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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, LordCraft! Just wanted to let you all know that I am offering my services as a graphic designer. If you're looking to get a design made, please send me a PM or write a message in this thread! My Store - https://sellfy.com/Zafire My portfolio - http://zafirehd.deviantart.com
  2. BLIZZCMS After a hard work started in the month of November, we are pleased to make a new post showing everything that has been done to this day. * Framework changes (Front End) - Now we are Uikit. We have noticed that our old Framework gesture had a slow progress in its development so we decided to move to a more complete one with more developers. * All SQL syntaxes were changed. Now we use the methods that our Framework (Back End) manages, this helps us to avoid vulnerability and SQL Injection. * CSS changes Now we are renewing our CSS, ensuring we have greater compatibility with browsers, devices and that the page load is more fluid. - Modules available - Store Registration (Any Expansion is supported) Connection User Panel Private messages API [For administrator's management] Forums (Forums are own, we do not use external CMS) News Changelogs Points Voting and Points Donation Upcoming events Top 20 PVP Top Arenas Bugtracker Public profiles Admin Panel Manage the characters Manage the created accounts Manage the Web range Manage the API Manage the News Manage the Forums Manage the Store Manage the Changelogs * Selection of pre-designed Themes. We have implemented a system to install the web in a simple way, and you will not have to alter the files. Now we have contributors who provide us with translations. Available languages: * English * Spanish * Russian * Frances * German * Japanese The changes in the forums are huge: * It is now possible to restrict the entry to (guests) to a specific category * You can highlight topics * You can restrict comments in the topics News * It is now possible to comment on the news Bugtracker * Pagination created. * Now you can comment on the reports * Now the Administrator can change the type, priority and status of the report, you can also close the report so that it is not shown in the list. Home * We have added two types of Discord, you can select the one that suits you best. User Panel * If you have an old account (created without using this CMS). You can update the information required for your profile to work correctly. * You can choose a photo to represent your profile. (Avatar). Register * Captcha implemented // A module management system has been implemented, now you can choose which modules will be displayed on your web page. I thank all the people for supporting this project. Many of you collaborate with translations, testers, recommendations and ideas. My greatest thanks go to ?DZywolf? because it has helped me throughout the visual development of CMS. ---------- MORE ---------- You are invited to my Discord channel Please respect the channels created My nickname of Discord: Vipo#6404 Repository: https://github.com/fixcore/BlizzCMS Issues: https://github.com/fixcore/BlizzCMS/issues
  3. Hello I and few of my friends have decided to start a project regarding a wow private server with custom content but before we even start we asked ourselves a question and that question is: What kind of a wow Private server do people want? I have made some answers I am going to write them here so I can help you guys choose (they might be similar) 1) an instant 80 wow server with custom content a)With huge stats b)with casual slim stats c)progressive gear (start low and evolve into huge stats) d)progressive gear(start low but evolve into casual stats) 2)an instant 255 server with custom content a)With huge stats b)with casual slim stats c)progressive gear (start low and evolve into huge stats) d)progressive gear(start low but evolve into casual stats) 3)start level 1 and level up to 255 a)With huge stats b)with casual slim stats c)progressive gear (start low and evolve into huge stats) d)progressive gear(start low but evolve into casual stats) aa)easy leveling with no quest/dungeons to do while leveling bb)easy leveling with quest/dungeons to do while leveling cc)hard leveling with no quests/dungeons to do while leveling dd)hard leveling with quests/dungeons to do while leveling those are the answers I came up with if you decide to choose one of them just reply by the number of the server type then the letter of the server system(as for choice number 3 you give 2 server letters example: 3/a/aa) and write if you want to have insane attack and cast speed or not Note: I don't need any staff as I have enough people now note2:it will be on wow wotlk 3.3.5
  4. Hey Lordcraft Users, Over the last month my team and I have been hard at work rebuilding RivalTopList.com from the ground up. We are a completely revamped high traffic gaming platform, and this is great news for you as a server or gaming website owner as we're dedicated to improving your population and exposure! We have been around for almost 6 years. We decided to buckle down and really improve this platform, and we're already seeing the results from it. We're growing very quickly and our website traffic is increasing quickly each day. Read on to learn about our changes: Features: New Design & User Interface New Instant Vote Notification System (IVN) - Know if your users are voting. New Details page with a comments & rating system. (full HTML is allowed on the details page - get creative!) Completely automated premium & advertising system. Pay per day options. Revamped on-page SEO - Search Friendly URL's. This is great for search engine exposure. Plus many more features. Visit our website to see everything. This is incredible news for you! We will drastically improve the visitors out to your website with our new platform. We have several new features in development that are going to set us apart from other top lists, and we greatly value our users, and we look forward to helping you grow. Don't wait around to start taking advantage of the many features RivalTopList has to offer. Find the website link below and register your server. Website: RivalTopList.com Registration Link: RivalTopList Registration Page We created a special coupon for all new users. You can redeem the coupon inside your control panel upon logging in: Coupon: RTLNEWUSER We're dedicated to helping you as best as we can! Good luck to you and your server. I'm always looking at all the various ways we can improve RivalTopList. If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know. I would love to hear it. My Skype: Silentcloud21

About us

MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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