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Found 7 results

  1. report on MegaIndian i was selling him my server and made him a deal and stuff on skype and we agreeed to 150$ and ill still be owner rank and have control of server http://prntscr.com/cttslw and he straight up scammed me and said hell take the money he made and leave and never paid and wont reply on skype http://prntscr.com/ctttgk and idk what else to do
  2. Due to recent accusations against certain members of the community, we will put a high risk level of a certain person called Carlsberg. He has been proven to be of a toxic nature both in harassment on servers and in singularity cases where he suposedly scammed people. We have some evidence to support this post and it will all be posted in the bottom of the page. Regardless if this is a warning i will have you know that Carlsberg has done good and helped people on this forum however due to the behavior in the past and present we have lead an investigation against him to confirm our thoughts where he might be a potential threat to the comunity. If you trust him you will purchase things on your own risk, we have no involvement in any trade, deals or similar involving Carlsberg. The full skype conversation between the two people can be requested by me personally on skype at wiken1991, i do understand that some might take this as a slight and even leave the forums because of it. However me and the Lordcraft staff value members of no ill repute more than people with a toxic past. Final words, Carlsberg might be a changed person from a few months ago, however that is not for me to decide or to state. Evidence and noteworthy: Once again, be warned about the legitimacy of users, and always be careful when purchasing products. Keep safe, Keep browsing, The Lordcraft Team. Shout-out to @ for his help in finding and analyzing evidence.
  3. Btw, I first time reported Carlsberg for scamming me, and he changed name on lordcraft in Deadlydual, i just want inform that to all know he is still "active" with other name. Today i reporting Foufos, long time ago when he is joined in lordcraft "team" i contacted Death about foufos, but nothing happend as i remember. Before a couple month, i opened Private forum just for scammers, where i posting all private information (picture, first name and surname, ip, paypal info, location where is live and many more) Before a couple days i reported foufos on ac-web, ad he is taken as scammers... now i reporting it here For more information death you can contact me on skype. FOUFOS SCAMME REPORT WITH EVIDENCE! Msgs with Pink -> Anonymus msgs with pink->Foufos paypal charges I won the cases though, thank god paypal sided with me Sucks that I still lost over 200+$ in the outcome, had to refund people who I sold services to with the servers, lost peoples data, lost many things. ^Proof of him admitting to being a scammer How I was scammed in a tl;dr He had a status selling a 112 gb server with 16 cores, so I went and tried to get, but then it expires after 15 days. when he agreed to lifetime.
  4. So pretty much i made a post a while ago asking for help for someone to help me set up a VPS so i could run my server live on it. https://www.lordcraft.net/topic/4539-wtb-personal-to-setup-fresh-compile-on-my-host/ <<< the original post I state that i am willing to pay someone to even help me with it. A user "R3T4RD" said he could help me even looked me up on skype but couldn't find me " you can see that information in the post" i added him he set up my "fresh compile" on the VPS provided by www.ovh.com "great customer support and VPS's btw" . After he set up my VPS i paid him 25 USD. You will notice in the screenshots i took that the payment for OVH and the payment for a Danish name and email address was sent as well. The deal was i would pay him 50 dollars. 25 for setting it up first, and 25 for setting up some scripts for me "Xmog, Teleporter, All Skills on login, teach me how to weapon patch in a smaller size patch". Well he was never able to help me with any of this. Later on i got in contact with other forum users that said they could help me. They logged onto my VPS..... And thats well all hell broke loose !! " dun dun dun ! " A user by the name of ToxicDev logged into my VPS and noticed that there was a traffic bot running, just so happens that the traffic bot was running and sending traffic to 3 websites that are his. the very firsy website on the traffic bot is also the website he has in his mood on skype.... I will let ToxicDev go on from now so that he can post all the SS i sent him, and that he can speak for himself so that i do not put words in his mouth.
  5. @vollberka has scammed me. http://pastebin.com/d5C5McP9 for proof we had katos as a middle man and Vollberka dident live up to his deal and katos said to report and link him i have sold him my old server, foufos.cc and he paid the first month but when second month came around he dident respond and now shows him offline on skype. ill post pics as soon as i can
  6. I thought I would post a thread so the concern of Foufos provided potential dangerous content, and hurting the members of Lordcraft never occurs. The story behind this post -- Foufos worked at a server known as Kription-WoW, This is a 255 server, still up today. The website has issues so i apologize if it doesn't load for you. Anyways, one day. I rejoined this server and found Foufos was hosting it and was a Head-GM but on the other hand, seen a 3rd owner when there is only ever 2 on this server. I soon realized he gave himself owner access AND shared it with a friend, which the owners were totally unaware of. Now, at first I was like "Let me on it" but then again, I was Head-Admin near Co-Owner till they closed the last server they had and remade this one. And to this day, I'm the same rank. He allowed me on it, and I played for a night, in the morning he was claiming to "Lie" to them to gain access to their user in the host, to do 1. Create himself a DB user, and me. 2. Promote another account to Owner for me to "use". 3. To steal their files. The evidence is all on these Gyazo's, I hope this is provided well for you. Enjoy! Gyazo of him saying "The Dedi was hacked, I clearly didn't do these things" (Also can't spell better then a 1st grader) https://gyazo.com/84b8944ee550d19d9561467003fe881b Screenshots of our skype chat. Him changing the auto broadcast in the DB, clearly shows his immaturity. http://prntscr.com/9q0nus Saying he had the files and was gonna sell them https://gyazo.com/62db5ecbf9b86b558ae9722672355206 When he was banned and we found a new host https://gyazo.com/704514007b1bd1506951cd7169862901 Any other proof will be provided directly to Katos or Death.
  7. Hello everyone, this topic is about Authentic. This guy added me on skype before 1 month maybe more, he wanted some easy things to make for him, i created a sample of what he wanted and i saw them as a preview and he cut the image and take what he wanted. Then he told me that he liked my work and he will pay for them and since the price for this work wasn't that big i decide for one time to go first and trust him, he told me that he didn't had the money to pay me, and his partner was about to send me the money since his server/realm was sponsored by this guy and he didn't had money to pay for them. I told him that it's ok i will send him the files and i'll wait for the payment. Since i send him the link to download the files he never logged on skype again since today. Take care of that guy, i don't care about the 10 euro that i "lost" but 10 euro from me, 10 euro from another guy he will get everything for free. His profile: https://www.lordcraft.net/user/28449-authentic/ His skype id: authentic.perceptionwow

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