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  1. Gladiator UDK PQR rotation [3.3.5] View File Features: Automatic best possible dmg rotation. Interrupt perfectly, prioritizing focus, then target if focus is out of range. Auto AMS important spells/stuns. Lichbourne fears, IBF Stuns, gnaw/corpse explode gargoyle target. Refresh Horn, keep diseases up with pest. Submitter Dsh Submitted 07/10/2016 Category Marketplace  
  2. The Insert method is, not surprisingly, used to insert characters into a string of text. You use it like this: string someText = "Some Text"; someText = someText.Insert( 5, "More " ); In between the round brackets of Insert, you need two things: A position in your text, and the text you want to insert. A comma separates the two. In our code above, the position that we want to insert the new text is where the T of "Text" currently is. This is the fifth character in the string (the count starts at zero). The text that we want to Insert is the word "More".
  3. Death

    [Lua] Beginners Guide

    IntroductionIf you knew any C languages before reading this guide then you'd probably have it easier learning, since Lua is like a simplified C language.In this guide you will learn the basics on how to make a boss script, i will follow up with other guides on how to make other things.FunctionsEvery event in a Lua script is called a function.A function looks like the following: function FUNCTION_NAME(indexes) //insert stuff hereend Function obviousley tells the engine that what we are creating now is a function.A function can be called anything, but try to make it a good name so that you or other developers can navigate in the script easier.Indexes is what is included in the script. In a normal boss fight you just put pUnit and event.pUnit = playerUnit = The Boss.Event is selfexplainable.Unlike the C languages Lua does not use brackets. instead you put 'end' when a function endes.Here's a example of a little part of a boss script:function Boss_Say(pUnit, event) pUnit:SendChatMessage(12, 0, "I say something")end The only thing that you should be unfamiliar with in this function is;pUnit:SendChatMessage(12, 0, "I say something") and i will now explain what this is.To make a boss do something you need to add something like the above.To tell the engine that you want the boss to do something you write pUnit:SomethingCoolHere.As i said before; in this script pUnit = the boss.Now, SendChatMessage should be easy to understand.We want to send a chat message in the world, to make it even more simple; we want the boss to say something.Now in the paranthesis you see the following:12, 0, "I say something" Let's rewrite this so that its easier to understand.HowToSayIt, WhatLanguage, "What to say" There's different flags for HowToSayIt.The following can replace 12 in how to say it;Value : Description-1 : ADDON 0 : SAY 1 : PARTY 2 : RAID 3 : GUILD 4 : OFFICER 5 : YELL 6 : WHISPER 7 : WHISPER_INFORM 8 : EMOTE 9 : TEXT_EMOTE10 : SYSTEM11 : MONSTER_SAY12 : MONSTER_YELL13 : MONSTER_WHISPER14 : CHANNEL16 : CHANNEL_JOIN17 : CHANNEL_LEAVE18 : CHANNEL_LIST19 : CHANNEL_NOTICE20 : CHANNEL_NOTICE_USER21 : AFK22 : DND23 : COMBAT_LOG24 : IGNORED25 : SKILL32 : LOOT83 : BATTLEGROUND_EVENT87 : RAIDLEADER88 : RAIDWARNING In WhatLanguage we have used the Universal type, which means that every creature and player can understand it.Now here's what we can replace WhatLanguage with:Value : Description 0 : UNIVERSAL 1 : ORCISH 2 : DARNASSIAN 3 : TAURAHE 6 : DWARVISH 7 : COMMON 8 : DEMONIC 9 : TITAN10 : THELASSIAN11 : DRACONIC12 : KALIMAG13 : GNOMISH14 : TROLL33 : GUTTERSPEAK35 : DRAENEI "I say something" should be fell explainable; you input in quotes what you want the creature(in this case our boss) to say.You're almost done with your first function. For the function to work we also need to add this:RegisterUnitEvent(BOSSID, 1, "Boss_Say") This should be very selfexplainable. If it isnt to you; then dont worry, ill walk you through it.RegisterUnitEvent means that were registering a event containing a Unit. A unit is the same thing as a creature.BOSSID is replaced with the Bosses ID, which can be found in your database in the creatures table under the entryid column.1 is a flag, which says that the Boss should say this when he enters combat.Flags:CREATURE_EVENT_ON_ENTER_COMBAT = 1, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_LEAVE_COMBAT = 2, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_TARGET_DIED = 3, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_DIED = 4, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_TARGET_PARRIED = 5, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_TARGET_DODGED = 6, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_TARGET_BLOCKED = 7, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_TARGET_CRIT_HIT = 8, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_PARRY = 9, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_DODGED = 10, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_BLOCKED = 11, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_CRIT_HIT = 12, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_HIT = 13, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_ASSIST_TARGET_DIED = 14, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_FEAR = 15, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_FLEE = 16, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_CALL_FOR_HELP = 17, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_LOAD = 18, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_REACH_WP = 19, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_LOOT_TAKEN = 20, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_AIUPDATE = 21, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_EMOTE = 22, "Boss_Say" must be the same as the function name or the function wont register. Which means that the function will never exist.So, your script should now look something like this:function Boss_Say(pUnit, event) pUnit:SendChatMessage(12, 0, "I say something")endRegisterUnitEvent(1337, 1, "Boss_Say") If you'd put this in a file and save it as script.lua then it would work perfectly. Although once again; you need to have a creature with the entry id of 1337 in this case. More on functionsIn this part i will teach you how to register a new function within another function, this is most commonly used in what's called phase fights.It's basically a boss fight that just registers functions after functions and when the boss is below X HP then it registers another function. Even though i hate these boss fights i am stilll going to learn you how to make one. Here's a example of a typical phase fight:local tank = pUnit:GetMainTank() --Here we define that "tank" is the same as pUnit:GetMainTank()local plr = pUnit:GetRandomPlayer(0) --Here we define that "plr" is the same as pUnit:GetRandomPlayer(0)function BossOnCombat(pUnit, Event) pUnit:Root() --Roots the Boss so that he cant move while hes speaking. pUnit:SetCombatCapable(1) --Makes the Boss unable to fight since i dont want him to fight the players while hes speaking. pUnit:SendChatMessage(14, 0, "There's no point in trying to defeat me!") --The Boss yells pUnit:RegisterEvent("BossLieksToSpeak", 2000, 0) --Register a new eventendfunction BossLieksToSpeak(pUnit, Event) pUnit:SendChatMessage(14, 0, "You wont get through here.") pUnit:RegisterEvent("PrepareToFight", 2000, 0) pUnit:RegisterEvent("LetsFite", 2100, 0)endfunction PrepareToFight(pUnit, Event) pUnit:UnRoot() --Unroots the boss. pUnit:SetCombatCapable(0) --Makes the boss able to fight again.endfunction LetsFite(pUnit, Event) local choice = math.random(1, 3) --Chooses a random number between 1 and 3. if choice == 1 then --If the random number is 1 pUnit:FullCastSpellOnTarget(40932, tank) end if choice == 2 then --If the random number is 2 pUnit:FullCastSpell(60019) end if choice == 3 then --If the random number is 3 pUnit:FullCastSpellOnTarget(69528, plr) end if pUnit:GetHealthPct() <= 50 then --If the boss' health is below 50% then register a new phase. pUnit:RegisterEvent("NewPhase", 2000, 0) endendfunction NewPhase(pUnit, Event) pUnit:Kill() --The Boss Kills itself.end------- -----------------------VariationsThere are different ways to make your Boss fights more variated.For example:if pUnit:GetHealthPct() == math.random(40,60) The options are only limited to your imagination.If you think that your script file is too big then you can seperate it into 2 files.By simply adding:include( 'scriptnumbertwo.lua' ) in script file number 1.A smart thing to do is to vary your if's.Like so:if pUnit:GetHealthPct() == math.random(40,60) || pUnit:GetHealthPcty() == math.random(20, 39) thenThis if variation is kinda pointless, but its just a demonstration this is a share
  4. Hello LordCraft. This is VisualMaster here, with my first tutorial in a series. I'll be going through the basics in this tutorial. I'll be teaching you how to use a progress bar. This is a simple easy thing to do. It will also help explain some basic stuff! Things Needed 1 Progress Bar 3 Buttons 1 Timer If you'd like you can arrange like below. Now lets get into the coding. First lets double click on our timer. Then follow this code bellow. Next we'll click on our Start button. Now onto our Stop button. And finally our Reset button. This tutorial explained some basic stuff. Using values and Starts and stops. Hope this helped you!
