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Found 71 results

  1. I write this ad on behalf of my dog Rusty of whom was violently chopped in half by the Frostmourne this morning. Whilst you sit there reading this ad, the Lich King terrorizes our realm, raping and pillaging poor innocent peasants without an end in sight! This is a recruitment thread to put this monster down once and for all! Wonderland WoW is desperately seeking players to join this alternate WOTLK universe, to partner up with the horde & alliance and to smash his head in! Luckily the gods have shown mercy to this realm and set the rates to x2 but hurry, for the Lich King's power only grows, rise from rags to richest and claim the greatest prize the realm has to offer. Straight to the point Latest TrinityCore/TDB Premium Server Hardware Ultra Fast Connection Fully Scripted No Customs No Donor Cross-Faction x2 Drop/Gold/XP X3 Drop/Gold/XP Weekends Events Vote for Heirlooms Avenge Rusty! http://www.wonderlandgaming.co.uk
  2. https://discord.gg/Xk2adYW Looking for players to beta test a fully customized I80 Pvp/PvE server. We offer -Tons of quality of life updates -Real active economy -Custom scripted world bosses -Custom spells -Custom crafting system for gearing method -Automated looting scripts -Custom Enchanter script with custom enchants -Transmog NPC -Teleport NPC -Custom buffs, potions, and food -Balanced Pve/PvP -Open World FFA PvP -Customized Mining profession -Customized Skinning profession -Client-sided passive secondary attribute spells so that gear looks clean and not so full of stats -HD textures and models up to legion + -NO P2W MECHANICS -Donation benefits include; mounts, transmogs, pets, titles Account creation : https://nethermane.com/ *Note Accounts will not be reset with open beta access with exception of gold Any questions contact me on discord @ Molecules#5269 Some custom spells, starter gear, and set bonuses shown here https://imgur.com/a/7yhHcdb
  3. CURRENT VERSION 2.1 Armor Creator is Auto-Updated Now! TOTAL DOWNLOADS : 197 -- Updated 4/27/2018 Greetings everyone, been long time since i released something.. so in the past few days i was thinking to finish an already "Idea" that i got, which is the 'Armor Creator' as i've seen a lot of items creator around but you need to fill x 40 boxes at least and sometimes it is outdated and could rip your DB.. well i decided to open this project since i got a lot of free time specially this days / months and well i'll not stop here and i'll try to work more on the code and make it better and better and important which is easy to use with few click. As before giving you any information the design is simple as it is since i didn't find a designer, so if you're a designer please feel free to contact me ( the project isn't going to stop here ). Armor Creator is also made by VB.NET Information about the Armor Creator By using Armor Creator you will be able to create a full set in few minutes. Easy Manage. Not complicated to use. Most of needed columns available. No need to know the ID's or any other information. Item name could be eaisly colored. Random DisplayID finder (Offline). Advanced Offline DisplayID finder. Enabling/Disabling Stats. Item Preview. Advanced Mode. Guessing DisplayID(Advanced Mode) ExtendedCost Lookup (Offline) Full SQL Code Preview. Copying SQL. Generate SQL file with the output query. Directly Database Inserting. Edit Items directly from your database. REPLACE Item Directly to your database. UPDATE Items directly to your database. Database information can be saved and reset. Checking database connection. Every log will be saved so you could later check what you've done. New form SQL. You can now insert / delete / update / replace any use most mysql commands directly using SQL. Search items by name and by entry. Paypal form is updated. Auto Updater. Item.DBC Creator + Patch Steps Creator. Logs Managment. Settings Added. Limitation for values. Currently Working on Next Version Credits : JadaDev : Coding everything related to the application. DarkSoke : UI Design. Tok124 : Online Finder. Images Album CLICK HERE Screenshots : Watch Video [V1.1] : I'll be making v1.2 video soon
  4. Hello ! Today we will learn how to create an NPC from nothing ! Summary Required tools NPC dressing CreatureDisplayInfo editing CreatureDisplayInfoExtra editing Patch creation DB addition Looks like it's time to gear up ! - Software like Photoshop or Gimp. Personally I use Photoshop because of this : BLP Plugin - Wow Model Viewer or something similar - BLP Converter (useless if you use the Photoshop's plugin) - My DbcEditor - MPQ Editor - Your 3.3.5 client ! Looks like it's time to dress up ! I only mentionned one tool which can dress up our future NPC, so, let's go to Wow Model Viewer ! First, we have to select the race of our NPC, I'll choose... Human male ! You can select this in the menu on the left, in the character part. Now, here's the interesting part. Quick explanation : The menu in the top right corner defines the look of your npc, face type, hair color... ATTENTION ! In CreatureDisplayInfoExtra, hair color and hair style are inversed ! Below this menu, it's seems to be obvious, you can set your Npc's stuff. Below again, Oppa tabard style ! 8-) I let you prepare your NPC, I'll create mine and after, we compare who made the most beautiful ! Time's up ! Here's mine : Ok I used WoD stuff, I cheated... a bit Now, you can screen the whole right menu, that way you will not forget the character's characteristics ! Sometimes you can see two numbers to the right of the object name, they are important, the first is the itemID, the second his DisplayID, keep them two ! Our NPC is created, now we need to extract its texture. In my WMV version I do this : Once exported, a single file will interest us : body.tga Open it with Photoshop or your software, and you'll see this : You're free to customize the face, adding scars or whatever ! If you don't use the BLP plugin, save this file as png, and slide it on your BLP Converter. We have finished the texture ! "But, Hyakki-master ! And weapons ?!" Creature_equip_template, world database ! Your turn CreatureDisplayInfo ! Open this DBC with the software provided by this tutorial (MyDBCEditor) You'll see lines. Lines everywhere ! Scroll to the last line, right click and select "Insert line...", your ID MUST be unique ! I'll choose 70010. Quick explanation 2 : First column : unique ID Second column : Model ID that is registered in CreatureModelData.dbc (for a human male it's 49, a human female 50...) Third column : Dunno, let zero. Fourth column : ExtraDisplay : We'll see it in CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc, it must be unique too. Fifth column : Let 1. Sixth colum : Creature opacity. 255 means your npc is opaque, 0 means... yes it's transparent. Seventh and Eighth column : "Extra texture", when you npc isn't a character but a creature, these colums set their skin. The next columm : Contains an ID or 0, the ID corresponds to sound ID in NPCSounds.dbc. Last column : Let zero. Here's the look of my NPC column : You must to put this DBC in your MPQ patch and in serverside. Next ! Braces yourselves CreatureDisplayInfoExtra is coming ! This is where it all take shape. Documentation time ! 1 : ID, that one you choosed in the fourth column in CreatureDisplayInfo. 2 : Character's race, 1 for human... IDs are situated in ChrRaces. 3 : Gender. 0 for male (It is also the degree of intelligence of the person who wrote this guide) and 1 for female. 