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Found 19 results

  1. Blizzlike Custom TRINITY CORE REVISION----TDB 335.19081 - 2019/08/16 Transmog Blizzlike Teleporter Custom Mounts Double XP Weekends Custom Ingame 2 discord chat Custom Bosses PVP Titles World Chat VIP Cross Faction & Cross faction Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds tested & scripted XP Rates = x1 <----Double XP Weekends x2 Loot Rates ~ x1 Gold Rates ~ x1 Professions ~ x1 Gathering, Mining, Fishing ~ x1 Quests ~ x1 Progression Raiding Realm "Currently In development" VAS Auto Balance World Chat Tier Donator & VIP Gear not P2W Cross Faction & Cross faction Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds tested & scripted Instant 80 Progression Raiding Mall Multivendor Teleporter Transmog Professional and active staff Pristine Mall design Custom Haste Server Not spoiling the details on this server as its 100% Custom and Unique! Website Discord
  2. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a custom Armor for Freya/H5 Clients. Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uJtOFBNVTI#ws Download link: [hide] [/hide] PvP Icons: [hide] [/hide] Password: bymxckyriad Credits: mxckyriad
  3. Alpha release for Zadeo is expected to be February 2019.
  4. Images Preview: What is: Another Perfect Interface for H5 Infinitely zoom + when clicking the scroll wheel does not reset the camera When u targeting someone shows the class -2 Additional panels Unique Character creation menu Inventory and other things Lobby looks like Freya style Author : Savo read the readme before installingclear.png The author recommends to put on monitors with Full HD resolution. Download [hide] Part 1 - PatchSavoMovie.part1.rar Part 2 - PatchSavoMovie.part2.rar If you need to systemchat \ macros \ socket - Interface.rar [/hide]
  5. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a custom NPC Template for Interlude Clients. Preview: Download link: [hide] [/hide] Credits: Herpy
  6. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a custom NPC Template for H5 Clients. Preview: Download link: [hide] [/hide] Credits: Asuki
  7. Hello Lordcrafters, Here is a custom enchant skill list. What this list contains? 100% safe enchant till enchant reach the config value If the enchant is higher than this value you have the retail chance If you fail to enchant and character is nobl ( nobl condition was for testing you have to change this with your condition ) the skill enchant will become -1 of the current enchant Its working for both conditions ( < 130 , < 170 ex. power,cost ) 2 configs ( no need more ) Video Preview: Code:[hide] ### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0 #P aCis_gameserver Index: java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestExEnchantSkillInfo.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestExEnchantSkillInfo.java (revision 7) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestExEnchantSkillInfo.java (working copy) @@ -84,7 +84,9 @@ return; // Send ExEnchantSkillInfo packet. - ExEnchantSkillInfo esi = new ExEnchantSkillInfo(_skillId, _skillLevel, data.getCostSp(), data.getCostExp(), data.getRate(activeChar.getLevel())); + int fElem = 100 + Config.SAFE_ENCHANT; + int sElem = 140 + Config.SAFE_ENCHANT; + ExEnchantSkillInfo esi = new ExEnchantSkillInfo(_skillId, _skillLevel, data.getCostSp(), data.getCostExp(), (activeChar.isNoble() && ((_skillLevel > 130 && _skillLevel <= sElem) || (_skillLevel <= fElem))) ? 100 : data.getRate(activeChar.getLevel())); if (Config.ES_SP_BOOK_NEEDED) if (data.getItemId() != 0 && data.getItemCount() != 0) esi.addRequirement(4, data.getItemId(), data.getItemCount(), 0); Index: java/net/sf/l2j/Config.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/Config.java (revision 7) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/Config.java (working copy) @@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ public static final String SIEGE_FILE = "./config/siege.properties"; public static final String PARTY_EVENT_FILE = "./config/PartyEvent.properties"; public static final String VOTE_MANAGER_FILE = "./config/VoteManager.properties"; + public static final String ENCHANT_SKILL_FILE = "./config/CustomEnchantSkills.properties"; /** VoteManager Settings */ @@ -107,6 +108,10 @@ public static boolean ALT_MEMBERS_CAN_WITHDRAW_FROM_CLANWH; public static boolean REMOVE_CASTLE_CIRCLETS; + /** Enchant Skills */ + public static int SAFE_ENCHANT; + public static boolean REDUCE_BY_ONE; + /** Manor */ public static int ALT_MANOR_REFRESH_TIME; public static int ALT_MANOR_REFRESH_MIN; @@ -1056,6 +1061,12 @@ RED_RAID_MSG = ptEvent.getProperty("RedRaidMessage","And remember!! Your enemies are noobs! Go Go Go!"); } + private static final void loadEnchantSkills() + { + final ExProperties eSkills = initProperties(ENCHANT_SKILL_FILE); + SAFE_ENCHANT = eSkills.getProperty("SkillSafeEnchantMax", 15); + REDUCE_BY_ONE = eSkills.getProperty("ReduceEnchant", false); + } /** * Loads NPC settings.