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Found 284 results

  1. Text : DW Subtext : Color Scheme: Not to sure, want some gold but not sure what else What Type of Request is This? : Server Logo design Size : 400x400 Any Additional Information? : looking for a clean logo similar to Heroes-wow but not necessarily the same style. Want the logo to give off a professional feel but also a World of Warcraft feel. .PSD Needed?: No
  2. I recieve this error when trying to purchase items from my site "Something went wrong! An administrator has been noticed and will send your order as soon as possible. Error: Error Fetching http headers" I have checked the following things: 1. My realms settings in fusioncms database is all set correctly, 2. I have the world config configured correctly 3. I have a gm level 4 account that is hooked up to SOAP 4. I have all ports forwarded for SOAP and RA I do have my website hosted on namecheap.com but the servers mysql and database all run off a vps with the server itself. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hey guys. I've got a small problem. This is my modified version of LoseControl, but there is that strange problem. This is for Vanilla 1.12.1. Ex: When they put a CC on you it displays it, but if they put a new one, it goes under the old one and the new one has to expire so the new CC can appear with it's time. Ex2: CC - Time runs out- CC2 - Appears after the other one has it's timer finished or cancelled What i want is instead of doing what i said up there, to appear side by side/ next to each other. Ex: CC/CC/CC The code is on this link: https://hastebin.com/wamiseqihi.lua Thanks What i meant by this was -> To show more than 1 CC effect at a time, stacking from Left to Right / Right to Left.
  4. i got a question, i have modified my core so when you die ingame you respawn above youré corpse. but when you press revive my walk speed is so slow it gets default setted to walkspeed 0.1. if you are still a ghost the movement speed is just fine. if you do a relog its gone. can somone tell me how to fix this issue? i am using compile trinity&Eluna core
  5. So i just noticed that when you donate to my server via the donate panel it will take you to paypal and send the payment to me correctly as well as direct the person to the site but does not add donor points to their account nor does it create a log in my user panel. Anyone know how to fix this? Below is some more info. postback_paypal : public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); $this->load->config('donate'); $this->config_paypal = $this->config->item('donate_paypal'); // Prevent direct access if(count($_POST) == 0) { if($this->debug) { $_POST['custom'] = "1"; $_POST['payment_status'] = "Completed"; $_POST['mc_gross'] = 100.0; $_POST['mc_currency'] = "USD"; $_POST['txn_id'] = sha1(uniqid()); $_POST['receiver_email'] = "[email protected]"; $_POST['payer_email'] = "[email protected]"; } else { die("No access"); } } } /** * Process the request */ public function index() { // Create our request string $req = ''; if($this->config_paypal['sandbox']) $req = 'https://www.sandbox.paypal.com'; else $req = 'https://www.paypal.com'; $req .= '/cgi-bin/webscr?'; Donate Module : $config['donate_paypal'] = array( 'use' => true, // true: enable | false: disable 'postback_url' => "http://my-site.com/donate/postback_paypal", 'return_url' => "http://my-site.com/donate/success", 'email' => "[email protected]", 'sandbox' => false, // false: live servers | true: testing/dev servers
  6. Hello, How to make a custome mounts? I know only that I need to edit something in spell.dbc but I do not know what and which columns, please help. Thanks
  7. How can i fix this? ty in advance.
  8. Can someone help me? When i try to CREATE A CHARACTER the character wont create... The printscreen says all... Its a custom DBC!
  9. Hello, i have a World chat script (eluna), and i want to know how i can link to player when i click on his name... Example: If i click on SAVENX name, the chat automatically will open WHISP to him.
  10. hi i downloaded via website legion support fucion cms but register its same like old using username but not email after registering it should get like 1#1 any have ideas how to fix
  11. hello I tried to use the repack from but when I launch the MySQL is it empty and when I run the bnetserver.exe it says the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). click ok to close the application. and I am sure I have 3.5 net framework installed
  12. Blessings