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 : SkinColor, FaceType, HairStyle, HairColor, BeardStyle. (Don't forget, in WMV, hair style & hair color are inversed) 9 : Head DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 10 : Shoulders DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 11 : Shirt DisplayId (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 12 : Chest DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 13 : Belt DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 14 : Legs DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 15 : Boots DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 16 : Bracers DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 17 : Gloves DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 18 : Tabard DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 19 : Cape DisplayID (that one you choosed in WMV, if not, set to 0). 20 : 0. 21 : Your texture name, in my case, it'll be admerin.blp Fill your DBC line with your items's DisplayID that you choosed for your NPC. Be careful, sometines the first digit is valid, sometines it's the second. Here's mine : Save it ! Upload it to your server, put it into your Patch ! But... Where in my patch ?! I assume you know how to create a MPQ patch. So, open your MPQ with MPQ Editor ! If they don't exist, create two folders at the root of the patch. Call them : DBFilesClient Textures You can put your two DBCs in DBFilesclient Now, go in Textures, create a folder called BakedNpcTextures and put your .blp in there. Your patch is ready. Last step ! Creature_model_info Serverside part ! In your world Database, find this table and open it ! Quick explanation... Oh no, copy/paste the content of an other line. EXCEPT ONE THING ! Your ID must be the same as the one in CreatureDisplayInfo, in my case : 70010. This digit is the DisplayID that you MUST use for your creature. Once your line is written and your NPC created... This tutorial is finished ! Don't hesitate to show your NPCs here ! Original Guide Credits - Oldaron @ Model-Changing
  5. Very simple SQL Query that provides all flying skills upon character creation. Yep it's reshared a million times. but ohwell i was doing the work manually within my own project and figured whynot share it. it may help people! Simply Run this query targeting world DB, Restart your Server and Create a new character! INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 33388, 'Apprentice Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 33391, 'Journey Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 34090, 'Expert Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 54197, 'Cold Weather Flying (Passive) GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 34091, 'Artisan Riding GLOBAL');
  6. Vipo

    Data TC v6.3

    Maps, vmaps, dbc originals extracted from an original Wow. Download DATA FILES
  7. Configuration 1) Open World.h and Inside: enum WorldBoolConfigs add: CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG 2) Open World.cpp and add: m_bool_configs[CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG] = sConfigMgr->GetBoolDefault("MixedBGs", true); Around line #1191 where all the other options are loading. Player source & header file 1) Open Player.h and Player.cpp. In Player.h go to line #1061 and above line #1066 add: //CROSSFACION BG START private: bool m_ForgetBGPlayers; bool m_ForgetInListPlayers; public: typedef std::vector<uint64> FakePlayers; void FitPlayerInTeam(bool action); void DoForgetPlayersInList(); void DoForgetPlayersInBG(Battleground* pBattleGround); uint8 GetFakeRaceOrRace(); void SetForgetBGPlayers(bool tralse) { m_ForgetBGPlayers = tralse; } bool ShouldForgetBGPlayers() { return m_ForgetBGPlayers; } void SetForgetInListPlayers(bool tralse) { m_ForgetInListPlayers = tralse; } bool ShouldForgetInListPlayers() { return m_ForgetInListPlayers; } bool SendBattleGroundChat(uint32 msgtype, std::string message); void MorphFit(bool value); bool TeamIsBGTeam() { return GetBGTeam() == GetTeam(); } FakePlayers m_FakePlayers; //CROSSFACION BG END 2) Go to line #1887 and above that add: TeamId GetBGTeamId() const { return GetBGTeam() == ALLIANCE ? TEAM_ALLIANCE : TEAM_HORDE; } 3) Go to Player.cpp and on any line under a function of your choice add: /*#################################################################################### ###############################CROSSFACTION BATTLEGROUNDS############################# ####################################################################################*/ void Player::FitPlayerInTeam(bool action) { ChrRacesEntry const* rEntry = sChrRacesStore.LookupEntry(GetFakeRaceOrRace()); if(rEntry && !TeamIsBGTeam() && action) setFaction(rEntry->FactionID); else setFactionForRace(getRace()); if (action) SetForgetBGPlayers(true); else SetForgetInListPlayers(true); MorphFit(action); if (GetBattleground() && action) ChatHandler(GetSession()).PSendSysMessage("You are playing for the %s%s in %s!", GetBGTeam() == ALLIANCE ? "|cff0000FFalliance|r" : "|cffFF0000horde|r", GetBattleground()->GetName()); } uint8 Player::GetFakeRaceOrRace() { if(!TeamIsBGTeam()) return GetBGTeam() == ALLIANCE ? RACE_HUMAN : RACE_BLOODELF; else return getRace(); } void Player::DoForgetPlayersInList() { // m_FakePlayers is filled from a vector within the battleground // they were in previously so all players that have been in that BG will be invalidated. for (FakePlayers::const_iterator itr = m_FakePlayers.begin(); itr != m_FakePlayers.end(); ++itr) { WorldPacket data(SMSG_INVALIDATE_PLAYER, 8); data << *itr; GetSession()->SendPacket(&data); if (Player* pPlayer = ObjectAccessor::FindPlayer(*itr)) GetSession()->SendNameQueryOpcode(*itr); } m_FakePlayers.clear(); } void Player::DoForgetPlayersInBG(Battleground* pBattleGround) { if (!pBattleGround || pBattleGround->isArena()) return; for (Battleground::BattlegroundPlayerMap::const_iterator itr = pBattleGround->GetPlayers().begin(); itr != pBattleGround->GetPlayers().end(); ++itr) { // Here we invalidate players in the bg to the added player WorldPacket data1(SMSG_INVALIDATE_PLAYER, 8); data1 << itr->first; GetSession()->SendPacket(&data1); GetSession()->SendNameQueryOpcode(itr->first); if (Player* pPlayer = ObjectAccessor::FindPlayer(itr->first)) { // Here we invalidate the player added to players in the bg WorldPacket data2(SMSG_INVALIDATE_PLAYER, 8); data2 << GetGUID(); pPlayer->GetSession()->SendPacket(&data2); pPlayer->GetSession()->SendNameQueryOpcode(GetGUID()); } } } bool BattlegroundQueue::CheckCrossFactionMatch(BattlegroundBracketId bracket_id, Battleground* bg) { TC_LOG_DEBUG("misc", "BattleGroundQueue::CheckCrossFactionMatch"); if (bg->isArena()) return false; // Only do this if crossbg's are enabled. // Here we will add all players to selectionpool, later we check if there are enough and launch a bg. FillXPlayersToBG(bracket_id, bg, true); uint8 MPT = bg->GetMinPlayersPerTeam(); if (m_SelectionPools[TEAM_ALLIANCE].GetPlayerCount() < MPT || m_SelectionPools[TEAM_HORDE].GetPlayerCount() < MPT) { TC_LOG_DEBUG("misc", "Not enough players. Has: %u Need: %u", m_SelectionPools[TEAM_ALLIANCE].GetPlayerCount() + m_SelectionPools[TEAM_HORDE].GetPlayerCount(), MPT * 2); return false; } return true; } // This function will invite players in the least populated faction, which makes battleground queues much faster. // This function will return true if cross faction battlegrounds are enabled, otherwise return false, // which is useful in FillPlayersToBG. Because then we can interrupt the regular invitation if cross faction bg's are enabled. bool BattlegroundQueue::FillXPlayersToBG(BattlegroundBracketId