create a text file with the name of the patches, the location (http://example.com/patch-D.MPQ), and the MD5 hashes of the patches. I have included another application which will create this text file for you. You will need to upload this text file, as well as the patches to your web server. Load Patches File = The .txt file that the patch details will be saved to, e.g. patches.txt Patch File = The file of the patch that will be downloaded MD5 Hash = Automatically filled in based on "Patch File" Patch Url = Url to the "Patch File" Note: In order to have patches update from the launcher, you must update the MD5 hashes of the patch files in patches.txt (or whatever you named it), as well as the patch files themselves. Download Launcher Source: https://github.com/Mitch528/CataLaun...ive/master.zip Download "Distribute Patches.exe": http://www.mediafire.com/download/8l...te_Patches.exe I know this isn't the definition of a, "great" tutorial, but It works, and I thought I would share it with you all.
  9. Hello Try http://lostarmy-wow.com/ The best Funserver ever! Expansion: Lich King 3.3.5 Instant lvl 90 Custom Trials Custom instances Custom Areas Custom World bosses Custom items Custom starter items Working spells Donor system Vote system Custom world chat (.chat) No-pvp mall There is also Some Gm events on the server if an gm is online (etc Stair event, hide'n seek, Mob event) Friendly staff on the server. You will never get bored because there is so much to do. If u love to farm, get items and stuffs fast and easy Join Lostarmy-wow Today!! I will also tell that every Friday - Sunday the vote point will be increased by 4 (6vp per vote site) 2nd I'm not the owner of the server, The real Owner is "Alamiku" Im a player who want more people to join this server, As more players we got, as more things will be added to the server. Set realmlist logon.lostarmy-wow.com The owners Skype is : mikutubr For more info Check out theese: http://lostarmy-wow.com/ http://lostarmy-wow.com/forum/
  10. Presents OPENING SALE AND REWARDS!!!! Justicar WoW is offering a very very cheap price on our donation packages!! We are offering Full season 9 (best pvp season so far created) for 20$ on one character, As well as ViP for 40$, The ViP Package includes a lifetime of full season 9 characters on your account, as well as a custom donor mall fully private to any other ViPs. You will have a custom command to teleport into and out of the mall, as well as recieving a VIP tag ingame through our worldchat, as well as on our website forums! These prices are only valid for the first month of our server being live ending on 2/5/14 =) We also want to reward our helpers and players without them feeling the need to donate! So we are giving away the "Justicar" title to anyone logging in for the next week, ending on 1/13/14, This title will not be obtainable through any other way in our server, No amount of donations, event wins, or pvp kills can you obtain this title! This is to show appreciation to all of our helpers and bug reporters! After being down for nearly 10 months, Justicar has been brought back up! Justicar-WoW has been brought back! We are going to be a very intensive PvP Server. We have extremely experienced developers and staff who are bring new content in continuously. We here at Justicar-WoW know what the pvp communities crave, and we are prepared to deliver. We also offer unique and custom monthly rank 1 rewards, titles, and even money in order to keep the fights exciting and fun for everyone! Justicar-WoW has been paid for several months in advance, This server is going to be around for a while! Justicar wow is pleased to announce that we are hiring staff members! Please visit our recruitment forum here Instant 80 - Intense PvP Arenas - 2v2, 3v3, & 5v5 Cross-Faction Balanced Battlegrounds 1v1 Arenas (new) Reforging (new) PvP Title System (new) Season 8 to start - Season 9 Balanced Progression Transmogrification System Top Arena - Notification System + Custom Content Daily Quests - Rewards Honor Custom ranking system resetting monthly Custom rewards based on monthly ranks Completely scripted and working battlegrounds 99% Uptime with a reliable host. Paid for the server in advance, so we are here to stay for a long while! Content added continuously Custom Mazes & Stair Events Please Click here to vote! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ5MUeErx-M&feature=youtu.be The New Video! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Powerful Dedicated Server to bring a lag free enjoyable game play! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website - http://justicar-wow.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting Location + Mall
