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Found 1 result

  1. Commits Page Demo Current Features are in the works of being implemented - BNET Support - Forum Bridging - New Themes Notable Matters - All FusionCMS Themes and Modules are Compatible - Works with PHP 7+ - No Recorded Errors, Majority of Performance Impacting Errors have been fixed Background Story I found out about a month ago that PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 was discontinued. Thus, this meaning that majority of users using FusionCMS would no longer be able to take use of FusionCMS and enjoy its ever blooming beauty, This would also provide myself with a problem that I wouldn't have a Website myself to use. Thus, I figured why not start updating FusionCMS and open up for an Open-Source Community Solution. So I made a Discord Server, Reworked a new Theme and a lot of the current existing code (A lot, not everything. Majority of the code is still base code). Now I've been also adding Released things such as Bruteforce Security Improvement, TinyMCE Update and whatnot. Personally i think this is the best FusionCMS Release there is to take use of at this current state. We will continue to update the CMS and provide everyone with the Source in the process. Users may open Push Requests and furthermore adding more modernization to the CMS. The Re-name was just because i myself saw it as a suitable thing and that the actual name FusionCMS would most likely be still under an ownership. Therefore, I would not be able to take use of the original name under a new domain extension. Therefore, FusionGEN (cocky said, but I do also consider this version more of a next-gen type, so FusionGEN was suitable and clanged decently to my ears) Welcome and Mostly Enjoy === DEMO ACCOUNT === Demo account Username: Demo Password: Demodemo1 - If the account password is changed then feel free to register a new dummy account Credits Section E.Darksider Tenchuu Yekta-Core Jesper and the fellas putting this CMS together (Special thanks to you guys!) - Thank you guys, you have all done amazing things to this CMS and have provided rememberal changes. And more, I apologize if I forgot someone in the hurry. Reach out to me and you will get your rightful spot here. Best Regards OMGhixD
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