bracket_id, Battleground* bg, bool start) { if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG)) { int32 aliFree = start ? bg->GetMinPlayersPerTeam() : bg->GetFreeSlotsForTeam(ALLIANCE); int32 hordeFree = start ? bg->GetMinPlayersPerTeam() : bg->GetFreeSlotsForTeam(HORDE); // Empty selection pools. They will be refilled from queued groups. m_SelectionPools[TEAM_ALLIANCE].Init(); m_SelectionPools[TEAM_HORDE].Init(); int32 valiFree = aliFree; int32 vhordeFree = hordeFree; int32 diff = 0; TC_LOG_DEBUG("misc", "valiFree: %u vhordeFree: %u", valiFree, vhordeFree); for (GroupsQueueType::iterator itr = m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_MIXED].begin(); itr != m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_MIXED].end(); ++itr) { if ((*itr)->IsInvitedToBGInstanceGUID) continue; diff = abs(valiFree - vhordeFree); bool moreAli = valiFree < vhordeFree; if (diff > 0) (*itr)->Team = moreAli ? HORDE : ALLIANCE; bool alliance = (*itr)->Team == ALLIANCE; if (m_SelectionPools[alliance ? TEAM_ALLIANCE : TEAM_HORDE].AddGroup((*itr), alliance ? aliFree : hordeFree)) { uint8 GSize = (*itr)->Players.size(); alliance ? valiFree -= GSize : vhordeFree -= GSize; } } return true; } return false; } bool Player::SendBattleGroundChat(uint32 msgtype, std::string message) { float distance = msgtype == CHAT_MSG_SAY ? sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_LISTEN_RANGE_SAY) : sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_LISTEN_RANGE_YELL); if (Battleground* pBattleGround = GetBattleground()) { for (Battleground::BattlegroundPlayerMap::const_iterator itr = pBattleGround->GetPlayers().begin(); itr != pBattleGround->GetPlayers().end(); ++itr) { if (Player* pPlayer = ObjectAccessor::FindPlayer(itr->first)) { if (GetDistance2d(pPlayer->GetPositionX(), pPlayer->GetPositionY()) <= distance) { if (GetBGTeam() == pPlayer->GetBGTeam()) { WorldPacket data; ChatHandler::BuildChatPacket(data, ChatMsg(msgtype), LANG_UNIVERSAL, pPlayer, NULL, message); pPlayer->GetSession()->SendPacket(&data); } else if (msgtype != CHAT_MSG_EMOTE) { WorldPacket data; ChatHandler::BuildChatPacket(data, ChatMsg(msgtype), pPlayer->GetTeam() == ALLIANCE ? LANG_ORCISH : LANG_COMMON, pPlayer, NULL, message); pPlayer->GetSession()->SendPacket(&data); } } } } return true; } else return false; } void Player::MorphFit(bool value) { if (!TeamIsBGTeam() && value) { if (GetBGTeam() == ALLIANCE) { if (getGender() == GENDER_MALE) { SetDisplayId(19723); SetNativeDisplayId(19723); } else { SetDisplayId(19724); SetNativeDisplayId(19724); } } else { if (getGender() == GENDER_MALE) { SetDisplayId(20578); SetNativeDisplayId(20578); } else { SetDisplayId(20579); SetNativeDisplayId(20579); } } } else InitDisplayIds(); } Unit.cpp & Handlers 1) Open QueryHandler.cpp and under SendNameQueryOpcode(uint64 guid), change: data << uint8(nameData->m_race); to data << uint8(player ? player->GetFakeRaceOrRace() : nameData->m_race); 2) Open MiscHandler.cpp and under void WorldSession::HandleTimeSyncResp(WorldPacket& recvData) add: (Above or below line: #1418) Battleground* bg = _player->GetBattleground(); if (bg) { if (_player->ShouldForgetBGPlayers()) { _player->DoForgetPlayersInBG(bg); _player->SetForgetBGPlayers(false); } } else if (_player->ShouldForgetInListPlayers()) { _player->DoForgetPlayersInList(); _player->SetForgetInListPlayers(false); } 3) Open ChatHandler.cpp and Inside of void WorldSession::HandleMessagechatOpcode(WorldPacket& recvData) add: (Above line #251) if (!GetPlayer()->IsGameMaster()) if (GetPlayer()->SendBattleGroundChat(type, msg)) return; 4) Open CharacterHandler.cpp and Inside of void WorldSession::HandlePlayerLogin(LoginQueryHolder* holder) Under line #1031 add: if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG)) { float x = pCurrChar->GetPositionX(); float y = pCurrChar->GetPositionY(); float z = pCurrChar->GetPositionZ(); uint32 hm = pCurrChar->m_homebindMapId; float hx = pCurrChar->m_homebindX; float hy = pCurrChar->m_homebindX; float hz = pCurrChar->m_homebindX; if (z+1 < pCurrChar->GetMap()->GetHeight(x, y, MAX_HEIGHT) && pCurrChar->GetMap()->IsOutdoors(x, y, z)) pCurrChar->TeleportTo(hm, hx, hy, hz, 0); } if (pCurrChar->GetBattleground() && !pCurrChar->GetBattleground()->isArena()) pCurrChar->FitPlayerInTeam(true); else pCurrChar->FitPlayerInTeam(false); 5) Open Unit.cpp and Inside of void Unit::RestoreFaction() on line #15921, change: ToPlayer()->setFactionForRace(getRace()); to ToPlayer()->setFactionForRace(ToPlayer()->GetFakeRaceOrRace()); BattlegroundQueue.h 1) Open BattlegroundQueue.h and Inside of enum BattlegroundQueueGroupTypes under BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE = 3, add: BG_QUEUE_MIXED = 4 End Result: enum BattlegroundQueueGroupTypes { BG_QUEUE_PREMADE_ALLIANCE = 0, BG_QUEUE_PREMADE_HORDE = 1, BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_ALLIANCE = 2, BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE = 3, BG_QUEUE_MIXED = 4 }; 2) On line #65 replace #define BG_QUEUE_GROUP_TYPES_COUNT 4 with: #define BG_QUEUE_GROUP_TYPES_COUNT 5 3) Under line #75 add: bool FillXPlayersToBG(BattlegroundBracketId bracket_id, Battleground* bg, bool start = false); bool CheckCrossFactionMatch(BattlegroundBracketId bracket_id, Battleground* bg); BattlegroundQueue.cpp 1) Open BattlegroundQueue.cpp and on line #840, change: if (CheckNormalMatch(bg_template, bracket_id, MinPlayersPerTeam, MaxPlayersPerTeam) || (bg_template->isArena() && CheckSkirmishForSameFaction(bracket_id, MinPlayersPerTeam))) to if (CheckNormalMatch(bg_template, bracket_id, MinPlayersPerTeam, MaxPlayersPerTeam) || (bg_template->isArena() && CheckSkirmishForSameFaction(bracket_id, MinPlayersPerTeam)) || CheckCrossFactionMatch(bracket_id, bg_template)) 2) On line #747, change: if (m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_PREMADE_ALLIANCE].empty() && m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_PREMADE_HORDE].empty() && m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_ALLIANCE].empty() && m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE].empty()) return; to if (m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_PREMADE_ALLIANCE].empty() && m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_PREMADE_HORDE].empty() && m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_ALLIANCE].empty() && m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE].empty() && m_QueuedGroups[bracket_id][BG_QUEUE_MIXED].empty()) return; 3) On line #501 add: if (!bg->isArena()) if (FillXPlayersToBG(bracket_id, bg, false)) return; 4) On line #313, change: for (uint32 j = index; j < BG_QUEUE_GROUP_TYPES_COUNT; j += BG_TEAMS_COUNT) to for (uint32 j = 0; j < BG_QUEUE_GROUP_TYPES_COUNT; ++j) 5) On line #298, change: TC_LOG_ERROR("bg.battleground", "BattlegroundQueue: couldn't find player %s (GUID: %u)", playerName.c_str(), GUID_LOPART(guid)); to TC_LOG_DEBUG("bg.battleground", "BattlegroundQueue: couldn't find player %s (GUID: %u)", playerName.c_str(), GUID_LOPART(guid)); 6) Inside of GroupQueueInfo* BattlegroundQueue::AddGroup(Player* leader, Group* grp, BattlegroundTypeId BgTypeId, PvPDifficultyEntry const* bracketEntry, uint8 ArenaType, bool isRated, bool isPremade, uint32 ArenaRating, uint32 MatchmakerRating, uint32 arenateamid) on line #143 change: ginfo->Team = leader->GetTeam(); to ginfo->Team = leader->GetBGTeam(); 7) Above line #157 add: if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG) && ArenaType == 0) index = BG_QUEUE_MIXED; 8) On line #200 change: if (Battleground* bg = sBattlegroundMgr->GetBattlegroundTemplate(ginfo->BgTypeId)) { char const* bgName = bg->GetName(); uint32 MinPlayers = bg->GetMinPlayersPerTeam(); uint32 qHorde = 0; uint32 qAlliance = 0; uint32 q_min_level = bracketEntry->minLevel; uint32 q_max_level = bracketEntry->maxLevel; GroupsQueueType::const_iterator itr; for (itr = m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_ALLIANCE].begin(); itr != m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_ALLIANCE].end(); ++itr) if (!