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Found 11 results

  1. Very simple SQL Query that provides all flying skills upon character creation. Yep it's reshared a million times. but ohwell i was doing the work manually within my own project and figured whynot share it. it may help people! Simply Run this query targeting world DB, Restart your Server and Create a new character! INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 33388, 'Apprentice Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 33391, 'Journey Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 34090, 'Expert Riding GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 54197, 'Cold Weather Flying (Passive) GLOBAL'); INSERT INTO `playercreateinfo_spell_custom` (`racemask`, `classmask`, `Spell`, `Note`) VALUES (0, 0, 34091, 'Artisan Riding GLOBAL');
  2. {Major 3.3.5 Emulators} - Arcemu - Trinity - Mangos New Release by me. 19 Twink Vendors, I hope you all like it and I hope it becomes useful to someone. If there is anything wrong with my release please leave a reply telling me the problem so I can fix it. I try to add as many things to the vendors as possible but If you would like me to add something that would help everyone then post that below to. If you need any help you can find me on discord Riparoo#7835 Screenshots Photobucket Downloads: Database Structure up to date as of May 11th, 2017 Extra: Comes with the option to set Sell and Buy prices to 0. Support me by clicking the like button to the bottom right of this post
  3. Alright class, today we will be learning about SQL Joins (que moans and groans). SQL Joins are something I myself only just learned about so bear with me here. Let's say you have two tables Players: user_id | user_name | ip_addr ----------|----------------|----------- 0 | "Epicblood" | 1 | "iDeath" | 2 | "someOtherFag | and Kills: user_ded | user_kill | how -------------|------------|-------- 0 | 1 | "knife" 2 | 0 | "rpg" Now we want to find All kills involving player "Epicblood" how do this? simple really, you use a join (Hurray!!) First let me show you the final query: SELECT ded_guy, user_name AS murderer, how FROM( SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs ) AS murder_logs JOIN Players ON ( user_kill = Players.user_id ) WHERE ded_guy = "Epicblood" OR user_name = "Epicblood"; Now this is a confusing query, no?let's break it down. First we are doing this: SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ); This is just grabbing the row in `players` that have the `user_id` of `user_ded`, so this will return both tables more or less combined.then we basically filter that query, to only get the parts we want. SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs This is saying I want to get the field `user_name` and name it `ded_guy`, I also want the fields `user_kill` and `how`.Now we have the username of the dead player in the column `ded_guy` and the user_id of the murderer in `user_kill`, all that's left is to get the username of the murderer: SELECT ded_guy, user_name AS murderer, how FROM( SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs ) AS murder_logs JOIN Players ON ( user_kill = Players.user_id ) Here we are doing a JOIN, similar to the one we did earlier, but instead of using `user_ded`, we use `user_kill`. This is again going to return both tables, but we dont want all those values.so we name `user_name` `murderer`, and grab `ded_guy` and `how`. Lastly we want to filter it to only return kills involving `Epicblood` SELECT ded_guy, user_name AS murderer, how FROM( SELECT user_name AS ded_guy, user_kill, how FROM ( SELECT user_name, user_kill, how FROM Kills JOIN Players ON ( Kills.user_ded = Players.user_id ) ) AS ded_logs ) AS murder_logs JOIN Players ON ( user_kill = Players.user_id ) WHERE ded_guy = "Epicblood" OR user_name = "Epicblood"; Which we can do with a simple WHERE clause. This will return: ded_guy | murderer | how -------------|-----------|------ someOtherFag | Epicblood | rpg Epicblood | iDeath | knife
  4. So I was requested in the past to create a Season 8 Weapons Vendor, so here I am releasing it for you guys! Have fun
  5. Executable SQL for Item Creation {3.3.5a} ----------------------------- I just noticed that all the item makers I could find were all still outdated and using inserts for old database structures, so seeing as I don't know how to make programs all that well but I can do some SQL for fun I decided to make and upload this for free use! All you have to do to use this is simply edit the SET Values and execute it into your database. I even added notes for convenience! For Reference on the variables you can add to this query head over to Trinitycore Wiki -- Item_Template and click on the field you need info for! If you have any questions or requests in the future, Ask away! (No promises on Requests) With love, A235848
  6. As title say , I decided to stop posting my releases on public emulation forums due to many leechers arround but now I decided to give them back to community for a resonable price. Many of you probably know me , my real name is Marco aka Darksoke.Why Darksoke ? Idk either I just gor that nickname because it doesn't mean annything but it does for me , it's the name that make me recognised on this emulation forums. I posted many releases inmany emulation forums and you might probably already know how I "roll this joint". Here is a list of my public releases from newest to older(links coming soon): - Azer CMS realm uptime module!(Private no link) - Trinitycore Buy Transmog items with tokens c++ -Trinitycore c++ V.I.P token -Trinitycore gold cap to gold bars (Core modification)(OUTDATED) -SQL transformation Scrolls(Not posted on lordcraft) -SQL TG and DW scrolls -SQL mass Querrys(Not posted on Lordcraft) -SQL Item generator for trinitycore(Outdated SQL Batch) -Tutorial How to RBAC -WorldPVP + custom Graveyard -Trinitycore admin tools ("Not finished , I lost the project files") -Azer CMS mod (Top Voters of the Month)(Private made for my website) -Random number generator appi So what I can do?: -Create all kind of custom scripts and offer support installing and setting up -Create custom querrys for your database -Create tools to manage your DB (.NET) -Respect the Deadline! Prices depend on how complex you want your script here are some examples! SQL Querry to run bunch of stuff (5-10$) C++ Boss Script default cast some spells(5-10$) C++ Boss script with 2-3 phases(10-15$) C++ Boss script with phases/summoning/changing display(15-30$) .NET Apps (5-100$) depending on what you want You can find all my public releases on my paste site
  7. Hey guys, i'm in need of a sql script that is for Twink Vendors. Twink 19 / 29 / 39 vendors for 4.3.4. Core: Trinity Core I will give +rep to the one who helps me with this. If you want to work with me as well as a partner, feel free to reply with your skype.
