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Found 5 results

  1. The Division Review BY VINCE INGENITO => It's not too hard to find nice things to say about Tom Clancy's The Division especially as it unfurls in its strong opening hours: its open-world version of Manhattan is both gorgeous and authentic, its cover-based third-person combat is sound, and its RPG elements run suprisingly deep. And yet, next to every good thing The Division does, there hangs a big, ugly asterisk. That same open world is barren en unengaging, combat gets bogged down with samey waves of walking bullet sponges, and character progression is awkwardly fractured in incovenient ways. Outside of the tension of the PvPvE Dark Zone, there's little that makes this virtual Manhatten feel alive or dangerous. Visually, The Division leans heavily but very effectively on the all-too-familiar icongraphy of post-biological-disaster Manhatten. Coming out of an early security checkpoint, daylight blinded me until my "eyes" adjusted and then I saw it: an improved memorial to those who had given their lives trying to take Manhatten back from the chaos that's swallowed it in the wake of an unprecedented terror attack. I've spent time in the real New York City, and in fact my father was in Manhatten on 9/11. I've seen memorials like this, littered with the helmets of fallen firefighters and hastily scrawled children's drawings with "thank you" writ large acorss the top. It is, perhaps, a cheap way to get me emotionally invested in the conflict that drives the fragmented story forward, but it worked - at least for a time. From the quaint in Christmas lights in Chelsea to the ominously unlit Times Square, The Division is full of evocative visual moments. It never follows up on them in any substantive way, but they do manage to make the city itself the most interesting character in the cast. Winter Wasteland But as full as the world if eerily beatuful sights to see, it is equally devoid of worthwhile things to do. Imagine an open-world game with hardly any dynamic elements, or worse, a long-dead MMO where you and a handful of party members (should you invite folks along for some co-op) are the only people left on your server. That's a solid approximation of how engaging of a play-space The Division's Manhatten is. Enemy encounters are spread thin across the city like too little butter over too much bread, creating long stretches of eventless walking where very little happens. I've walked for minutes at a time without more than one or two small packs of easily dispatched thugs to entertain me. That would matter a lot less if there was more going on around me, but for a city of eight milion that's supposedly just been mortally wounded by a terror attack and subsequently overrun by multiple gangs of militarized fanatics, the streets are suffocatingly calm. That's mostly owing to the fact that there are virtually no random events; just illusions of them. That detachment of peacekeeping troops getting into it with a gang of looters a block over sound like they're engaging in an impromptu skirmish, but it's all a scripted show for your benefit. Once you help them end it, they'll be on indefenite leave. Though some other IGN editors say they've seen gangs dynamically fighting in the world, in more than 50 hours played, I never did. What's more, these pre-set, one-and-done missions are all minor variations of one of a few simple missions types, and once you've done all of them in a zone, there's no material reason to come back to that location besides some inconsequential collectibles that I quickly gave up on grabbing, even when they were only steps out of my way. All of this comes together with Manhattan’s grid-like structure to make the act of exploration tedious when it should be exciting. A good open world teases you off the path from A to B with the promise of discovery and emergent shenanigans; all I really got from The Division was a breadcrumb trail to follow through a series of 90-degree turns with some conveniently placed people to shoot at the end. I Fire a Gun To its credit, shooting those unfortunate looters and mercenaries does feel pretty good, if a bit standard. The gunplay model is a few steps toward the technical realism of most Tom Clancy-branded games from the run-and-gun action of Gears of War, but not many. Things like muzzle travel and bullet spread play a big enough role that guns feel distinct from one another. The M4, for instance, is the reliable mid-range stopgap you’d expect it to be, while the 7.62mm-spitting AK-47 starts bucking like a mule by the time the second or third round has left the muzzle. One is better for sustained fire; the other is best fired in short bursts to inflict maximum damage in a short span before ducking back behind cover. And cover is important, as is covering fire, since enemies can actually be properly suppressed by firing at them when they’re behind cover. Should you bring along a friend or three, this makes co-op tactics particularly rewarding, especially when one of your squadmates suppresses a deadly enemy sniper while you flank around and lace into them. However, the bullet-sponginess of the enemies, and their tendency to shrug off torrents of small arms fire without so much as flinching does rob the shooting of the tactile power that should come with unloading a street sweeper into some poor fool’s chest at point-blank. This exemplifies a larger set of problems that plague The Division: the clash between its grounded, realistic look and the conventions of RPG gameplay. Years of virtual experience in other