    Jar Jar

    Render/Stock : Jar Jar Binks Text : One that says Jar Jar Binks, and one that says JJ-Binks Subtext : If you come up with anything, put it but nothing that I can think of. Color Scheme: Whatever flows. What Type of Request is This? : Signature & Avatar Size : Avatar: 90x90 and default size for LC Avatars. Signature: 500x250 or 450x200 (Length x Width) Any Additional Information? : N/A. .PSD Needed?: No thank you!
  13. Hello there,I was looking for a graphic designer for my Twitch Channel called ToxicWards. Theme: Gaming (nothing special) Banner Size: 480px high x 900px wide Profile Size: 200px x 200px Text: ToxicWards Also a specific logo transparent logo will be great and appreciated.(About logo,I don't mind if it's a symbol or the First letters of my Channel TW for example) PSD file: If its available sure! I can put your link bio in my Twitch Channel description and also advertise your name. If you want to contact me hit me on skype: alampas_puccytale or pm here.
  14. I'm using a Trinity source that used to work for me using Visual Studio 2013, but I recently cleaned my C drive which contained some stuff for visual studio and I guess in doing so must have broke Visual Studio 2013 from working properly with Cmake or any source of that matter. It's a built upon source not by me but by someone I know, help would be appreciated. The problem lies in Cmake not being able to find the compiler or something: https://imgur.com/a/XF8RC I've tried multiple solutions, looked up the problem but nothing is helping, repairing, reinstalling, etc. Here are the Cmake logs: https://pastebin.com/yS3tgRnV Visual Studio 2017 doesn't work for the source, I suppose it doesn't support it(Again It is not the up-to-date trinity source, it is a custom source built on with trinity but out-of-date for those of you who may tell me to use 2017, and is a 4.3.4 not 3.3.5)
  15. So I made a custom version of the execute spell "47471" for a custom class I made, and for some reason, it won't do any damage not sure why. Here is the code: https://pastebin.com/3CW2s1FD The spells are identical except for Icon ID and Name. Anyone know what the issue is?
  16. So for some reason my pets spells on its action bar keeps disappearing whenever you logout and doesn't reappear for some odd reason, like it's not saving on logout for some reason. Anyone know a possible solution? Using an old update of trinitycore for a 434 source. https://imgur.com/a/OrsAX The image may seem vague, but the attack ability for the pet (in the first slot on the bar) is there, but once I log out it disappears and is no longer on the pets bar.
  17. Hello everyone, My dad is currently working on his own website, he is a graphic designer which is starting to take on some projects on his own. He asked me to help him with his website on things he doesn't understand or if it comes to HTML, CSS and PHP. We are almost done with the website and is nearly done for a beta version for public use. He asked me if I could take a look into the SEO side of his website. I know a few Google tools and WordPress plugins I can use and look into, but I would like to get some tips. Do you have a basic understanding of SEO or do you know how I can get the SEO right, so the website can be found easily or easier atleast. I thank you kindly for helping us out and teach me a thing or 2 which I can use in the future. Kind regards, Dion Pool.
  18. This has probably been discussed billion times before, but i'm completely lost how to access .frm, .myd and .myi files. What i have only achieved is some encrypted mess or completely empty files. I saw an earlier post how to edit character level capping and thought that was a simple thing to start with. I managed to edit the config file and kept leveling after 80 which was as intended, but i cannot get any stats before i edit player_classlevelstats database. Thats where i'm stuck. Theres a photo where the databases are opened nice and clean in heidisql and thats how i want them as well. Call me complete noob which i am, started this like a day ago but i need to solve this. Oh, and im using this: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-emulator-servers/wow-emu-general-releases/560737-single-player-project-tc-r2.html I just want keep leveling as long as enemies give exp for now, and learn to edit other things later.
  19. I idid some editing database editing in the player_classlevelstats up to level 90 and changed max level in the config file. After adding those extra level stats my client won't start anymore. Im using this: [link removed] When starting login.exe, database and world.exe, it stops at world.exe. My game was running fine and i could level up after 80, but i couldnt get any stats just after changing the congif file. It was mentioned in some post that i need to also edit DBCEnums.h file, but there isnt any. Do i need to edit some other databases or what gives? Heres the post i was referring to:
  20. Hi I've recently been setting up a FusionCMS site for my World of Warcraft server. (1.12.1 - ManGOS) Everything works fine up until the Item Store... Summary of my problem: Once I add items in my cart and attempt to purchase the site will load for ~20 seconds before displaying an error. (See picture below) "Help1" displays the error I get when attempting to checkout using SOAP. "Help2" displays the error I get when attempting to checkout using RA. "Help3" displays the server config. (Ports are portforwarded and display as open) Account used for sending out items has GM rank 4. (Also tried with rank 3 and 6). CMS Version: 6.2.1 PHP Version: 5.4.45
  21. We are finally i am done with, All files But somethings are incorrect, i things its from the Lua config, http://prntscr.com/gh07q6 CHARACTER_FACING_INCREMENT = 2; MAX_RACES = 12; MAX_CLASSES_PER_RACE = 10; NUM_CHAR_CUSTOMIZATIONS = 5; MIN_CHAR_NAME_LENGTH = 2; CHARACTER_CREATE_ROTATION_START_X = nil; CHARACTER_CREATE_INITIAL_FACING = nil; [/CODE] [CODE] ["GOBLIN_MALE"] = {0.5, 0.625, 0, 0.25}, ["GOBLIN_FEMALE"] = {0.5, 0.625, 0, 0.25}, ["FELORC_MALE"] = {0.5, 0.625, 0, 0.25}, ["FELORC_FEMALE"] = {0.5, 0.625, 0, 0.25},[/CODE] [CODE]for i=1, select("#", ...), 3 do coords = RACE_ICON_TCOORDS[strupper(select(i+4, ...).."_"..gender)]; _G["CharacterCreateRaceButton"..index.."NormalTexture"]:SetTexCoord(coords[1], coords[2], coords[3], coords[4]); _G["CharacterCreateRaceButton"..index.."PushedTexture"]:SetTexCoord(coords[1], coords[2], coords[3], coords[4]); button = _G["CharacterCreateRaceButton"..index]; button:Show(); if ( select(i+2, ...) == 1 ) then button.enable = true; SetButtonDesaturated(button); button.name = select(i, ...) button.tooltip = select(i, ...); else button.enable = false; SetButtonDesaturated(button, 1); button.name = select(i, ...) button.tooltip = _G[strupper(select(i+1, ...).."_".."DISABLED")]; end index = index + 1; end for i=CharacterCreate.numRaces + 1, MAX_RACES, 1 do _G["CharacterCreateRaceButton"..i]:Hide(); end end[/CODE] - - - Updated - - - bump
  22. Client 6.2.3 does not work ... Could you patch it? Thank you very much. I leave here a screenshot of the incident. https://ibb.co/mkfURR
  23. I do not understand everything yet however everything worked well hour I really feel that somebody hack my mysql .....
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