<br> * Such as champion monsters, NPC buffer, class master, wyvern, raid bosses and grand bosses, AI. @@ -1512,6 +1523,9 @@ // server settings loadServer(); + + // Enchant Skills + loadEnchantSkills(); } public static final void loadLoginServer() Index: java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestExEnchantSkill.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestExEnchantSkill.java (revision 7) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/clientpackets/RequestExEnchantSkill.java (working copy) @@ -121,7 +121,9 @@ activeChar.removeExpAndSp(data.getCostExp(), data.getCostSp()); // Try to enchant skill. - if (Rnd.get(100) <= data.getRate(activeChar.getLevel())) + int fElem = 100 + Config.SAFE_ENCHANT; + int sElem = 140 + Config.SAFE_ENCHANT; + if ((activeChar.isNoble() && ((_skillLevel > 130 && _skillLevel <= sElem) || (_skillLevel <= fElem))) ? true : Rnd.get(100) <= data.getRate(activeChar.getLevel())) { activeChar.addSkill(skill, true); activeChar.sendPacket(SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.YOU_HAVE_SUCCEEDED_IN_ENCHANTING_THE_SKILL_S1).addSkillName(_skillId, _skillLevel)); @@ -131,7 +133,13 @@ activeChar.sendPacket(SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.YOU_HAVE_FAILED_TO_ENCHANT_THE_SKILL_S1).addSkillName(_skillId, _skillLevel)); if (_skillLevel > 100) { - _skillLevel = baseLvl; + if (Config.REDUCE_BY_ONE && activeChar.isNoble()) + { + if (_skillLevel > 140 || _skillLevel < 130) + _skillLevel-=2; + } + else + _skillLevel = baseLvl; activeChar.addSkill(SkillTable.getInstance().getInfo(_skillId, _skillLevel), true); } } [/hide] Config: [hide] # ================================================================ # Enchant Skills setting # ================================================================ #If the char meet the conditions will enchant with 100% success rate #Till the this value #default 15 SkillSafeEnchantMax = 10 #If this is true and the enchant will fail , the skill enchantment will lost 1 enchant ReduceEnchant = true [/hide] Credits: melron
  8. MiDo

    [Paid] VFX Artist

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a VFX artist who is professional enough to make a teaser/trailer for our server. It's a paid job, if you're interested add me on discord: MiDo#7805
  9. Each Base Class has specific Perks and properties making many choices for unique Builds using ClassLess interface to build on top of it using points and stats gained from leveling to choose Spells and Talents you Desire Players can have all profesions on each char Complete Interaction with Other Faction + .t Instant flight paths all open and maps explored All players can use all Armors and Weapons Auto-Revive for Newbies up to lvl 11 (Immortality System) Item transmog, Reforging and all Glyphs x2 XP Rates and Progressive content starting on Vanilla War is over! Do other factions quests and visit their towns! Custom Spells added + Random Enchants and Suffixes on ALL Items Travel anywhere in the world using .t More handy .commands + Custom commands Custom Monk Pet vendor will help you get some stuff in game Nice Mall @ .t m1 with custom NPCs and all basic stuff Pretty Balanced out base class builds 1v1 CrossFaction BattleGrounds & Arena with custom PVP currency Purchaseable Tree Form, Fly Anywhere Mount and HolyForm Buffed Pets + Hunter Pets for All! They have max TP and more hp/dmg Handy #reset command for your re-builds Lots of customized + Custom Content All Items can now be Re-Randomized with custom tokens This 54kb Patch R is all you need Join us Here! Each level you will get points to spend on spells/talents/stats from any class and your base class spells and talents you can learn the normal way. If you fancy more custom content, then you can visit our ShadowMourne realm. There all items are Buffed, Players are Buffed too and there is nice custom content as well. Ofc it is ClassLess too ReforgeCraft on Facebook Our Discord Chat Channel Guide for slightly Customized, Progressive End-Game Content Newbie Guide on YouTube :) Update: Raised default XP rates to x2 , also Gruul's Lair content is finished