(*itr)->IsInvitedToBGInstanceGUID) qAlliance += (*itr)->Players.size(); for (itr = m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE].begin(); itr != m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE].end(); ++itr) if (!(*itr)->IsInvitedToBGInstanceGUID) qHorde += (*itr)->Players.size(); // Show queue status to player only (when joining queue) if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUE_ANNOUNCER_PLAYERONLY)) { ChatHandler(leader->GetSession()).PSendSysMessage(LANG_BG_QUEUE_ANNOUNCE_SELF, bgName, q_min_level, q_max_level, qAlliance, (MinPlayers > qAlliance) ? MinPlayers - qAlliance : (uint32)0, qHorde, (MinPlayers > qHorde) ? MinPlayers - qHorde : (uint32)0); } // System message else { sWorld->SendWorldText(LANG_BG_QUEUE_ANNOUNCE_WORLD, bgName, q_min_level, q_max_level, qAlliance, (MinPlayers > qAlliance) ? MinPlayers - qAlliance : (uint32)0, qHorde, (MinPlayers > qHorde) ? MinPlayers - qHorde : (uint32)0); } } to if (Battleground* bg = sBattlegroundMgr->GetBattlegroundTemplate(ginfo->BgTypeId)) { if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_CROSSFACTIONBG)) { char const* bgName = bg->GetName(); uint32 MinPlayers = bg->GetMinPlayersPerTeam()*2; uint32 qPlayers = 0; uint32 q_min_level = bracketEntry->minLevel; uint32 q_max_level = bracketEntry->maxLevel; for (GroupsQueueType::const_iterator itr = m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_MIXED].begin(); itr != m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_MIXED].end(); ++itr) if (!(*itr)->IsInvitedToBGInstanceGUID) qPlayers += (*itr)->Players.size(); if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUE_ANNOUNCER_PLAYERONLY)) ChatHandler(leader->GetSession()).PSendSysMessage("Queue status for %s (Lvl: %u to %u) Queued players: %u (Need at least %u more)", bgName, q_min_level, q_max_level, qPlayers, MinPlayers - qPlayers); else { std::ostringstream ss; ss << "|cffff0000[BG Queue Announcer]:|r " << bgName << " -- [" << q_min_level << "-" << q_max_level << "]" << qPlayers << "/" << MinPlayers; sWorld->SendGlobalText(ss.str().c_str(), NULL); } } else { char const* bgName = bg->GetName(); uint32 MinPlayers = bg->GetMinPlayersPerTeam(); uint32 qHorde = 0; uint32 qAlliance = 0; uint32 q_min_level = bracketEntry->minLevel; uint32 q_max_level = bracketEntry->maxLevel; GroupsQueueType::const_iterator itr; for (itr = m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_ALLIANCE].begin(); itr != m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_ALLIANCE].end(); ++itr) if (!(*itr)->IsInvitedToBGInstanceGUID) qAlliance += (*itr)->Players.size(); for (itr = m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE].begin(); itr != m_QueuedGroups[bracketId][BG_QUEUE_NORMAL_HORDE].end(); ++itr) if (!(*itr)->IsInvitedToBGInstanceGUID) qHorde += (*itr)->Players.size(); // Show queue status to player only (when joining queue) if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUE_ANNOUNCER_PLAYERONLY)) { ChatHandler(leader->GetSession()).PSendSysMessage(LANG_BG_QUEUE_ANNOUNCE_SELF, bgName, q_min_level, q_max_level, qAlliance, (MinPlayers > qAlliance) ? MinPlayers - qAlliance : (uint32)0, qHorde, (MinPlayers > qHorde) ? MinPlayers - qHorde : (uint32)0); } // System message else { sWorld->SendWorldText(LANG_BG_QUEUE_ANNOUNCE_WORLD, bgName, q_min_level, q_max_level, qAlliance, (MinPlayers > qAlliance) ? MinPlayers - qAlliance : (uint32)0, qHorde, (MinPlayers > qHorde) ? MinPlayers - qHorde : (uint32)0); } } } Credits: QQrofl(Script) Death(Tutorial reformat)
  8. ORIGINAL THREAD : AzerothCore Repack | Open Source | x64 | WoTLK [3.3.5][/HR] .::. Information .::. What's AzerothCore ? It's a new project focussed on user-experience. For those who don't know SunwellCore, it was a TrinityCore-based game server application with many new features listed here. It's based on SunwellCore with few changes such as : Modular Structure Easy to create/update your database Active community (we are on gitter !) Never heard of SunwellCore? click me ! .::. Why us ? .::. Our main goal is to create a playable game server, offering a fully working game experience. In short, we focus on the user experience (UX). We also believe in software modularity, because the more the software is modular, and the more it will be easy to be maintained, understood, developed, etc... So we organized the structure of AzerothCore as modular as possible, giving the possibility to create new modules to add custom features (instead of patching the core). AzerothCore is a learning project. If you want to learn how to use C++, SQL, git, etc... you came to the right place! We will gladly to help you: programming is our passion. .::. Links .::. Official Site: http://www.azerothcore.org Git repo : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk Discord : https://discord.gg/gkt4y2x Wiki : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk/wiki Issue Tracker : https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk/issues .::. Download .::. November-01-2017 [NEW] Release: x86 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Oct-17-2017) 3.3.5a (Clean-Release) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x86 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (32-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar x64 (Nov-01-2017) 3.3.5a (With-Modules) (64-bit) MySQL 5.6 - No-Maps.rar Apr-27-2017: Release, (dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps). Nov-03-2016: Release, (dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps), AllInOne Maps. .::. Modules .::. Anticheat DuelReset GMSecurity PremiumAccount RandomEnchants RewardSystem Transmog VASAutoBalance .::. Login Info .::. This Repack was realized using (MySQL Portable) issued by Jeutie's Blizzlike Repack. So I will not take no merit. It doesn't contain the Dbc , Maps , Vmaps , Mmaps. So you'll have to download maps and extract them in the following location: .../CORE/DATA/ Database: Host: localhost Username: azerothcore Password: azerothcore Game Account: Username: admin Password: admin .::. Modules Info .::. Module and server settings can be changed or disabled by accessing .conf files. In the last release they are located in the following path: Core/Settings To add a custom NPC, run the command from a privileged account (admin) and position your character at the point where you want to add the NPC. The command is .npc add the NPC ID. For example, Transmog will be: .npc add 190010 ALL MOUNTS VENDOR - 601014 BEASTMASTER - 601026 BUFFER - 601016 CODEBOX - 601021 ENCHANTER - 601015 GAMBLER - 601020 TRANSMOG - 190010 or 190015
  9. Currently I'm using this repack "LordCraft Funrealm 3.3.5a" and I've been wanting to add custom npcs and etc. to my server, but some requires scripts to be put in to work properly, so I look up tutorials on how to do that and it says go to directory "src->scripts->custom" and open this and that, but I don't have that directory nor can I find it or any of the files to put scripts in.. I was wondering if I'm suppose to download something or what. Any help on how to put this into my server would be really appreciated.. If you have questions please let me know I'll answer the best I can.. Much thanks. edit: sorry if I posted in wrong place.