  5. The Method we set up used the keyword void. We used void because we didn't want anything back from the Method. But quite often you will want something back from your Methods. What we'll do now is to use the Subtract button and deduct one text box number from the other. We'll set up another Method called Subtract. This time, we'll set it up so as to return an answer. If you want to return a value from your Methods, you can't use the keyword void. Simply because void means "Don't return an answer". Instead of using void, we'll use the keyword int. Add the following Method to your code, either above or below the AddUp Method: If you add a few comments, your coding window should look like ours: So we have one button and two Methods. Before we explain the new Method, double click theSubtract button on your form to get at its code. Then add the following: We'll explain how this button code works in a moment. But run your programme and you should see a message box appear when you click your Subtract button. Hopefully it will have the right answer! Now have a look at the first line of the new Method: private int Subtract( int firstNumber, int secondNumber) The part in round brackets is exactly the same as before, and works the same way - set up the Method to accept two integer values. What's new is this part: private int Subtract Subtract is just the name of the Method, something we came up with ourselves. Before the Method name, however, we have two new keywords - private and int. What we want our Method to do is to bring back the answer to our subtraction. The answer will obviously be a number. And that's why int comes before the Method name: we want the answer to the Subtract Method to be an integer. If you want to return values from your Methods they need what's called a return type. This is a variable like int, float, string, bool, etc. What you're telling C# to do is to return an int (or a bool, or a float). Have a look at the whole Method again: Notice the final line: return answer; This means, "return whatever is inside of the variable called answer." But where is C# returning to? Here's the code for the Subtract button again. The important line is in blue bold below: private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { int number1; int number2; int returnValue = 0; number1 = int.Parse(textBox1.Text); number2 = int.Parse(textBox2.Text); returnValue = Subtract(number1, number2); MessageBox.Show(returnValue.ToString()); } When you click the button on the form, C# moves down line by line. When it gets to this line: returnValue = Subtract( number1, number2 ); it will trot off and locate the Method called Subtract. It will then try to work out the code for the Method. Once it has an answer, it comes back to the same place. We have the call to the Method after an equals sign. Before the equals sign we have a new integer variable, which we've calledreturnValue. C# will store the answer to the Subtract Method inside of this returnValue variable. In other words, it's just like a normal variable assignment: work out the answer on the right of the equals sign, and store it on the left. In case that's not clear, these diagrams may help: After those steps, C# then drops down to the next line, which for us is a message box. It can be tricky trying to follow what the method is doing, and what gets passed back. But just remember these points: To set up a Method that returns a value, use a return type like int, float, bool, string, etc Use the keyword return, followed by the answer you want to have passed back Store the answer to your Method in another variable, which should come before an equals sign One thing we haven't explained is why we started our Method with the word private. Private refers to which other code has access to the Method. By using the private keyword you're telling C# that the Method can't be seen outside of this particular class. The class in question is the one at the top of the code, for the form. This one: public partial class Form1 : Form An alternative to private is public, which means it can be seen outside of a particular class or method. (There's also a keyword called static, which we'll cover later in the course.) We'll leave Methods for now. But we'll be using them a lot for the rest of this book! To help your understanding of the topic, try this exercise.
  6. Abby

    Hello World

    Hello, World... er... Lordcraft! I have a short and sweet introduction to present today. You can glance at the minor snippet of information I provide below, and I will provide a slightly lengthier segment below the snippet. Name: Abby (really?) Age: 24 Education: Perhaps (more in the segment below) Location: Mountain View, CA - USA I've ran out of things, so... TL;DR - Sorry, I wrote something... you have to read it... Some of the information above can be found from the information I've provided here on the site; thus, it's not all that great since most users can view it anyway. So why not provide more? Education serves a high-level of importance on planet Earth, so I worked hard throughout my educational career, and the results were phenomenal: 4.4 GPA after graduating high school one year ahead of my class, and I earned a 4.0 GPA in college. I went to college at MIT where I obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and an Associate's Degree in Electrical Engineering. Furthermore, I went on to earn a Master's of Science in Computer Science, and currently I am working on taking that to a doctorate level. It's "decent," I know... nothing impressive. What about your work life? I've worked a lot with technology since my earlier years in high school. Anything from building web pages dynamically (no .html files) to solving difficult math problems (without computers) and everything in between has been on my plate (and more is stacking itself on). So, in specific, where have I worked and what did I do? Take a look at the list below: (2007 - 2008) | Freelance Web designer @ Royale (2009 - 2011) | Graphics artist @ J!NX (2011 - 2012) | Game engineer @ DICE (2013 - 2014) | Software architect @ Superfish (2014 - present) | NOC engineer @ Google Why am I here... on this forum? I am ALL about helping others expand their knowledge cap. and improve themselves. I will dabble in every programming section here on the site, and I hope I can assist in other areas as well. I have more exploration to do, and we'll see how that goes. I am happy to be here, and I hope you are all happy to have me here!