  10. Good evening dearest community, Since i have noticed that the work done by anthony is getting lost, most links to the work are dead i did found it after searching for long time. This patch was released by Kronixusa, aka Anthony Toolbox (Modcraft identity). Patch Contains: Sql Files for custom Items Sql file for Creatures Sql files for Mounts Dbc files item.dbc Dbc files ItemDisplayinfo.dbc Dbc files CreatureDisplayinfo.dbc Patch-E As far as i am aware, the sql files are outdate, so you ll require some editing to get everything work perfectly. How to use it? First of all download the patch (rar) files and extract it. Copy the Patch-E to your data directory Upload/copy dbc files to your ../../server/bin/dbc(data/dbc) Open up Navicat w.e. you using to access DB remotely. Execute the sql files once edited to your world database Restart the server, clear your cache folder Go to wowhead.com Find the id of cata>mop item/creature you want add it to yourself or spawn it. All the ids are same as from WoWhead. Stats might not be 100 % identical. All in all a good base to start work on if you want to have Cata/MoP Mounts, creatures, items on a woltk private wow server. If someone does the updates for sql & cleanup etc i would like to share it aswell. Download here. Kind Regards Beast. PS: Not taking any credit for the work which was done, its just a reshare. All credits to Kronixusa or w.e worked with him. He is no longer part of client modding or wow emulation.
  11. As title say , I decided to stop posting my releases on public emulation forums due to many leechers arround but now I decided to give them back to community for a resonable price. Many of you probably know me , my real name is Marco aka Darksoke.Why Darksoke ? Idk either I just gor that nickname because it doesn't mean annything but it does for me , it's the name that make me recognised on this emulation forums. I posted many releases inmany emulation forums and you might probably already know how I "roll this joint". Here is a list of my public releases from newest to older(links coming soon): - Azer CMS realm uptime module!(Private no link) - Trinitycore Buy Transmog items with tokens c++ -Trinitycore c++ V.I.P token -Trinitycore gold cap to gold bars (Core modification)(OUTDATED) -SQL transformation Scrolls(Not posted on lordcraft) -SQL TG and DW scrolls -SQL mass Querrys(Not posted on Lordcraft) -SQL Item generator for trinitycore(Outdated SQL Batch) -Tutorial How to RBAC -WorldPVP + custom Graveyard -Trinitycore admin tools ("Not finished , I lost the project files") -Azer CMS mod (Top Voters of the Month)(Private made for my website) -Random number generator appi So what I can do?: -Create all kind of custom scripts and offer support installing and setting up -Create custom querrys for your database -Create tools to manage your DB (.NET) -Respect the Deadline! Prices depend on how complex you want your script here are some examples! SQL Querry to run bunch of stuff (5-10$) C++ Boss Script default cast some spells(5-10$) C++ Boss script with 2-3 phases(10-15$) C++ Boss script with phases/summoning/changing display(15-30$) .NET Apps (5-100$) depending on what you want You can find all my public releases on my paste site
  12. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a tutorial on how to add custom items to your Interlude server! NOTE: The way to add custom items to your server is the same for all clients the only difference is the file editor version. You can find File Editors here. Let's start. 1. Download your items you want to add. (For example let's say Dynasty Armors) 2. Inside your custom items folder you downloaded you will find Client Side and Server Side files. 3. First open Client Side (or if you don't find Client Side and Server Side folders open the system folder). You will find inside armorgrp and itemname-e txt files. 4. Open File Editor, Click Open and go to your C:/Lineage II/System folder (or where you've installed Lineage 2 or you have your server patch placed). 5. Now open armorgrp.dat file and armorgrp txt from your downloaded files. 6. Now copy the lines from armorgrp txt file and go to the last line @ your File Editor and paste them 7. Now click Save and encrypt, click on 413 Version and Ok. 8. Now open itemname-e.dat on your File Editor and itemname-e txt on your downloaded files and follow the same steps with armorgrp. 9. Now copy and paste the folders Systextures and Animations to your Server Patch or inside your Lineage II Folder. 10. Now open Server Side Folder you will find 2 folders inside SQL and Armor (or Server/data/stats/armor) 11. Now copy the .xml file inside armor folder and go to your Server files (Gameserver/data/stats/armor) and paste your .xml file inside. 12. Now open Navicat go to your database, right click and select Execute SQL File option, go to your downloaded files (Server Side/SQL folder) and select the SQL file and click Start, when execute finish click Close and you're ready! And now you successfully added your custom items to your server. Credits for the Guide: TehNeRD (Me )