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Raj Puri. Many of you may know me from other communities, but I've decided to stick with Lordcraft, simply because you're all nice! Anyhow, I will be contributing frequently (mainly C++ scripts) for TrinityCore. I WILL BE CRAFTING WHAT MATTERS!
  9. I've seen many tutorials (mainly for windows) where tutorial has you 'batch' all the SQL files into a a single *.sql and then the user would import that single file. There are some un-discussed issues with that method; This method does not allow easy identification of errors that might occur during the import of the query. This method could produce a large file that takes some time to load into memory and/or process Not to mention the batch process isn't needed; everyone should already have all the tools they need in order to just import the updates 'en mass'. Here are the scripts to use... Windows Version for /f %%a in ('dir /b *world*.sql') do "C:\PROGRA~1\MySQL\MYSQLS~1.5\bin\mysql.exe" -u [MYSQL User] --password=[User's Password] --database=[Database] < %%a Linux Version for file in *world*.sql; do mysql -u [MYSQL User] --password=[User's Password] [Database] < $file; done **Both examples assume the MySQL Server is running on localhost, if not add -h [Host IP] to the script(s). To process auth or character updates, simply change *world* and [Database] and viola! This may not be necessary any more with TrinityCore's new auto-update scripts, however rumors indicate that there are still some issues with that process. This will work for any core, or anything for that matter. Hope this helps..
  10. How to make an SQL teleporter with SmartAI In HeidiSQL Hi there today I am going to show you how to make an SQL teleporter with smartai – during this I will provide demonstrational images of what it should look like in the database. Firstly you are going to need to make a new gossip NPC in the creature_template section of your database to do this you can follow my other guide located: https://www.lordcraft.net/index.php/topic/3599-creating-a-npc-in-heidisql Remember to make a gossip NPC you will need to set the field “npcflag” to 1. Now that you have created your NPC let’s search for an ID in the gossip_menu_option that is not being used. For this tutorial I am going to choose the ID 51899. So now in the creature_template I am going to put that ID (51899) in the field called gossip_menu_id. Now, we need to start setting up the gossip_menu_option section of the teleporter, so let’s navigate to that table in the database and select “Data View”. You will now see all of the gossip_menu_option data. As you can see you have the following fields: From here we are going to create a new record by clicking on the button. Menu_ID: This is where we are going to put in the ID for our gossip (remember we chose to use ID 51899) so in this field we put in 51899 ID: In here we are going to put a 1. Should you wish to add more then I shall show you how to do this later on in the tutorial (but should you want more, then the ID would increase by 1 each time) Option_Icon: So in here you can put a number that determines what sort of icon that will be shown. You can use the following table to decide what icon you would like to use. For this tutorial I am just going to set it to 0. Option_Text: This is the text that you want to show on your gossip when you talk to the NPC. In here for the sake of this tutorial I am going to put the text “Sanctuary”. OptionBroadcastTextId: Just set this to 0. Option_ID: Now we need to make sure that the gossip_menu_option shows in the NPC so we have to set this field to 1. Npc_Option_NPCFlag: This field needs to show that the NPC that we are applying the gossip_menu_option to is a gossip NPC so in here we put a 1. Action_Menu_ID: Here we can do a couple of things; we can set it to 0, or for example - say we had named this one “Cities” and wanted to have it open a sub menu where the cities would be listed - then we can place the Menu_Id for that list to show. For the case of this tutorial we are simply going to set this to 0. Action_POI_ID: Set this to 0. Box_Coded: Set this to 0. Box_Money: In here you can set a cost/price. For example if you wanted the cost of travelling to Dalaran to be 1g then you would set it here. For this tutorial though I am not going to set a cost so I will simply put “0” in here. Box_Text: This is where you would put a confirmation – for example if I was to put in this field “Are you sure you want to travel to Sanctuary” then this message would come up and ask the player to accept whether they want to travel to Sanctuary or not. BoxBroadcastTextID: Set this to 0.   