  10. 1. You NEED a self-compiled server, so NOT a repack. 2. Open up your Microsoft Visual Studio , hit Ctrl+N then a screen will pop-up, click on Visual C++ and click on C++ file.cpp 3. paste the whole code in the new text box and save it as your desired name.cpp and place it in your C:/Trinity/src/server/scripts/Custom folder. 4. open up C:/Trinity/src/server/scripts/Custom/Cmakelists.txt 5. you will see some copyright text, scroll down to you find this: set(scripts_STAT_SRCS ${scripts_STAT_SRCS} ) do like this Custom/yourscriptname.cpp so example: set(scripts_STAT_SRCS ${scripts_STAT_SRCS} Custom/lol.cpp ) then save that 6. Go to your build folder Default C:/Build. 7. Open the TrinityCore.sln file with the type: Microsoft Visual Studio Solution 8. on the left of the screen you should have a solution explorer, if not then hit CTRL+ Alt + L 9. open up the project "game" in your solution explorer by clicking on the arrow left to the "game" project. 10. click on the arrow that says "Source files" and scroll down until you see Scriptloader.cpp 11. open the file Scriptloader.cpp, scroll all the way down until you see this: #ifdef SCRIPTS /* This is where custom scripts' loading functions should be declared. */ #endif void AddCustomScripts() { #ifdef SCRIPTS /* This is where custom scripts should be added. */ #endif } 12. Find the code of your script and scroll all the way down until you see something like this: void AddSC_Example() { new Example; } I used example but at your code there can be other text ofcourse. 13. Copy the void AddSC_Example() then go back to your Scriploader.cpp file and paste that, so that it will look like this : #ifdef SCRIPTS /* This is where custom scripts' loading functions should be declared. */ void AddSC_Example(); #endif void AddCustomScripts() { #ifdef SCRIPTS /* This is where custom scripts should be added. */ AddSC_Example(); #endif } Remember to add the ; at the end to both and remove the void at the second. 14. Go back to your Solution Explorer and search the project "scripts", then click on the arrow left from the project. 15. Right-click on the Source files folder and click on Add->Existing Item. 16. You will see a window popping up that will ask where your .cpp file is, we already saved it in a folder so lets go and open that folder. Go to C:/Trinity/src/server/scripts/Custom and double-click on your .cpp file to add it. 17. Recompile and your done, Congratulations! How to recompile? A lot of people don't know what the word "recompiling" means in the beginning, the meaning of this word is just the re-making (building) of your server, how to do this? 1. on the top of your screen you will see a green triangle and a dropdown- menu on the side of it. 2. Make sure that the dropdown-menu is set to Release and set to the right Bit version, according to your Computer (32/64 bit) 3. Click on the green triangle, a box will pop-up asking you to build some projects, click on "yes" and the recompiling will start, Congratulations! This part is only for adding a script to an areatrigger/creature/gameobject/instance/item, if your script is not about any of these categories then you are done. If you want to add a areatrigger/creature/gameobject/instance/itemt hen you have to do one more thing, I will show you in a few steps. 1. Open up your Database and open up the catergory table of what you want to add like : creature_template for creatures. 2. Make or edit an existing areatrigger/creature/gameobject/instance/item 3. Go to the column named "ScriptName". 4. Go to your script, and search something like this ( used Faded's teleporter (a creature)) : class tc_teleporter : public CreatureScript { public: tc_teleporter() : CreatureScript("tc_teleporter") {} 5. When you have that then you will need : CreatureScript("tc_teleporter") 6. Go back to your Database and Write in ScriptName, the part i wrote in red: : CreatureScript("tc_teleporter") 7. You are done now, you may need to restart your server or reload your areatrigger/creature/gameobject/instance/item.
  11. Hello since WoW-V has shut down does anyone know a good program or a website alternative for making custom wow items for trinitycore it would be better if it also made custom quests npcs and mobs but just items would be fine
  12. Hello while I was compiling the latest trinitycore I kept getting errors saying this: (I am using visual community 2017) and and and a lot of this warning please help
  13. I know this post already exists but I reposted it to see if anyone who did not see the old post has this repack or anything similar to it because I saw a lot of servers that has similar content original post : the repack:kription-wow.com/
  14. AzerothCore is a core based upon SunwellCore which is based upon TrinityCore. I'll quickly talk about why custom server developers should use it, especially people with new gameplay ideas as it's often the case on modcraft. Sorry if it's not well structured or if it's lacking information. Advantages over TrinityCore Better for players It has been mainly worked on by private server developers unlike TrinityCore (many devs there aren't interested by making playable private servers at all). Almost everybody who contributed to AzerothCore runs his own small public server at the moment, so they want as few bugs as possible for their players. The two developers behind SunwellCore had a server with 3000 players online in January 2016 when they released their code and shut down their server. The two founders of AzerothCore also worked on their own small private (but public) server. It translates into a more polished experience for players, less bugs (look at the SunwellCore features), less complaints and a top notch stability. The database is included in the repo (with working dungeons and raids for example). Custom modules The core makes use of custom modules which allows us to plug them in and out easily, and which doesn't require us to modify the core files. It also means we can keep pulling the git changes from the main repository if we only work with modules. Extras features A better configuration file system which allows us to use a tiny configuration file for better readability and maintenance. A (very) new feature allowing people to disable some unneeded features to increase the performances. A script to easily merge all new SQL updates into one without worrying much. Several custom modules available (such as a Transmogrification module). Based on TrinityCore, so many things are compatible with AzerothCore or require minimum modifications. Sunwell team provided custom addons (raid browser and arena spectator) to use as well which should work very well on AzerothCore. For now, there is no need to extract the client data, it's available as a direct download. Comparison Just found this on google right now : old comparison between trinitycore and azerothcore. Philosophy The goal is to have a playable server, and to favour custom creation. This is an explanation of the long term goals of AzerothCore from the founder : https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/12792-can-someone-explain-sunwellcore/ Links https://discord.gg/PaqQRkd - The main place to talk, come ! http://azerothcore.org/ https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk
  15. Fresh TrinityCore Compile 3.3.5 branch. Rev: c136e4c415bf8e46d71d972353b1d6805c43f045 Date: 10 Dec 2014 Features: Portable Mysql Server Auto-Clear Player cache (C++ Tricky) Ingame Administrator account: Account: admin Password: admin Database account: Account: root Password: ascent [Please modify authserver.conf and worldserver.conf with the correct database username and password!] Download Link: HERE (166.0 mb) - source mega.co.nz Download Dbcs, maps, vmaps, mmaps: -removed-
