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Found 4 results

  1. SkyFire.548 Visual studio 12 /20013 Cmake v3.0.0 this what's error from compiler core ?
  2. In this tutorial, one will learn how to patch client-side changes. Examples include: spells, achievements, items, and more! To begin, one will need certain programs. Programs Required: 1. MPQEditor 2. MyDBCEditor (or Taliis) This is really simple, and takes little to no effort. The tutorial will begin by teaching how to edit a spell in the DBC files. SPELLS 1. Open Spell.dbc with MyDBCEditor. It should look similar to what's below (unless you chose Taliis). 2. Next, there are multiple things we can do. We've already changed the name of a spell (you can view that here). So, let's try something new... perhaps removing a reagent requirement from a spell? 3. So, the spell I will be working with is Greater Blessing of Kings. I want to remove the Symbol of Kings requirement. So, to do so, I will look for a value in the 52-59 range. In this case, a value is in field 53. The value is an entry identification number for the item, Symbol of Kings. Also, I will be looking for a value in fields 60-67. In this case, it's in field 61. The value tells how many of the reagent is needed before the spell can be cast. 4. Change both numbers in the black bounding boxes to zero (0) and save the file. We would create a patch now; however, we want to make other changes to other DBC files and add them all to one robust patch. ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Open Achievement_Criteria.dbc with MyDBCEditor. It should look similar to what's below (unless you chose Taliis). 2. We can do many things from this point; however, a player has reported a flaw in our daily quest achievements. 3. So, let's take a look at column five (5) for our achievement. You should see the same value below. to 4. This is a hexadecimal number for 2,000. If you don't know hexadecimal, that's all right. Simply double-click it and type 2,200. After the change, you should have the second hexadecimal number. Save the file. 5. In this achievement, we assume that that the name of the achievement is already 2,200 Daily Quests, but players gain it at 2,000. 6. We would make a patch, but we just need to do one more step... items! ITEMS 1. Open Item.dbc with MyDBCEditor. It should look similar to what's below (unless you chose Taliis). 2. If a custom item is added to the game, we're given the infamous red question mark display. To fix this, you must add the item to this DBC file. 3. Insert a new row in the DBC file. Use the same ID as your item (it should already be unique). 4. Your new row should should look like the one above (with the exception of the ID number). 5. After adding the respective values to the other columns, which are found in the database, you can save the file. You can see my example below. 6. We've made our edits, now, we make a patch to display these changes in the client. MAKING THE PATCH 1. Open MPQEditor and click "New MPQ." 2. Name it whatever you want; within the limits below: patch-A through Z patch-4 through 9 3. After creating it, you should see something similar to mine: 4. Right-click on the workspace and select New Folder. 5. Enter the name: DBFilesClient. 6. Within that folder is where we will place our edited DBC files. Right-click and select Add File(s). Once done, it should look like mine: 7. Close the MPQEditor. 8. Congratulations! You made some edits and made a patch! Pat yourself on the back! 9. Add this new patch to your World of Warcraft/data folder. You should see other patches in this folder. For example, patch-1.MPQ. Never remove these other patches! 10. Enjoy your edits!
  3. Hello everyone, Couple days ago I was looking on the forums of SkyFire Project. I saw in the main menu a link with "5.4.1 core repo" so I clicked on it and it is the repo for 5.4.1. I don't know much about it, but maybe useful for some core developers here? Repo: https://github.com/ProjectSkyfire/SkyFire_5xx I think you have to compile it like you compile SkyFire 4.0.6 core to. Have fun with it Best regards, Tunes.
  4. Programs Required: 1. MPQEditor 2. MyDBCEditor Steps: 1. Open Spell.dbc with MyDBCEditor and search for the spell name you wish to change 2. Save the file by clicking File -> Save 3. Open MPQEditor and create a new patch 4. Use the patch hierarchy below to create the correct patch 5. Add Spell.dbc to the DBFilesClient folder 6. Close MPQEditor and put the newly-created patch in your data folder in your WoW directory 7. Log in and enjoy the new name

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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