  11. Current Stats (April 2012 ) Razor Top-G is a popular gaming topsite that will help your server / website get noticed! We have a main goal, which is to use advertising & SEO tools to lead people towards your site!We support a large list of gaming servers / communities, including : MMORPG - World of Warcraft- Aion Online- Cabal Online- Conquer Online- Final Fantasy- Hosts- Guild Wars- Knight Online- Minecraft- Runescape- Ragnarok Online- GTA IV- GFX Sites- Developer Sites- Web Designer Sites- Tibia- MU Online- Perfect World- Maple Story- Final Fantasy- Other- Dark Age of Camelot- Everquest- Hellbreath- Iris Online- Jade Dynasty- Legend of Mir- Matrix Online- MMORPG & MPOG- PristonTale- Ran Online- RF Online- Shaiya- Silkroad Online- Star Wars Galaxies- Ultima Online- World of Kung Fu- StarCraft- WarCraft- Diablo- Battlefield- Call of Duty- Counter Strike- Doom- FarCry- Half Life- Unreal Tournament- Anime Websites- Gaming Websites- Grand Theft Auto- The Sims GFX / Developers - GFX Sites- Developer Sites- Web Designers Partners! - Taken- Available!Join Razor Top-G Today and receive the following! :- 1 Free month of VIP Status ( No purchase required! )- Our Guarantee of getting players to join your server! ( Provided you have a website that won't make them run away screaming!)With nothing to lose and everything to gain, why not join us? It will increase the likelihood of your server getting noticed, and make it easier for players to find your server on sites like google, bing, etc!We currently have 14500 total unique visitors, rising exponentially! If your server could use some more traffic / players, Register Here! WebsiteLike us on facebook, twitter, or google and we will like your server's page as well! We have over 200 followers on twitter and would be more than happy to give your server a shoutou t! Contact Info Skype : planex.gmMSN : [email protected]
  12. -------------------------- We have brought back the old Kamical WoW, currently Crysis is available but once we have completed the development of Crysis we will be starting on Nemesis (Highrate 250 Realm). We offer a different kind of PvP realm, we have all of the Arena Systems such as Arena Spectator, 1v1 Rated Arena and much more, but we mainly offer the best type of PvP, FFA PvP! Kamical is always open for suggestions on how to improve the realm, how we can make the server a better place for everyone, we care about our community. -------------------------- Kamical WoW - 3.3.5a Instant 80 Custom FFA Fun PvP Realm Website : Kamical WoW - WOTLK Custom Private Server Forum : Kamical WoW - Private Server Forums Facebook : Kamical WoW - Facebook Page --------------------------
  13. Introduction We are a semi-professional staff team with currently 12 staff within the team. Originally we started the project as a 1-80 PvE/PvP Realm with an ambition to be unique and provide the best possible experience for players. Since we have been developing and adding new content for the community and also listening to their ideas which we have taken into account. We are confident our release will be successful and if it is many new features are on their way! For a limited time to promote release we have enabled Wrathful Sets to be completely free AND you will also receive Free VIP on your account for a month! which gives you the following: Commands: Such as .appear .changefaction .changerace .tele and .rename In-Game Features: Free Legendaries, VIP Mall, VIP Access, Free Wrathful Armor, Free Wrathful Weapons & Accessories and Free Transmogrification Items! Information about us ▪ Stability - Realms are always online with only a few minutes of downtime due to a crash or a restart ▪ Security - Equipped with one of the strongest DDoS Protection out there ▪ Website & Forums - feature rich, simple and user friendly ▪ Unique Global Mall - simple design with a never seen before placement system for vendors ▪ Development - Active development with daily fixes ▪ Guilds, arenas, battlegrounds for the community to enjoy. ▪ Friendly & professional staff team Features included on the realm ▪ Transmogrification ▪ A Large supply of Transmogrification items for players to enjoy ▪ 1v1 Arena System for players who enjoy Skirmish PvP ▪ Instantly maximized professions to 525 with all recipes ▪ Unique Duel Zone ▪ Cross faction battlegrounds ▪ User friendly website and forums ▪ Functional spells ▪ 10v10 Skirmish NPC ▪ Arena Ladder NPC ▪ PvP Titles NPC ▪ Template NPC ▪ large amount of Legendary weapons all scaled to Shadowmourne stats (Please note these can be purchased from the site and also earned in-game through Arena points) ▪ Functional spells ▪ and More! Current Developments Currently we have other realms that are under development behind the scenes such as: ▪ Cataclysm 4.3.4 Blizzlike PvE Realm ▪ 3.3.5 255 Fun-server with Custom Content ▪ A New Unique designed website which will include a brand new layout and also be user friendly. This is a Pre-Release advertisement to give all of you a heads up! Please note that the release date will be posted here. We would just like to make sure everything is good to go and nothing is there to spoil your fun! Our Estimated release date is 25/09/2015 at 18:00GMT You will not be able to access in-game until the release date, But you can make a In-game and forum account. So what are you waiting for!? Join us now! Website Forums I hope to see you all in-game soon!