  7. First of all sorry if i posted this on wrong section! I'm looking for a racing game for pc but i want to have some things and to not have some things.. Things i want to have this game? Customize your car (By this i mean at least you can change the rims,add some spoilers,colors,decals,etc) Drift mode on career Things i don't want to have this game? Cops.I just hate them i don't like games like nfs most wanted,carbon,etc i just want to race even if it's not street racing game it's not a problem! As i said i'm looking for a racing game that means i'm looking for car,bikes or even both of them this isn't a problem! The reason i'm posting this is cause my pc it's not that good to support new games and crazy graphics for now so i'm looking for something kinda soft and not so new since i'll have tons of lags. Thanks for your time spending on reading my topic, if you have any suggestion please make a reply and i will check it
  8. Arrays come into their own with loops. The idea is that you can loop round each position in your array and access the values. We'll try a programming example, this time. So start your C# software up, if you haven't already, and create a new windows application. Add a button and a list box to your form. Double click your button to get at the code. For the first line, add code to clear the list box: private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { listBox1.Items.Clear(); } For the second and third lines, set up an integer array: Now add some values to each position in the array: If you wanted to, you could display each number in the list box like this: listBox1.Items.Add( lottery_numbers[0] ); listBox1.Items.Add( lottery_numbers[1] ); listBox1.Items.Add( lottery_numbers[2] ); listBox1.Items.Add( lottery_numbers[3] ); So to get at the value in an array, you just use the array name and a position number, known as the index number: lottery_numbers[0]; This is enough to display what value is at this position in the array. Try it out. Add the list box code to your programme: Run your programme and click your button. Your form should look like this: So the numbers 1 to 4, the values we placed in the array, are now displayed in the list box. Halt your programme and return to the coding window. If you had a long list of numbers to display, you don't really want to type them all out by hand! Instead, you can use a loop. Add the following loop to your code: for (int i = 0; i != (lottery_numbers.Length); i++) { listBox1.Items.Add( lottery_numbers ); } Now delete all of your listbox lines. Your code should then look like this: When you run the programme, the numbers should display in the list box again. But how does it work? The code works because the array index number is matching the loop variable number. Here's some images to show what's happening: In the first image, we've highlighted the int variable we'll called i. This gets set to zero, which is the start of the loop. In the second image, we see the i variable again. This time, it is between the square brackets of the array name. The first time round the loop, the value in i is 0. The i variable gets 1 added to it each time round the loop. So the second time round, it's value will be 1, the third time 2, etc. So this is happening: The value in each position is then accessed, which for us was the numbers 1 to 4. One thing to make note of is this part of the for loop: i != (lottery_numbers.Length) Length is a property of arrays that you can use. It refers to the number of items in your array. So we're saying, "Keep looping while the value in i does not equal The Length of the array". Use a loop to assign values to an array You can also use a loop to assign values to your arrays. In the code below, we're using a loop to assign values to our lottery_numbers array: for (int i = 0; i != (lottery_numbers.Length); i++) { lottery_numbers = i + 1; listBox1.Items.Add(lottery_numbers); } The only thing that has changed with our for loop is the addition of this line: lottery_numbers[i] = i + 1; The first time round the loop, the value in i will be zero. Which gives us this: lottery_numbers[0] = 0 + 1; The second time round the loop, the value in i will be 1. Which gives us this: lottery_numbers[1] = 1 + 1; But what we are doing is manipulating the index number (the one in square brackets). By using the value of a loop variable, it gives you a powerful way to assign values to arrays. Previously, we did this to assign 4 numbers to our array: lottery_numbers[0] = 1; lottery_numbers[1] = 2; lottery_numbers[2] = 3; lottery_numbers[3] = 4; But if we need 49 numbers, that would be a lot of typing. Contrast that to the following code: Here, we've set up the array for 49 numbers. We've used a loop to assign the values 1 to 49 to each position in our array. So with one small change, we've saved ourselves an awful lot of typing! Change your own code to match ours and try it out. When you click the button on your form, all 49 numbers should appear in the list box: As an exercise, halt your programme and change the index number of the array from 49 to 1000. Run your programme and test it out. What you've done is to set up an array and fill it with a thousand values!