Well now that we have set up our first gossip_menu_option let me explain how to go about adding more. When adding more you would have to repeat the process but the ID field will change. In the first one that we created we placed a number 1 for the next one we would use the same Menu_ID but for the ID we would make it number 2 (+1 for each gossip_menu_option you make) until you have made all the menu’s that you want to show on that page. Referring to a sub menu: If you have created a menu that will then direct to another menu then you will need to use a new Menu_ID and then start with the ID set as 1 again. As you can see in the example that I have placed above, I have a main menu that then directs to a sub menu. In this, I have 13 options to choose from. The action_menu_id in this case points to a new selection of options except number 13 which has a 0 for the action_menu-id this is because I want this one so when players click on it they will be teleported instead of being taken to a different menu selection. Please also notice that in the option_text I have the name “Sanctuary” for example, that points to a new menu however in mine it shows as |TInterface/icons/Spell_Holy_Fanaticism:25|t |rSantuary. You don’t have to put the |TInterface/icons/Spell_Holy_Fanaticism:25|t |r piece in this just shows a picture icon before the name “Sanctuary”. If you want to have icons then you will need to put |TInterface/icons/Spell_Holy_Fanaticism:25|t |r this in. The icons are changeable and you can find the icons here: http://wowprogramming.com/utils/artbrowser/Interface/ICONS.list. To choose the icon you wish to use I suggest you open the one you wish to use in a new tab, then in the navigation bar you would copy the highlighted part only. See the example below: Should you want to change the icon then you will need to replace where it says “Spell_Holy_Fanaticism” with the text “ABILITY_POISON” as seen highlighted in the image above. You don’t have to use the icons and you can just leave the field with the word “Sanctuary”. Setting the smart_script First of all, let us take a look at the fields in the smart_scripts and I will explain how to set this up as we go along. We are now going to use the gossip_menu_option that you created to make the smart_script. As you may remember, we didn’t set the gossip_menu_option up to be a menu to then go to a sub menu. Entryorguid: In here you will need to set the value to your creature/NPC ID. Source_type: Just set this to 0. ID: This works in the same way as the field ID in the gossip_menu_option, for this we are going to use 1. If you want to add any more then it would increase by 1. Link: Set this to 0. Event_type: Set this to 62. This tells the script that it is activated on gossip select. Event_phase_mask: Set this to 0. Event_chance: Set this to 100. This makes sure that the event happens 100% of the time when the gossip menu is clicked. Event_flag: Set this to 0. Event_param1: This is the gossip_menu_option. In this case it would be set to 51899. Event_param2: This is the gossip_menu_option (Id Field). So in this case it would be set to 1. Event_param3: Set this to 0. Event_param4: Set this to 0. Action_type: Set this to 62. This now tells it that it is a teleport when the menu is clicked. Action_param1: For this you will need to go in-game and get the map ID by typing .gps - Set this field to the map ID for where you want the players to spawn. At this time it would be worth writing down the XYZ coordinates and the orientation or getting a screenshot as you will need these later. As you can see in the image above the map is 1 so if I wanted this as my location I would put a 1 in the Action_param1 and then set the target_x, target_y, target_z with the XYZ coordinates and the target_o to the orientation. Action_param2: Set to 0. Action_param3: Set to 0. Action_param4: Set to 0. Action_param5: Set to 0. Action_param6: Set to 0. Target_type: Set this to 7 (Action Invoker). This now tells it that when the player clicks that menu that they will be teleported. Now you have to continue through the tutorial and set up the target locations. Target_param1: Set to 0. Target_param2: Set to 0. Target_param3: Set to 0. Target_x: This is the x coordinate from doing the command .gps in-game. (This should be easy if you wrote it down as suggested when you got the map id.) Target_y: This is the y coordinate from doing the command .gps in-game. (This should be easy if you wrote it down as suggested when you got the map id.) Target_z: This is the z coordinate from doing the command .gps in-game. (This should be easy if you wrote it down as suggested when you got the map id.) Target_o: This is the orientation from doing the command .gps in game. (This should be easy if you wrote it down as suggested when you got the map id.) Comment: In here put a comment that will help you to find the script again should you ever want or need to change anything. For the sake of this tutorial I will be setting the comment to “Sanctuary Teleport” Once you have done that make sure to save the script in your database. Either click on the Green tick or on the row above. You have now added the first gossip_menu_option: “Sanctuary” and made it so when a player uses your teleporter NPC to click on the menu: “Sanctuary” then they will be teleported to the XYZ location that you have set. REMEMBER: AFTER ADDING GOSSIP_MENU_OPTION YOU WILL NEED TO GO IN-GAME AND USE THE COMMAND .RELOAD GOSSIP_MENU_OPTION. AFTER ADDING THE SMART_SCRIPT YOU WILL HAVE TO RESTART YOUR SERVER TO LOAD IT IN. //Tutorial By DPCoder //Lordcraft.net Special Thanks Katos for reading through the tutorial and checking

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