  14. Slapped this together earlier out of boredom, let me know what you think! Download Link (PSD): Click Here! PREVIEW:
  15. ABOUT US! Evolvexsport.com offers unparalleled boosting services at guaranteed low prices. There is no third party or middle man involved! 100% HAND DONE! Remember if there’s a product you can’t find you can always get in contact with us on Skype or E-mail, where one of our gamers will be ready for you! WoW Power Leveling = 100% Hand Leveling You character will be leveled from 1 to 100 by questing. Every single item and the gold receieved will remain on your account. Discounts are available for 2 or more characters: from 10% for 2 characters. #1-100: 60€ EUR #1-60: 20€ EUR #1-90: 40€ EUR #55-90: 20€ EUR #60-70: 10€ EUR #70-80: 15€ EUR #80-85: 15€ EUR #85-90: 15€ EUR #90-100: 20€ EUR #95-100: 10€ EUR PvP Services #Full Honor Gear: 35€ EUR #Honor Main Set: 20€ EUR #Honor Off Set: 15€ EUR #1000 Honor Points: 4€ EUR #2000 Honor Points: 6€ EUR #3000 Honor Points: 8€ EUR #4000 Honor Points: 10€ EUR Legendary Ring Boost includes You will get access to 735 item level rings as a part of the legendary quest line. You will get your first legendary follower. The boost will take between 6-8 weeks to complete. The boost will be done in LFR mode. Fresh quest from the beginning: 100€ EUR #If You Got The 640: 80€ EUR #If You Got The 690: 50€ EUR #If You Got The 715: 30€ EUR #Mount/Transmog farm boost includes: You don't have time to farm your desired mounts/transmogs every week because you are so busy with your job or your other real life activities? Don't worry, we will do it for you now, every week until your desired mount/transmog drops for a small price! #1 Raid Lockout/ Week: 5€ EUR #1 Raid in LFR:: 5€ EUR IS MY ACCOUNT SAFE? Your account is in 100% safe with us. We never ask for your personal datas (secret question / answer). We do everything 100% by hands! IS MY PRIVACY PROTECTED? Our players will never answer to any of your friends messages. This will guarantee you to get your boost done without any worry about being revealed. We will use VPN of your country and your city so it will looks like you just logged from another PC. However you can add any note once you purchase and ask us for any kind of special request that would make you comfortable using our services. REFUND POLICY! We will refund 100% of the money if we fail to complete the service. Also, we will refund 100% of the money if the Customer asks for a refund before the order is in process. After we give the order to our employees for processing, we can only provide a partial (10-50%) refund. Accepted payment method: PayPal - only verified users! For more information you can add me on Skype: evolvexsport or PM me here. VISIT US! Note: In order to avoid any scams always request for a PM on the forum, so you know it's me.
  16. Hello everyone I found this background about bosses in World of Warcraft on my iMac. I have no clue were it's coming from or who made it, I'm sure I didn't! http://i.imgur.com/N4hTbXa.jpg?1'>The Link You are free to use it as you computer background Kind regards, Unrecognized.