  9. Visit my: Deviantart gallery Vouches: *should you wish to vouch my services, please leave a message below. Thank you Sale Some signatures shown on my deviantart are available for purchase (not all, due to hard drive crashes that have occurred. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me and arrange a price. Thank you. - - -
  10. Hey guys, I've always been interested in boss mechanics in MMORPG games yet I've never done anything about it. Primarily raiding in most games I play I've always loved the immersion of a boss fight and how each boss works. I've decided I'm sick of sitting on all these creative ideas which come to my head and instead note them down and blog some boss ideas I have. http://rdycheck.wordpress.com is a blog in which I'm going to be posting boss fight ideas / mechanics explained daily. If you guys use wordpress a follow would be awesome and if you have any questions or want to discuss why I chose X mechanic for X boss feel free to reply or get in touch. Cheers Kaelang.
  11. Hello, I have been registered since December 28, 2014, but I have mostly been keeping myself occupied with AC-web. zdroid9770 recommended that I should visit this site and find out what's better here, so... here I am! Most other users who also are familiar with AC-web will know who I am. A few select users on TrinityCore as well. If I don't reply to your message as fast as you would want, it is because I am still trying to finish some of my latest work on AC-web. I'm currently unemployed, but a severe cold has kept me home and in bed since I registered, but I am making an effort to get better soon.
  12. I'm looking to make a grand theft auto site bit like http://gtaforums.com/index.php? or a starcraft forum like http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Main_Page Any ideas please let me know
  13. Hello VFX Designers. I would like to make a request for an simple introduction video. I'm not sure how it should look. But the text i want in the introduction is Wariox Industry With some nice sound that fits in I will use it for my future games i will make. So it doesn't need to be something crazy, just simple.
  14. [-] WEBSITE TEMPLATES [-] http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Corehound-Web-Design-377693367 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/CraftedNet-Splash-Page-372487621 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/GuildCraft-SplashPage-Design-372116461 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Custom-CMS-Design-Unfinished-372116894 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Raxplay-Web-Design-372114800 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Patricks-Happy-Place-Web-Design-372114676 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/First-Web-Design-372116739 [-] SIGNATURE DESIGNS [-] http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Green-Lantern-Signature-372113830 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/DIRT-3-Signature-372113568 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Image-365602586 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Classical-Signature-372116044 http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/Sector-Signature-Design-372114984 http://s1267.photobucket.com/user/Phreez/media/SIGBATTLE_zps001afba3.png.html?sort=3&o=20 http://s1267.photobucket.com/user/Phreez/media/EPICGAMESDISPLAY_zpsca58be98.png.html?sort=3&o=25 Hope you all enjoyed viewing my past work, I will be posting more artwork as I steadily bring myself back into the community! For those who don't know me, my name is Absent. I am a former Graphics Designer & Illustrative Artist whose been in the industry for nearly 5 years. Many of you may know of my past work already however, this is an opportunity for me to create a new outlook on design itself. See you guys in my next creation!
  15. Finally after a lot of hard work and sweating and doing 2vs2 and 3vs3 I finally achieved some of my goals that I wanted. 2.2 k as Restoration Druid 2k as Fire Mage 2k as warlock Now working towards getting 2k+ as shadow priest.