  16. Before you get scared by this rather long guide, I can assure you that the procedure is quite simple. Most of the following steps are performed only the first time you install Trinity. Once you get used to these steps, you won't have to look to this guide again. What do I need? GitExtensions (Includes Git, MySYSGit and KDiff, install like this!) Visual Studio 2015 Community (vs_community.exe) CMake (Get the Win64 Installer) OpenSSL v1.0.2k 32bits (Get the v1.0.2k Win64 full installer, if you have a 64 bits machine.) OpenSSL v1.0.2k 64bits (Get the v1.0.2k Win64 full installer, if you have a 64 bits machine.) MySQL 5.6 server HeidiSQL Boost 1.59.0 32bits Boost 1.59.0 64bits or Boost 1.60.0 32bits Boost 1.60.0 64bits Setting Boost Evironment: Go to your computer properties.(Control Panel\System and Security\System) Click Advanced system settings Click Environment Variables Click New under User Variables Type Variable name: BOOST_ROOT Variable Value: C:/local/boost_1_59_0 or C:/local/boost_1_60_0 Pulling the source: Before you can jump into compiling anything, you'll need to get the source; this is fairly easy: Create a directory in which the core files will be pulled. (e.g: C:/Trinity) Right-click on the directory, navigate to 'GitExt Clone' and press it Fill in the data as following: Repository to clone: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git Destination: C:/Trinity Subdirectory to create: <none> Branch: 3.3.5 Click on 'Clone' and wait a couple minutes whilst the files are being pulled. Configuring and Generating Visual C++ solutions via CMake: Before you can continue and compile the source, you'll have to generate the solution. This is done via Cmake. Create a directory in which the compile will be built. (Different from the source.) (e.g: C:/Build) Launch CMake GUI Navigate to the source and the build directories Press configure. (Choose Visual Studio 14 2015) Once configured, you'll get a table coloured in bright red with various options. The options should be set correctly, although, hover over them and see if you need any extras. Be sure to keep 'Servers' and 'WITH_MYSQL_SOURCES' checked. Press configure again, and then Generate. When everything went correctly, you should get a message saying: "Generating Done" You can now close CMake. Compiling the source: Finally we came to the step where we'll compile the source; Go into your build folder, and open the 'TrinityCore.sln' file Once Microsoft Visual C++ has launched, at the top change the setting from 'Debug' to 'Release' and be sure that the platform is 'Win32' Press the small green (> play arrow to start building. Building should take about 30 minutes. Once done you should get an error that 'Build All' went unsuccessfully, however at the bottom of the screen you should see the line: ========== Build: 23 completed, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ========== The freshly compiled core can be found in the 'Build/bin/release' folder.[/list] You'll need the following files to get the core to function properly: ACE.dll libeay32.dll libmySQL.dll ssleay32.dll worldserver.conf.dist worldserver.exe authserver.conf.dist authserver.exe There are a few DLLs that needs to be manually added to this folder, and you need to copy them over from the following installation/bin directories: libmySQL.dll --> C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.x\lib\ libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll --> C:\OpenSSL-Win64\ or C:\OpenSSL-Win32\ (depends on if your core is 64-bit or 32-bit) Keeping the core up to date: Trinity developers are always working to fix bugs or add new features. I'd suggest doing this step at least once a month; Go back to your source folder, and right click. Navigate to GitExtensions and press 'Pull' Make sure it is configured as following: Pull from Remote: origin Remote Branch: 3.3.5 Merge remote branch to current branch Click Pull, and the latest core revision will be downloaded. Now you just repeat 'Compiling the core' and you'll have the latest revision. Setting up the MYSQL server: Run the MYSQL server installer previously downloaded Click I accept the liecense terms and hit next Select Server only and then next Execute wait for it to complete then next Next until you need to add a root password Add any password you would like to have (this will be used in the world config and auth config later on Next and then Execute Finish Getting the databases: Download the Databases here: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/releases Extract them to a folder Installing the databases Open HeidiSQL and connect to your database with username root and the password you entered Create 3 databases, Auth, World and Characters To do that you right click unnamed and create new, database. Click the world database created and then click query Drag the TDB world.sql file in the folder you extracted and drop it in the query Hit the run button (blue arrow pointing to the right). After that you want to navigate to your source to SQL folder Open folder base inside the SQL folder Drag auth_database.sql to query and click auth database and run it Drag characters_database.sql to query and click characters database and run it Setting up the server: Whilst you can download these files from the web, it might be useful to extract them yourself; In order to run, Trinity needs dbc, maps, vmaps and mmaps. These need to be extracted. The extractors can be compiled together with Trinity. (select the 'tools' option in CMake) Put the extractors in your World of Warcraft client directory. Navigate to your source folder into contrib, copy and paste extractor.bat to your WoW client folder. Launch the WoW client, once you see the home screen, close it again. Run extractor.bat Once it's finished, you may delete the 'Buildings' folder and move the other folders (maps, vmaps, mmaps, dbc) to the folder your core binaries are. (e.g: /Trinity/bin/Win32_release or C:/Trinity/bin/x64_release) Unless moving to another patch or explicitly stated in a commit note, the maps, vmaps and dbc should stay the same. By thus, this process shouldn't be repeated. Configuring the server You can alter various settings of your server by editing the configuration files. This is required to do before starting it, since you'll need to fill in the correct MySQL details. Rename the worldserver.config.dist to worldserver.config Read through all the settings, however be sure to change: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];auth" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];world" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];characters" And make it reflect your MySQL settings. Rename the authserver.config.dist to authserver.config Read through all the settings, however be sure to change: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;[password];auth" Finished After all these steps are complete, you should have successfully compiled and configured a fresh Trinity Core compile. Be sure to change your realmlist to 'Set realmlist' and launch both the authserver.exe and worldserver.exe, After a couple minutes these should be started without any issue's. You will have to create your account using the world console: .account create NAME PASSWORD PASSWORD
  17. So I was requested in the past to create a Season 8 Weapons Vendor, so here I am releasing it for you guys! Have fun
  18. Heya, folks! It's been quite some time since I've written any tutorials, so bare with me as I get back into the game. Today, I am starting small. First and foremost, you must have at the very least, a repack that requires you to get your own .dbc files. I use my own compiled servers, so I'm unsure if repacks extract .dbc's or not. Anywho, let's officially begin! Tools Needed: MyDBCEditor - (Hosted by Lordcraft) MPQ Editor - (Hosted by Lordcraft) Step One: This is the easy part, open your .dbc folder and locate a file called CharTitles.dbc. Do yourself a favor and copy this .dbc and place it somewhere just in case you mess up and have to try again. Or if you want to simply "back up" and restart from scratch. I usually place mine on my Desktop. Step Two: This may get complicated! I'm kidding, this is an easy tutorial that doesn't require much though. You're going take the CharTitles.dbc and drag it onto your MyDBCEditor.exe. When you've done that, it should look like this: Step Three: We're doing good so far! But here's the fun part! You'll see under ID 177 is the Wrathful Gladiator title, right? Right. Right click that, go to the option that says "copy line to..." and type in 178. This should make a copy of the Wrathful Gladiator title. Cool, right? Well, we need to change a couple of things here... 1st - Change Wrathful Gladiator %s to whatever title you want. 2nd - %s stands for "string" or in this case, a character's name. So "Wrathful Gladiator %s" would be "Wrathful Gladiator Valtorei". Put the %s wherever you need it to be. 3rd - Change the title in both locations, leave everything else alone. 4th - At the end of the line in column 37, there should be a number "142". For each title you add, increase this by one. In this case, you should make it number 143. 5th - Save it and close it! Step Four: Good job! Patch up the .dbc file, make sure it's placed in you data folder, clear your cache, and restart your server! (Make sure the updated .dbc is also in your dbc folder!)