  17. Incredible World of Warcraft ! Our private server is always under development and we are going to support over 5 hours per day to deliver the best free gaming experience. We already opened 2 realms WOTLK and CATA. INCREDIBLE -- WOTLK REALM 30x XP 10x DROP 02x PROFESSION XP 03x REPUTATION XP Explore our features -- Transfer your hero to our INCREDIBLE (WOTLK) realm. 1:1 easy transfer You want to enjoy raids? ICC & RUBY ? no problem fully scripted ! Test it out here LOST -- CATACLYSM REALM 05x XP 03x DROP 02x PROFESSION XP 02x REPUTATION XP Bug & lag free cataclysm server. Enjoy perfectly scripted raids like Firelands and Dragon Soul ! Don´t want to start from new ? No problem test out our limited character transfer tool [limited transfer] character on level 85 (all talents learned) 359 item-level full riding skills 1 riding mount 1 flying mount 5000 Gold 1 profession on maximum Check out our transfer here You have problems to connect? Don´t worry ! Take a look here -- Ready to play in 2 min We are happy to see you soon ! Enjoy the Incredible World of Warcraft -- register now here Get our launcher -- download here Your IWoW Team iwow.rocks Facebook Google+ Twitter Youtube
  18. Wariox

    Wariox's Music List

    Since i'm posting so much music then i would stay to one genre inside this topic. Feel free to follow the topic for instant notifications! Ulduar Hard Like Herioc As we all know, this music sucks! But it defiently wakes up memories!
  19. The Great Obstacle Course in Gurubashi Arena - Trailer This is a the start of the my video which is showing my project that has not been released yet because the course is not finished. I can not tell exactly when the fully video will be out. Please leave a comment if you find something that could be changed into a better way. Cheers! Heres another Stair event i made some time ago
  20. About Us Storm-WoW is one of the top "World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King" providers, giving players a truly unique and unrivaled gaming experience. What's so special about us? Our community is made up of "World of Warcraft" veterans, people with a high level of experience and knowledge, both in PvE and PvP, and with a strong focus on quality over quantity. Why "Wrath of the Lich King"? Because in our opinion, this was the greatest expansion in the history of "World of Warcraft", and also the last one to provide the key features this game is known for: discovery, mystery, epic story, amazing music and limitless adventure. Server Features Dynamic LoS and Pathfinding: Enabled. No more creatures passing through textures, spells ignoring LoS etc. Enhanced security: Warden Server Guard is enabled, providing a secure - hacker free environment for our players. Core: Thousands of NPC and game-object spawns with Blizzlike movement/positions/orientation and millions of re-factored, revised and updated code, on a state of the art core, create the most advanced and sophisticated World of Warcraft experience. Unique feature: Transmogrifier - Adds a sense of unique to your character, making you stand out from the crowd, whilst resurrecting old content and bringing back the forgotten-glorious dungeons of the old world. Server: The realm runs on a dedicated machine with 6 cores and 30 GB RAM. Experienced Staff: We recognize that we have a responsibility for the well-being and stability of our community. With this in mind we strive to offer the best support, in a responsible and professional manner. Website Features Armory: Storm-WoW's comprehensive Armory provides a detailed insight on the server's database. Character Tools: Gives you the power to customize your character (Name Change, Race Change, Faction Change, Appearance Change). Teleport Hub: Enables you to teleport to various locations across the world. Online Store: Ever dreamed of getting that spectacular mount or that funny companion? Server Rates Kill rate: 10x Quest rate: 20x Money rate: 10x Honor rate: 2x Crafting rate: 2x Gathering rate: 2x Reputation rate: 10x Uncommon items: 10x Rare items: 50x But don't take our word for it, join now and witness the amazing things Storm-WoW has to offer! Website: http://storm-wow.com Forum: http://storm-wow.com/forum Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stormwowcommunity
  21. Hello,I'm selling Epic Molten wow account i donated on it 1380+ Euro's it have so many chars and warrior got challenger i'm going to link armory's. http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Fakexz/Ragnaros/ http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Rektbb/Lordaeron/Also got bis prot gear with challenger tittle http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Zomgfeistyxx/Deathwing/ http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Portabletree/Deathwing/ http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Otister/Lordaeron/ http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Helkest/Lordaeron/ http://armory.molten-wow.com/character-profile/Mayamuya/Lordaeron/ PS:Payment is only Through western union,Contact me on skype Mahmoud.hafez43 Egyptian one if your interested feel free to contact me i will prove everything first.
  22. [Lua] Script < Download > <Password: lordcraft.net> File < Download > <Password: lordcraft.net> - Greetings LordCraft Members! -Today, When I added that NPC To my DB it shows a bug...? I don't know. Pictures:- So please help me if you can ;(

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