  13. Hello my name is Rhom and I am a player on AMDWoW. I would like to tell you guys about the server I enjoy spending my time playing! This server is 3.3.5a Custom gear and custom gems!! AMDWoW 5000% is back! Currently working on a second realm info TBA! Amdwow has over 5,000 custom items! AND they are always making more! We offer both Pvp and Pve content! So if you don't wanna do one, you can do the other! We are always updating the core and database doing the best we can to make the server as enjoyable as possible! I love the players! We all joke around in chill times, or we all kill each other, for the fun of the game. Vote items are easy to get, most are able to get withing one time fully voting! Massive Pvp events like City battle every hour! Professional staff, always active! WE HAVE EVERYTHING, The only thing missing... Is YOU!!!! Active and always updating website and forums! www.Amdwow.net
  14. 81 funserver 3.3.5 server Lvling road 1-81 Exp rate x100 Custom mats Autobroadcast with tips. Uppgrading Jewel (ring,trink,neck) just added. Check this out. Farming server. Farming instances. Custom Vote set (not fixed for use) Custom Donor set (not fixed for use) Custom Ultimate Donor set (not fixed for use) New: Custom teleporter New: Custom Mall New: Powerfull items (Funserver) New: Custom Quests (for starters and for higher) New: Custom Zones like : Savage zone (Specific Mats that drops there) New Zone Added: Illusion Zone. New: Custom patches, (Patch-7.mpq, Patch-A.mpq) patch 7 for Custom currency. patch A for the "Req mele weapon" bugg To get Patch, tell me in Skype Hamachi networks : yuruwow2, yuruwow3, yuruwow4, yuruwow5, yuruwow6 Pass : 123 Create an account on the Website Realmlist : (need connect to 1 of the hamachi networks) Web : (need connect to 1 of the hamachi networks) if 1 is full test another, if all is full, tell me. skype : chyssler1997 TIP : vote isnt avaible, either shop Custom teleporter made by me is now avaible ingame. ( not the teleporter on this videos ). Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7olRjektdk (this video isnt like it looks now ingame) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jk-GOZC3b0 (this video isnt like it looks now ingame) Facebook grp: https://www.facebook.com/groups/803925449659525/ Forum : http://yuruwow.freeforums-hosting.com/
  15. So as the title say today I'll show you 3 new custom modules made by me for Azer-cms , this is not a share i post them so in order to be rated so i will be able to update them, made them for personal use if you need a module contact me. Thank you for checking the post and please rate
  16. here's my simple custom graveyard guide enjoy!!! mydbceditor another DBC Editor DBCEDITOR
  17. Greetings dear community, i am stuck at this, and hope some one of you has done this before or has experience with this. As the title says, i 'd like to make Heirlooms available for level 1-255 (not only 1-80 scaling). Scaling stops atm at level 80. I figured out the edits in ScalingStatDistribution.dbc + Scalingstatvalue.dbc are the required editing there, although it doesn't effect according to edits. I modified the level to 255 max, same as figured how stats are scaled and how they are distributed although no success at making them scale beyond level 80. I am probably missing some very simple change but i dont know what it is. I' d love if some one could help me in this concern. Kind Regards Beast
  18. Hello! As promised, here is OMGhixD's own League Of Legends Custom Login Screen. Designed and created by me! Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckyDykIXDck&feature=youtu.be Download : You can download the login screen from here. Installation instructions can be found in the installation aswell. Click the button below to download the file If you want your own, please create a request HERE Hope you like it!
  19. TrinityCore Recommended Character Patch You can setup within configs: enable / disable character equipment character race character class character gender character level character name character lookup Info: When you log into your account at character list you will see this recommended character ONLY if you don't have any character created yet. The character will dissapear after you create your first character. Will reappear if character list is empty. Price 2$ link: www source-craft com

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