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Found 19 results

  1. Hello yesterday I have been looking around on my pc while doing that I found a repack for the old well known server called cascade wow so I said why not share with people so here it is Download link(patch already inside) https://mega.nz/#!ZZwFVLwK!rYkDiQqJuEiOSMcBiNGqLzSLoJ22QXY2o_FCA-JrU8s If you like it give me +rep
  2. Hello while I was compiling the latest trinitycore I kept getting errors saying this: (I am using visual community 2017) and and and a lot of this warning please help
  3. {Major 3.3.5 Emulators} - Arcemu - Trinity - Mangos New Release by me. 19 Twink Vendors, I hope you all like it and I hope it becomes useful to someone. If there is anything wrong with my release please leave a reply telling me the problem so I can fix it. I try to add as many things to the vendors as possible but If you would like me to add something that would help everyone then post that below to. If you need any help you can find me on discord Riparoo#7835 Screenshots Photobucket Downloads: Database Structure up to date as of May 11th, 2017 Extra: Comes with the option to set Sell and Buy prices to 0. Support me by clicking the like button to the bottom right of this post
  4. I edited the login screen for my WoW client and patched it up but ended up breaking my character creation screen. Modified GlueParent.XML CurrentGlueMusic = "GS_Custom_Login"; GlueCreditsSoundKits = { }; GlueCreditsSoundKits[1] = "Menu-Credits01"; GlueCreditsSoundKits[2] = "Menu-Credits02"; GlueCreditsSoundKits[3] = "Menu-Credits03"; GlueScreenInfo = { }; GlueScreenInfo["login"] = "AccountLogin"; GlueScreenInfo["charselect"] = "CharacterSelect"; GlueScreenInfo["realmwizard"] = "RealmWizard"; GlueScreenInfo["charcreate"] = "CharacterCreate"; GlueScreenInfo["patchdownload"] = "PatchDownload"; GlueScreenInfo["movie"] = "MovieFrame"; GlueScreenInfo["credits"] = "CreditsFrame"; GlueScreenInfo["options"] = "OptionsFrame"; SoundEntries.dbc GS_Custom_Login LoginScreen_Ang.mp3 Error:
  5. Fresh TrinityCore Compile 3.3.5 branch. Rev: c136e4c415bf8e46d71d972353b1d6805c43f045 Date: 10 Dec 2014 Features: Portable Mysql Server Auto-Clear Player cache (C++ Tricky) Ingame Administrator account: Account: admin Password: admin Database account: Account: root Password: ascent [Please modify authserver.conf and worldserver.conf with the correct database username and password!] Download Link: HERE (166.0 mb) - source mega.co.nz Download Dbcs, maps, vmaps, mmaps: -removed-
  6. mathex

    Skills on Login

    Hello this is a very simple script that max out your weapon skills for every character on each login. #include "ScriptPCH.h" class maxskills : public PlayerScript { public: maxskills() : PlayerScript("maxskills") { } void OnLogin(Player * player) { player->MonsterWhisper("Your skills have been updated.", player->GetGUID()); player->UpdateSkillsToMaxSkillsForLevel(); } }; void AddSC_maxskills() { new maxskills; } save anywhere as "any_name.cpp" :-) Enjoy. Adding scripts into core
  7. Heya, folks. I have been out of the modding/emulating community for quite some time now, so I'm way out of practice when it comes to playing with Trinity. Or anything relating to it, honestly. Not to mention that there has been huge changes to the Trinity Core since I was around last. Currently I have been downporting models from WoD/Legion to my WotLK server, which has been taxing and a pain, but that's not what I'm asking about. A project that I've been working on alongside the model modding is spell edits. I have been trying to come up with new mounts and spells that don't involve overwriting old spells/mounts. AKA: I need a NEW spell to cast a custom mount with a new display ID and all that jazz. I'm also doing this with custom shapeshifts, i.e. a new flight form that any class can use. One of my issues is that I can't find these spells in the database, and I already know I'll probably need to do some edits in the core for a flight form. But I'm not 100% where to go from here.