  19. Hello, I have been asked by many people the same question; How can I assemble vmaps? it's not doing anything when I double click it... Here is the answer. When you execute vmap4assembler.exe it needs some specifications after that, so what I do to solve this issue is by creating a .bat file to execute that command right when vmap4assembler is open. How do I create a .bat file? It is pretty simple and you don't need any program to do so. Open Notepad or Notepad++ and then add this commands: md vmaps md mmaps vmap4assembler.exe Buildings vmaps mmaps_generator.exe pause This code will create 2 directories called vmaps and mmaps, then run the vmap4assembler with the commands you need and after that is done mmaps_generator.exe will run. This code will work only if you have already run mapextractor.exe and vmap4extractor.exe previously. If you haven't use the following commands: mapextractor.exe vmap4extractor.exe md vmaps md mmaps vmap4assembler.exe Buildings vmaps mmaps_generator.exe pause This will basically create all the maps, mmaps, dbc and vmaps automatically. It will not work properly if you have executed any of the extractors before, if you have; just delete all the folders this extractors created and run this code. After adding that commands on Notepad++ or Notepad, just save it on the wow folder with the extractors as run.bat and double click that file after that and let it run! I hope this tutorial will solve this common issue, Dawnbrightsu
  20. Here is the link of the video and the links I mention on it aswell. This is a video for does that don't know how to compile TrinityCore on Windows or have been having issues doing so. Requirements: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Windows+Requirements Visual Studio 2015 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/aco3dq0pruzh6ut/vs_community.exe Thanks, Dawnbrightsu
  21. Hello, i'm trying to apply this patch to my latest TC rev. but i'm getting this error.. anyone has an idea how to fix this error? http://prntscr.com/esl3gi the patch i'm trying to apply is on the attachments. 2016_09_07-LordPsyanBots.patch
  22. VanQ Production presents : Banner created by Nutternewb and edited by Me Well, first.. thanks for visiting this thread ! 1 month thinking way out (RBAC) and now it solved (Yaaaay!! ) and now i'm so happy to announce my repack "VanQ Ultimate Repack" Make sure to Download it =D. Core : Trinity Core Patch : 3.3.5 Type : Funserver General features of this repack : ☑ Crossfaction BG's -V2- ☑ Arena Spectator -V2- ☑ Teleporter 2 -V2- ☑ Utility Command -V2- ☑ World Chat System ☑ Gurubashi Theme Changer ☑ Bounty Hunter ☑ Duel CD ☑ Beastmaster ☑ Unique Killstreak System ☑ Service NPC ☑ Blood Money NPC ☑ Leveling Mount Renter (Level 1-30) ☑ Nagrand Arena Event ☑ PvP Title System ☑ Talent Spectator NPC ☑ Global Teleporter ☑ Top 10 Arena Team NPC ☑ Transmogrifier ☑ Vip Command ☑ World Chat System ☑ Boss Announcer ☑ Title Vendor ( 545642 (token) ) ☑ Police a.k.a Anti PvP Guard ☑ Custom Boss Scripted ☑ VIP Npc at VIP House (.vip mall) ☑ Wintergrasp Well Scripted ☑ Welcome NPC ☑ NPC Supporter ☑ VIP Teleporter with Buff ☑Alliance Mall ☑ Horde Mall ☑ Funzone ☑ Events ☑ Alliance Start in Stormwind ☑ Horde Start in Oggrimmar SQL Fixed thousands of error (Custom) Fixed Many Quest Fixed Error in Console Server Ahbot added A few custom items VIP VIP Vendor added and spawned VIP House VIP NPC etc VIP Commands .vip mall .vip changerace .vip customize .vip changefaction .vip tele [Rank In Game] 1 : Player 2 : VIP 3 : Event Master 4 : Game Master 5 : Developer 6 : Admin 7 : Owner Custom Events ⇒ Heavenstairs (.tele heavenstair) by Micalickeric ⇒ Swirl Maze (.tele mediummaze) by Micalickeric ⇒ Event1 (.tele event1) ⇒ Event2 (.tele event2) ⇒ Development Land (.tele development1) [Wanna Build Something?] ⇒ Dire maul event (.tele diremaulevent) ⇒ 10 Man Boss Fight (.tele event3) [2 Boss] ⇒ Event4 (.tele event4) ⇒ Event5 (.tele event5) -V2- ⇒ Event6 (.tele event6) -V2- ⇒ Event7 (.tele event7) (Not sure) -V2- Funzone ⇒ Funzone 1 (.tele funzone) ⇒ Treasure Tower (.tele treasuretower) ⇒ Disco (.tele disco) Extras ⇒ GM Start Level 80 ⇒ RBAC System (Do not fear with Rbac! Contact me if ur having rbac problem) ⇒ GM Addon in folder ⇒ And many MORE! REMOVED or Cannot Be Used ⇒ Guild House System Server Full Info Races Horde Blood elf are working 100% as intended. Orc are working 100% as intended. Tauren are working 100% as intended. Troll are working 100% as intended. Undead are working 100% as intended. Alliance Draenei are working 100% as intended. Dwarf are working 100% as intended. Gnome are working 100% as intended. Human are working 100% as intended. Night Elf are working 100% as intended. Zones Kalimdor is available Eastern Kingdoms is available Outlands is available Northrends is available Most spells and talents are working. Death Knights are working 96% as intended. Druids are working 94% as intended. Hunters are working 97% as intended. Mages are working 96% as intended. Paladins are working 95% as intended. Priests are working 95% as intended. Rogues are working 96% as intended. Shamans are working 97% as intended. Warlocks are working 96% as intended. Warriors are working 96% as intended. Working Battlegrounds Random Battlegrounds are available Warsong Gulch is available Arathi Basin is available Eye of the Storm is available Alterac Valley is available Strand of the Ancients is available Isle of Conquest is available Wintergrasp is available Working Arenas Blade's Edge Arena is available Nagrand Arena is available Ruins of Lordaeron is available The Ring of Valor is available The Dalaran Arena is available Dungeons and Raids Vanilla,The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Dire Maul is available Blackfathom Deeps is available Gnomeregan is available Maraudon is available Molten Core is available Ragefire Chasm is available Blackrock Depths is available Blackrock Spire is available Blackwing Lair is available Razorfen Downs is available Razorfen Kraul is available Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj is available Scarlet Monastery is available Scholomance is available Shadowfang keep is available Stormwind Stockade is available Stratholme is available Temple of Atal'Hakkar is available The Deadmines is available Uldaman is available Wailing Caverns is available Temple of Ahn'Qiraj is available Zul'Gurub is available Zul'Farrak is available Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts is available Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs is available Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls is available Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth is available Black Temple is available Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit is available Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills is available Caverns of Time: The Black Morass is available Coilfang Reservoir is available Gruul's Lair is available Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts is available Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon's Lair is available Hellfire Citadel: The Blood Furnace is available Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls is available Karazhan is available Magisters' Terrace is available Sunwell Plateau is available Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz is available Tempest Keep: The Botanica is available Tempest Keep: The Eye is available Tempest Keep: The Machanar is available Zul'Aman is available Naxxramas is available Wyrmrest Temple: The Obsidian Sanctum is available Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Keep is available Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Pinnacle is available Azjol-Nerub: Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom is available Azjol-Nerub: Azjol-Nerub is available Drak'Tharon Keep is available The Nexus: The Nexus is available The Nexus: The Eye of Eternity is available The Nexus: The Oculus is available Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme is available The Violet Hold is available Gundrak is available Vault of Archavon is available Onyxia's Lair is available Ulduar is available Ulduar: Halls of Stone is available Ulduar: Halls of Lightning is available Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Champion is available Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader is available Wyrmrest Temple: Ruby Sanctum is