  16. Wabbit

    New Technique

    Learned a new technique of drawing. Not the best drawing but it's a practice! Really happy and I hope I can progress further. More @my DA
  17. [TuT]How to compile Oregon-Core 2.4.3 I know fail with "favourite" not my mistake tho. Well I have seen numerous people asking for how to compile this and that for 2.4.3, so here it is I'm simply going to make a guide that will be more detailed then the oregon wiki guide. Feel free to +rep I'm tired of my lame "Member" badge. Lets start. Information about the core: -This Core is a hybrid of Mangos and Trinty more specifically 80% is Mangos and 20% is Trinity. -The Core is an ongoing project that is updated regularly, for updated content it is advised that you pull the repo and re-compile. Requirement's: TortoiseHG Visual C++ 2008 Express - Notice how I didn't say 2010. MySQL server Or Ac-Web Server NET Framework 3.5 - It should already be installed if you updated your windows. CMake OpenSSL - Do NOT use the light version. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF THESE PROGRAMS INSTALLED ATTEMPTING TO CLONE AND BUILD. 1: Pulling out Source 1.1 Create a directory where the core files will be placed in (for example: C:\OregonCore) I used my desktop in this demonstration. 1.2 Now, pull the source by Right-Click on the folder you have chosen to place your core in, and clicking on TortoiseHG>Clone (1.2a). In the given fields fill theSource and Destination with the following (1.2b): Code: Source Path: https://oregoncore.googlecode.com/hg/ Destination Path: Whatever you chose. Example: 1.2aFor world you will need to also add the scripts1.2b 1.3 After you have finished the extraction successfully, the following files should be present in the destination folder. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2: Generating the build file with Cmake 2.1 Now it's time to make use of Cmake, run Cmake the GUI. 2.2 The first two fields are for referencing the source and the destination where the build files will be generated. It is generally a good idea to make a build folder somewhere within close relation to the core files, for simple ease of access. 2.3 Now, click on configuration and you should get a window similar to the one blow. Just scroll down and click on Visual Studio 9 2008 then click finish. 2.4 After you configure it you should have something similar to this. Make sure you check USE_MYSQL_SOURCES and also TOOLS (dbc,maps,vmaps extractor) if you don't have them. 2.5 Now after you finished with your checking click on configure to configure them again. After that click on generate and that will make your build file. 3 Compiling the source 3.1 Now its the fun part compiling the source here I will explain some stuff before we do anything. Go to your build folder and double click on OregonCore it should be a VS solution file. Now this is where you can change the core, add scripts etc...Its very basic and simple you have the scripts source for the scripts its very easy to learn how to make an AI script or Gossip script I will probably make a tutorial for that to some other time. 3.2 Now its time to build the core make sure you first click on the whole solution just like have the clicked on the first item in the solution explorer and then go up at the top and make sure you are releasing and its set to win32 or win64 depending on your system. 3.3 You will find the following message once the compilation has finished successfully if you got errors you might of done something wrong. Code: ========== Build: 14 completed, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 1 skipped ========== 3.4 Now when you got to your "build\bin\Release" BAM! there is your core. If you don't have all the .lib files here is a link to download them. Click Here. 4 Loading the Database 4.1 You can download the DB's for Oregon from bitbucket. Code: Source Path: https://bitbucket.org/oregon/oregondb Destination Path: C:\OregonDB For the latest world db you will have to go to this site and download the latest version. 4.2 Now you can either use Mysql or you can use the "Ac-Web" sql that is portable and can be downloadedhere. To work in you sql you need heidisql you can just google that and download it. The user/pass for the Ac-Web server is root for user and ascent for pass and host is (your localhost IP). 4.3 Now its time to upload the SQL files in the core file there is a SQL folder, In that folder you will find 3 sql scripts you need to upload all of them even the world. The world sql is just a structure it doesn't contain any type of code its plain simple. After your done doing uploading your scripts you got to upload the latest DB world that can be found here. Databases that need to be created: 1. Create a new database called realmd. 2. Create a new database called characters. 3. Create a new database called world. What to do: Go to your SQL folder in the core file and upload each individual sql script file to the appropriate database. For world you will need to also add the scripts which are in Oregon\sql\scripts. This is done after! you have upload the latest db from the oregon DB repo. 4.4 After uploading your database you also have to update it to the right revision other wise when running your world you will get errors. How to pick which files to load. 5 Extracting Dbc, Maps, Vmaps files Background info: DBC (DataBaseClient): DBC files are client-side databases containing data about Items, NPC's, Environment, World etc. DBC files are required for the server to run. Maps: Map files are used by the server to interpret the in-game terrain, such as the difference between land and water, etc. Map files are required for the server to run. VMaps (Visual Maps): VMaps make it possible to calculate Line-Of-Sight (LOS) relationships. There are special configuration options needed in oregoncore.conf for VMaps to be activated. VMap files are not required for the server to run, but will greatly enhance playability in many ways (such as preventing most NPCs from attacking through walls, etc). Credits to Rigamaru!

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