  8. Heya, folks! It's been quite some time since I've written any tutorials, so bare with me as I get back into the game. Today, I am starting small. First and foremost, you must have at the very least, a repack that requires you to get your own .dbc files. I use my own compiled servers, so I'm unsure if repacks extract .dbc's or not. Anywho, let's officially begin! Tools Needed: MyDBCEditor - (Hosted by Lordcraft) MPQ Editor - (Hosted by Lordcraft) Step One: This is the easy part, open your .dbc folder and locate a file called CharTitles.dbc. Do yourself a favor and copy this .dbc and place it somewhere just in case you mess up and have to try again. Or if you want to simply "back up" and restart from scratch. I usually place mine on my Desktop. Step Two: This may get complicated! I'm kidding, this is an easy tutorial that doesn't require much though. You're going take the CharTitles.dbc and drag it onto your MyDBCEditor.exe. When you've done that, it should look like this: Step Three: We're doing good so far! But here's the fun part! You'll see under ID 177 is the Wrathful Gladiator title, right? Right. Right click that, go to the option that says "copy line to..." and type in 178. This should make a copy of the Wrathful Gladiator title. Cool, right? Well, we need to change a couple of things here... 1st - Change Wrathful Gladiator %s to whatever title you want. 2nd - %s stands for "string" or in this case, a character's name. So "Wrathful Gladiator %s" would be "Wrathful Gladiator Valtorei". Put the %s wherever you need it to be. 3rd - Change the title in both locations, leave everything else alone. 4th - At the end of the line in column 37, there should be a number "142". For each title you add, increase this by one. In this case, you should make it number 143. 5th - Save it and close it! Step Four: Good job! Patch up the .dbc file, make sure it's placed in you data folder, clear your cache, and restart your server! (Make sure the updated .dbc is also in your dbc folder!)
  9. Executable SQL for Item Creation {3.3.5a} ----------------------------- I just noticed that all the item makers I could find were all still outdated and using inserts for old database structures, so seeing as I don't know how to make programs all that well but I can do some SQL for fun I decided to make and upload this for free use! All you have to do to use this is simply edit the SET Values and execute it into your database. I even added notes for convenience! For Reference on the variables you can add to this query head over to Trinitycore Wiki -- Item_Template and click on the field you need info for! If you have any questions or requests in the future, Ask away! (No promises on Requests) With love, A235848
  10. Hey guys, i'm in need of a sql script that is for Twink Vendors. Twink 19 / 29 / 39 vendors for 4.3.4. Core: Trinity Core I will give +rep to the one who helps me with this. If you want to work with me as well as a partner, feel free to reply with your skype.
  11. Hey guys, I wanted to give back to the community by sharing this script that I used to make a level 11 World Event Boss in replacement of the town's Hallow's end quests.All you would have to do is add in the NPCI have tested it and it works great --[[ Summary Description: A short simple script that scripts a Custom mini-boss for low levels for the Hallow's End Event (Event ID 12) Its basically the Horseman's attack on the towns without putting out fires. Maybe Future? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TODO: Pumpkin Adds: Derived from Kruul's LUA Script -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spells: Cleave - 15496 - Inflicts 110% of weapon damage to an enemy and its nearest ally. Conflagration - 42380 - Sets an enemy aflame, inflicting 5% of maximum health as Fire damage every 1 sec and sending it into a state of panic for 4 sec. While the target is affected, the flames periodically scorch its nearby allies as well. ** This spell targets a random player and casts the spell ** SummonPumpkins -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Developed By: Promotion (In-Game Name) (Render1982) Credits: EmuDevs (For the API would've never have done this without it xD and all its Members for support and kindly nature!) Notes: I have put comments through out to remind myself and maybe others about what each line is. -]] local entry = 500200 -- NPC Entry local function CastCleave(eventId, dely, calls, creature) -- Cleave creature:CastSpell(creature:GetVictim(), 