available Icecrown Citadel Icecrown Citadel is available Icecrown Citadel : Halls of Reflection is available Icecrown Citadel : Pit of Saron is available Icecrown Citadel : Forge of Souls is available Icecrown is : 11/12 working! (Gunship is not Available) Miscellaneous Dungeon Finder is available Barber Shop is available Auction House (AH) is available Transmogification is available Ore spawns are Blizzlike spawns Achievements are available Vehicle is working Game: Additional user accounts can be made via the Account Registration page or a console command. Please do not try to do this manually via the database. It will not work. Database users are maintained via the MySQL. (Edit the root user password.) Login Info ! Username: admin Password: admin Database: Host: localhost Username: root Password: ascent - - - Updated - - - DBC - http://fbe.am/hAj vMaps - File is too Big (Use another Mirror) Maps - File is too Big (Use another mirror) DBC - http://www.4shared.com/rar/z6n4V_Sj/dbc.html? vMaps - http://www.4shared.com/rar/HbCEFJvf/vmaps_1.html? Maps - http://www.4shared.com/rar/iJmB2KvB/maps.html? DBC - http://www.2shared.com/file/loPnLm1i/dbc.html vMaps - File is too BIG (Use another Mirror) Maps - http://www.2shared.com/file/gkZ2eJVW/maps.html Version 2 (For V2 Repack) vMaps - http://www.4shared.com/rar/7ERmda9n/vmaps_2.html? Maps - http://www.4shared.com/rar/YtcarszX/maps_1.html? DBC - http://www.4shared.com/rar/z6n4V_Sj/dbc.html? vMaps - http://www.sendspace.com/file/lebg6e vMaps - http://www.filebox.com/e7skotvgbbok vMaps - http://www.gigasize.com/get/p7z16o41dwc Mmaps - www.4shared.com/archive/UNlVtofZ/mmaps.htm Mmaps - http://www.filebox.com/0wfapjfgamrt Mmaps - http://d01.megashares.com/index.php?d01=z5gHeMk All credits to ME (Upload,Extract,Etc) Software Required/Needed Choose one of these Database management tools : SQLYog Community Edition (Fastest and most efficient) /Recommend for advanced/ https://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/downloads/list HeidiSQL (Best for beginners) /Recommend for Beginner/ http://www.heidisql.com/ Navicat(Best for nothing) /NOT Recommended/ http://www.navicat.com/en/download/download.html .NET Framework 3.5 or Higher http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl...ils.aspx?id=21 Download Repack Below Boss is removed (In GM Island) Frequently Asked Question What is Ahbot ? It is a server-controlled bot useful to keep auctionhouses on low populated realms constantly full of items for characters to buy. It can also act as buyer, so that characters will always have someone buying the items they put on auction. Warning : Please do not use Ahbot Account ! or you may CRASH. What are Warden Systems? Warden (also known as Warden Client) is an anti-cheating tool integrated in Blizzard Entertainment games. Warden uses operating system APIs to collect information about certain software running on the user's computer and sends it back to Blizzard servers as hash values to be compared to those of known cheating programs or simply as a yes/no response (whether a cheat was found). What is RBAC? RBAC or Role Based Access Control with this system,we will have more control of what an account can do, in an indivisual base. You can still define what Players can do, but you will be able to allow or deny certain actions to some players. More Info HERE Are you gonna keep updating this repack? Bump and rate this thread ! and I will add more features How do I make my server Public ? -removed- Thanks Jeutie for the Guide! Warning: Some custom content may cause your wow to crash, please clear your WoW cache folder. ♪ Installing Tutorial ♪ 1. Extract the repack using WinRAR 2. Download maps,vmaps,dbc and mmaps (optional). You could obtain them in other way : Open Tools in VanQ Ultimate Repack file and read README. 3. Put DBC,maps,vmaps and Mmaps in VanQ Core. 4. Open _Server and run mysql.bat / mysql 5. Open VanQ Core and run worldserver.exe & authserver.exe 6. Enjoy ! 2PLEASE NOTE : THIS THREAD IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! ☣ Repack ☣ ♐ 4shared - http://www.4shared.com/rar/VQxf4hUl/vanq_ultimate_repack_1.html?'>http://www.4shared.com/rar/VQxf4hUl/vanq_ultimate_repack_1.html? VERSION 2 : http://www.4shared.com/rar/xppq--T8/vanq_ultimate_repack_v2.html Credits ◙Me : Compile,Upload,Fix C++ Script,Killstreak,Welcome,Solving RBAC Issue,Tree Talent,Events,Boss,SQL Error. ◙Jeutie : MySQL And Apache ONLY ◙Ghostcrawler : VIP Command,Duel CD and World Chat ◙Nomsoft : PvP title system,Dire Maul Event (Fixed by me) ◙Parranoia : Blood Duel NPC ◙Mathix : Changer ◙LordOfDOOM : Beastmaster (Fixed By me ) ◙Sdyess : Gurubashi Theme Changer ◙Rochet2 : Transmogrification ◙ ProphetX for Control Panel ◙ BGtracker for Re-releasing the Control Panel ◙ LordCraft Members for visiting this thread and Download Need Help? Add me on skype : hakimi1236 Email : vanqproduction@gmail.com Original Thread -removed- Banner created by Nutternewb and edited by Me
  23. Make A simple gossip npc in C++: First we are going to start with some sample code! #include "ScriptMgr.h" #include "Chat.h" #include "ScriptedGossip.h" #include "Player.h" class ExampleGossipNpcTut: public CreatureScript { public: ExampleGossipNpcTut() : CreatureScript("ExampleGossipNpcTut") { } bool OnGossipHello(Player * player, Creature * npc) { player->ADD_GOSSIP_ITEM(1, "Say Hello!", GOSSIP_SENDER_MAIN, GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1); player->ADD_GOSSIP_ITEM(9, "Nevermind...", GOSSIP_SENDER_MAIN, GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1000); player->SEND_GOSSIP_MENU(DEFAULT_GOSSIP_MESSAGE, npc->GetGUID()); return true; } bool OnGossipSelect(Player* player, Creature* npc, uint32 sender, uint32 uiAction) { player->PlayerTalkClass->ClearMenus(); switch (uiAction) { case GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1: npc->Say("Hello there!", LANG_UNIVERSAL, NULL); break; case GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1000: // Close Function player->CLOSE_GOSSIP_MENU(); break; } return true; } }; void AddSC_ExampleGossipNpcTut() { new ExampleGossipNpcTut(); } This sample gives us 2 gossip options. Those are: 1. "Say Hello" 2. "Nevermind" At the end of the of each gossip option we have + x (x = number). This number is used to point to the case where the functions are stored. For example "player->ADD_GOSSIP_ITEM(1, "Say Hello!", GOSSIP_SENDER_MAIN, GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1);" points at "case GOSSIP_ACTION_INFO_DEF + 1: npc->Say("Hello there!", LANG_UNIVERSAL, NULL); break;" Knowing this enables us to add more gossip options, but for now we will keep 2. Witihin the cases functions are stored as mentioned previously. These functions can be anything from buffs to teleportation, buying items and selling items. I have used 2 functions, "npc->Say("Hello there!", LANG_UNIVERSAL, NULL);" and "player->CLOSE_GOSSIP_MENU();" The words npc and player have been used because they have been defined: bool OnGossipHello(Player * player, Creature * npc) bool OnGossipSelect(Player* player, Creature* npc, uint32 sender, uint32 uiAction) These words can be changed to anything as you may see some scripts use plr or pl. If I have missed anything let me know!
  24. Hello guys, I've made a custom security levels on the core -> common.h file then worked on the RBAC permissions through Database, the first custom rank commands work ingame fine, but when i use .commands nothing happen so they guy who'll have this rank will need to test all Trinitycore commands to know what's available for him, I've done a lot of tries like attaching command: .commands to the permission id but still not working.
  25. Executable SQL for Item Creation {3.3.5a} ----------------------------- I just noticed that all the item makers I could find were all still outdated and using inserts for old database structures, so seeing as I don't know how to make programs all that well but I can do some SQL for fun I decided to make and upload this for free use! All you have to do to use this is simply edit the SET Values and execute it into your database. I even added notes for convenience! For Reference on the variables you can add to this query head over to Trinitycore Wiki -- Item_Template and click on the field you need info for! If you have any questions or requests in the future, Ask away! (No promises on Requests) With love, A235848

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