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Found 11 results

  1. mwarfaregod


    hello ladies n gents im mwarefaregod im currently ah newbie so please forgive me if u see my weird responses..i got the mw from the call of duty if u guys was wondering, im here to learn new things i hope to see u all in the topics
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Raj Puri. Many of you may know me from other communities, but I've decided to stick with Lordcraft, simply because you're all nice! Anyhow, I will be contributing frequently (mainly C++ scripts) for TrinityCore. I WILL BE CRAFTING WHAT MATTERS!
  3. What is this about ? Introduction You don’t need advanced knowledge to create a working server. In fact, you can even be a complete incompetent and still make a server. I’m going to explain few things everybody knows in the emulation scene. To get an idea of what it is about, here is the table of content : Section 1: Emulators 1.1: How to use it ? Is it free ? 1.2: Database 1.3: Tell me more about emulators 1.3.1: Why are there almost only WOTLK and Vanilla private servers ? 1.3.2: Why so many new WOD-based servers ? 1.3.3: This server is not using TrinityCore but Badass-Name-Core, what is it ? 1.4: Why are some servers so bad ? 1.5: What can I do with a freshly compiled server ? 1.5.1: You can already put it online 1.5.2: Or customise it Section 2: Repacks Section 3: Eluna - SmartAI - and others Section 4: Patches Section 5: Hosting a server publicly 5.1: Dedicated servers (or VPS) 5.1.1: What to choose ? 5.1.2: Then they can come and play ? 5.2: Website 5.2.1: How to make one ? 5.2.2: No programming skills : CMS examples : : But they all look like any private server website ! 5.2.3: A domain name Section 6: Server staff 6.1: Owner 6.2: Core developers 6.3: Database developers 6.4: Web developers 6.4.1: Web designers 6.4.2: Front end developers 6.4.3: Back end web developers 6.5: Client developers 6.6: Moderators and game masters Section 7: Conclusion 1 Emulators Private servers are all based upon an existing emulator. An emulator is a program you have to compile yourself from a source code and which emulates WOW servers. These emulators are written in C++. It “contains” the systems, the spells, the dungeons mechanics, the boss fights etc... Check this picture for a sum up (taken from modcraft). 1.1 How to use it ? Is it free ? Servers emulators are open source, made by passionate developers and available to everyone. You can download the source code, spend few hours setting it up and you have your own server running. There are tutorials to help you out in this process. You don’t need to know how to program to compile. 1.2 Database Whether you use a repack (see below) or your own compiled server, you need a database to populate the world and save all the data created ingame (items, characters abilities, friend list etc...). It requires you to set it up but there are tutorials for this aswell. It is provided with the emulator or the repack. Within the database, you can create new quests, new simple events, new NPCs and tons of different things. It’s not complex when your goal is only to add simple content. Yes, scripting quests is not hard technically, tedious maybe, but not hard. It requires (some) SQL knowledge. 1.3 Tell me more about emulators Available and widely used emulators are Mangos, cMangos and TrinityCore. There are other emulators like OregonCore. I let you find more informations about this by yourself if you’re interested. 1.3.1 Why are there almost only WOTLK and Vanilla private servers ? [...] It's a bit too long to post it entirely there, and I already formatted it on my website (in two versions, one is mobile friendly and in black and white if you don't like the design) in order to avoid doing it again here, so if you're interested in reading more, check this page ! If you already read my other documents, please, comment only about this particular one on this thread, not about another because I will create a thread for each and you will then be able to comment it without going off-topic and without confusing other readers. In top of that, you may find all the answers you need if you read the whole folder's content. You can also contact me by email. PS : I put this message here because I think people going to the tutorial section most likely know all of this (couldn't find a more general place to talk about this on Lordcraft).
  4. Well, I'll try to setup this wow server.
  5. Hello everyone, I am DeMoN100 I like to develop websites been running forum communities since 1991. My forum knowledge is in IPB, Vbulletin, Xenforo, phpbb, SMF, & MyBB. I use to play WoW all the time when I was younger even ran on private servers like MoltenWoW, WoWFreakz, HeroesWoW, & I even GM a few server on MaNGOS like DoxramosWoW. I always wanted to host one but could never get one up & going maybe I will now but even so I wish to learn how to code wow so I may add my own npcs, bots, shops & questline. I use to have this grand idea of getting a bunch of the heads of private servers to come together to run one private wow server & completely redo the whole game change the graphics, characters, & questline. WoW to me since private servers open up like people give birth to children a open source template to work on to create something different. That idea caved in because nobody was ever commited to the idea & now time has moved on. Its a pleasure to meet everyone on here & if you ever need assistance with something feel free to drop me a pm or contact me on skype demon-zanku. Aside from making websites I also do character voices, use photoshop, & have a few extra cards to the developing scene. I have a new website which I am posting guides on forum coding, ad guides, reviews on businesses & services, a online shop for programs & other various products. Feel free to check it out anytime you wish <snip>
  6. Hello, I have been registered since December 28, 2014, but I have mostly been keeping myself occupied with AC-web. zdroid9770 recommended that I should visit this site and find out what's better here, so... here I am! Most other users who also are familiar with AC-web will know who I am. A few select users on TrinityCore as well. If I don't reply to your message as fast as you would want, it is because I am still trying to finish some of my latest work on AC-web. I'm currently unemployed, but a severe cold has kept me home and in bed since I registered, but I am making an effort to get better soon.
  7. Hello, I Have been pc gaming since I was seven. I started off with console games saga was the first one I ever owned, then moved to Warcraft and Diablo and I've been working with private servers mainly Wow since 2009. I won't lie the first time I helped open a private server it was a circus I learned a lot from it that's for sure lol. Sadly I don't know C++ or any other scripting I would love to learn. I mainly do small fixes,gather information for the Devs, Gm, and moderate forums. I found this forum following a favorite developer who recently brought his work here and I have to say it looks like he found a nice place I've glanced through the forum I haven't really saw anyone trollling,being flamed or the usual that I've seen everywhere else I am surprised I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere keep up the good work!
  8. claylol

    Hi there

    Hello there. I'm a new guy looking to learn a few things about design and simple development, i have no background knowledge in either of the two, but i'm enthusiastic to learn about it. I've been interested mainly in design for a long time, i've always admired high quality images made from either scratch or from existing images. I hope i get to read some of your posts and learn a thing or two!
  9. IMPORTANT LINKS Offical Website SoundCloud | BeatPort | Streamer | FaceBook |
  10. Hello Everybody, Just realized I hadn't made an intro thread yet Well, I am Epicblood, as you can see by my username located conveniently to the left of this here text. Real name == Joris (Belgian) I like to think I am good at Java, but am probably intermediate at best. I have tried learning C++, but after watching all TheNewBoston's videos, I realized that is not how I learn, and haven't had the chance to start back up again. I am currently working on my own private server: And I really hope that it will, one day, be a success. I am pretty good at SQL and suck at php/html/css (probably because I never tried it) I can be a bit of a troll/******* at times, but it's the internet, and aren't we all really? So, yea, that's me, glad to have found a forum to replace the dark and desecrated pits of AC-Web
  11. mathex


    Hello i'm Mathex, i'm a developer of Infusion WoW atm. I script C++, SQL, Lua, HTML, PHP and CSS. In C++ i'm somewhat of a noob, but i do script some easy ones. :-) In Lua i'm pretty good if i were to say it for myself, i basicly script anything. Hope i'll enjoy it here, thank you.
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