15496, true) end local function CastConflagration(eventId, dely, calls, creature) -- BURN THE PLAYER! if (math.random(1, 100) <= 75) then local players = creature:GetPlayersInRange() creature:CastSpell(players[math.random(1, #players)], 42380) creature:SendUnitYell("Harken, cur! Tis you I spurn! Now feel... the burn!", 0) creature:PlayDirectSound(12573) end end local function OnSpawn(event, creature) -- The Horseman Spawns creature:SendUnitYell("Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum! CRY for mercy! THE RECKONING HAS COME!", 0) creature:PlayDirectSound(11966) creature:RemoveEvents() end local function OnTargetDied(event, creature, victim) -- A player was Defeated creature:SendUnitYell("Your body lies beaten, battered and broken! Let my curse be your own, fate has spoken!", 0) creature:PlayDirectSound(11962) end local function OnEnterCombat(event, creature, target) -- Activate his Spells creature:RegisterEvent(CastCleave, 7000, 0) creature:RegisterEvent(CastConflagration, 12000, 0) -- creature:RegisterEvent(SpawnPumpkins, 15000, 1) -- Will Activate at a later time creature:SendUnitYell("It is over, your search is done! Let fate choose now, the righteous one!",0) creature:PlayDirectSound(11961) end --[[ -- Will be Activated Later local function SummonPumpkins(creature, target) local x, y, z = GetRelativePoint(math.random()*9, math.random()*math.pi*2) local pumpkin = creature:SpawnCreature(Pumpkin Entry, x, y, z, 0, 2, 300000) if (pumpkin) then pumpkin:AttackStart(target) end end local function SpawnPumpkins(event, delay, pCall, creature) SummonPumpkins(creature, creature:GetVictim()) SummonPumpkins(creature, creature:GetVictim()) SummonPumpkins(creature, creature:GetVictim()) creature:RegisterEvent(SpawnPumpkins, 45000, 0) end --]] local function OnLeaveCombat(event, creature) creature:PlayDirectSound(11965) -- Group Wiped creature:SendUnitEmote("The Horseman Cackles") -- Horseman Laughs creature:RemoveEvents() end local function OnDied(event, creature, killer) creature:SendUnitYell("This end... have I reached before. What new adventure lies in store?", 0) -- Players Were Successful creature:PlayDirectSound(11964) creature:RemoveEvents() end -- Register the Horseman's Events RegisterCreatureEvent(entry, 1, OnEnterCombat) RegisterCreatureEvent(entry, 2, OnLeaveCombat) RegisterCreatureEvent(entry, 3, OnTargetDied) RegisterCreatureEvent(entry, 4, OnDied) RegisterCreatureEvent(entry, 5, OnSpawn)Fixed Conflagration being casted without him in combat and added sound.Next Up will be the Pumpkin SolidersThanks to Foereaper for this script; credits to him. It's a bug fix to the Hallow's Eve Treats. local PumpkinTreat = { Entry = 20557, Spells = {24924, 24925, 24708, 24927}, -- Define all the pumpkin spells here } function PumpkinTreat.OnUse(event, player, item, target) local t = PumpkinTreat["Spells"] -- Shorten the subtable to t for _, v in ipairs(t) do -- Loop through the spell table to see if the player has any of the spells applied if(player:HasAura(v)) then player:RemoveAura(v) end end player:CastSpell(player, t[math.random(#t)], true) -- Cast random spell on the player end RegisterItemEvent(PumpkinTreat.Entry, 2, PumpkinTreat.OnUse) Credits: Render1982
  12. t1on

    GOMove Trinity

    Original idea: Mordred Best suggestion: MrSmite on trinitycore forums, thanks for that :3 GOMove is a script that allows you to move objects. You no longer need to be at the point where you want to spawn an object and you can fine tune the position of objects (rotation and x,y,z position) Some features: (Does not include all .. see video) Move objects (to compass directions and according to your character position) Favourite list Snap facing to a compass direction (N,E,W,S) Spawn an object again move to ground level Suggestions are welcome :3 Download: https://rochet2.github.io/?page=GOMove READ THE README! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqbUQrvIlcA Predecessors: GOMove by Mordred (arc) GOMove gossip edition by Rochet2 (arc) GOMove UI addon edition by Rochet2 (trinitycore) Credits: rochet2 and morded
  13. In this tutorial, one will learn how to patch client-side changes. Examples include: spells, achievements, items, and more! To begin, one will need certain programs. Programs Required: 1. MPQEditor 2. MyDBCEditor (or Taliis) This is really simple, and takes little to no effort. The tutorial will begin by teaching how to edit a spell in the DBC files. SPELLS 1. Open Spell.dbc with MyDBCEditor. It should look similar to what's below (unless you chose Taliis). 2. Next, there are multiple things we can do. We've already changed the name of a spell (you can view that here). So, let's try something new... perhaps removing a reagent requirement from a spell? 3. So, the spell I will be working with is Greater Blessing of Kings. I want to remove the Symbol of Kings requirement. So, to do so, I will look for a value in the 52-59 range. In this case, a value is in field 53. The value is an entry identification number for the item, Symbol of Kings. Also, I will be looking for a value in fields 60-67. In this case, it's in field 61. The value tells how many of the reagent is needed before the spell can be cast. 4. Change both numbers in the black bounding boxes to zero (0) and save the file. We would create a patch now; however, we want to make other changes to other DBC files and add them all to one robust patch. ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Open Achievement_Criteria.dbc with MyDBCEditor. It should look similar to what's below (unless you chose Taliis). 2. We can do many things from this point; however, a player has reported a flaw in our daily quest achievements. 3. So, let's take a look at column five (5) for our achievement. You should see the same value below. to 4. This is a hexadecimal number for 2,000. If you don't know hexadecimal, that's all right. Simply double-click it and type 2,200. After the change, you should have the second hexadecimal number. Save the file. 5. In this achievement, we assume that that the name of the achievement is already 2,200 Daily Quests, but players gain it at 2,000. 6. We would make a patch, but we just need to do one more step... items! ITEMS 1. Open Item.dbc with MyDBCEditor. It should look similar to what's below (unless you chose Taliis). 2. If a custom item is added to the game, we're given the infamous red question mark display. To fix this, you must add the item to this DBC file. 3. Insert a new row in the DBC file. Use the same ID as your item (it should already be unique). 4. Your new row should should look like the one above (with the exception of the ID number). 5. After adding the respective values to the other columns, which are found in the database, you can save the file. You can see my example below. 6. We've made our edits, now, we make a patch to display these changes in the client. MAKING THE PATCH 1. Open MPQEditor and click "New MPQ." 2. Name it whatever you want; within the limits below: patch-A through Z patch-4 through 9 3. After creating it, you should see something similar to mine: 4. Right-click on the workspace and select New Folder. 5. Enter the name: DBFilesClient. 6. Within that folder is where we will place our edited DBC files. Right-click and select Add File(s). Once done, it should look like mine: 7. Close the MPQEditor. 8. Congratulations! You made some edits and made a patch! Pat yourself on the back! 9. Add this new patch to your World of Warcraft/data folder. You should see other patches in this folder. For example, patch-1.MPQ. Never remove these other patches! 10. Enjoy your edits!
  14. This patch allows you to use extra configs in a database table. The table will be created in world database. File format: *.patch Core: TrinityCore [Download] [Notice]: This is for people who know it's purpose, do not ask! Credits: Asandru @ FrostLords Forums LilleCarl
  15. Does anyone knows how to make 2 realms?? i currently have 1 Funserver online now, but i wonder how i can make an other 1, such as Blizzlike or something... Just need to know how to make an second realm that works perfectly, .. i have TrinityCore, Compiled server. im using HeidiSql
  16. *Fixed this straight after I posted, sorry Delete this please!*
  17. Programs Required: 1. MPQEditor 2. MyDBCEditor Steps: 1. Open Spell.dbc with MyDBCEditor and search for the spell name you wish to change 2. Save the file by clicking File -> Save 3. Open MPQEditor and create a new patch 4. Use the patch hierarchy below to create the correct patch 5. Add Spell.dbc to the DBFilesClient folder 6. Close MPQEditor and put the newly-created patch in your data folder in your WoW directory 7. Log in and enjoy the new name
  18. Hi All Freind I Need Runeforging Script for last trinity version thanks guys
  19. Hello to all friends who can help me For this All Race All Class For Last Trinity Core Version Please Help Me Sorry For Bad Engilish Thanks

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