shooters have taught me that a Saiga-12 will send a person tumbling to the ground in one, maybe two shots, but here, that same gun might take a full clip to get the job done. Getting a Saiga-12 with better stats will obviously make them go down faster, but the problem is that good progression systems need more powerful motivation than just bigger numbers. The long-term gear game in most great RPGs relies on, among other things, a sort of lustful visual progression that makes you eager to see how the next drop will change the look of your character. But the only difference between the level 5 SCAR I used at the start of my journey and the level 28 version I ended it with were the size of the numbers that popped out of my enemy’s head. Weapons, enemy types, and even the gorgeous city itself all fell prey to this fatigue over the nearly 60 hours I played. The promise of the spectacular, of things you haven’t yet seen - these joys are rarely found in The Division’s combat, or in any other facet for that matter. By the end, it’s all one blur of masked men, Kalashnikovs, and smoking urban ruin. Still, the mere fact that the action leans so heavily on sharp aim and smart tactics makes it rewarding when the last leathery-tough foe in a pack finally goes down. That goes double for the main story missions, which throw you headlong into some seriously heated firefights. Here, the action is concentrated and highly demanding. Particularly with a squad of four using complementary skill loadouts, these sections are the highlights of The Division. Hunkering down behind a teammate’s deployed piece of cover with bullets whizzing overhead while one of my sentry turrets suppresses and stuns groups of enemies for another squadmate to light up with an incendiary seeker mine is a thrill. The promise of these kinds of moments ends up becoming the main reason to persevere through the banalities of The Division’s open world. Thankfully, you can easily matchmake and fast travel directly to these gems - a welcome convenience that allows you to bypass parts of the open-world slog. Not for long though. You’ll rarely come out of one mission with the gear, skills, and level to be successful in the next, so it’s back out onto those empty streets again to progress your character. The RPG elements in The Division are more interesting than I expected, but like everything else, they too have their problems. Find the full review on IGN: http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/03/17/the-division-review
  2. *|== Dead by DayLight ==|* [About - Dead by DayLight] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dead by Daylight an indie horror game created and developed by Behaviour Digital Inc.and published by Starbreeze Studios. Dead by Daylight is both an action and survival horror multiplayer game(4vs1) in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. It was released on June 14th, 2016. [Futures - Dead by DayLight] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a Survivor go in alone or team up with friends to face an unknown threat. Use equipment at hand, unlocked abilities and environmental objects to outwit the monster and escape from its killing ground. Set in a procedurally generated world, you’ll never know what to expect, what you’re facing and how to get away. You will have to make stressful choices under desperate circumstances. Every decision impacts your chances of survival. Killers come from all horror genres, from brutal slashers to terrifying paranormal entities. Master these monster’s unique powers and exploit the knowledge of your “home” to track, hunt down, break and sacrifice your victims before they get a chance to escape to safety. The asymmetry, procedural factors and unique thinking of human individuals make each Dead by Daylight match an unexpected scenario where the combined behavior of each player creates a truly terrifying and thrilling narrative. Dead by Daylight characters each have a deep progression and unlockables which can be customized into your own personal strategy. Use your experience, skills and loadout to climb up the competitive ladder and you might eventually discover the truth beyond the fog. [Requirements - Dead by DayLight] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Dead by Daylight Minimum Requirements] CPU:Intel Core i3 4170 or AMD FX-8120 CPU Speed:Info RAM:8 GB OS:64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1) Video Card:DX11 Compatible GeForce GTX 460 1GB or AMD HD 6850 1GB Sound Card:Yes Free Disk Space:15 GB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Dead by Daylight Recommended Requirements] CPU:Intel Core i5 4170 or AMD FX-8300 or higher CPU Speed:Info RAM:8 GB OS:64-bit Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1) Video Card:DX11 Compatible GeForce with 2GB or RAM or AMD HD 7800 or higher Sound Card:Yes Free Disk Space:15 GB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [External links] |-- Official Webiste --| |-- GamePlay Video --| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hello everyone, A long time ago I began playing this game called War Rock, I'm not sure what you guys think of it and if you guys know this game at all. Well, for those who don't know it, here is a review about it. I started playing this game again on a new account, a lot has changed since I left but it looks pretty good. Some old friends came back and as soon as we hit level 11 or 13 (not sure) we are going to build up our clan again. Still interested? Read on! Borrowing heavily from games like Counter-Strike and the Battlefield series, Nexon's War Rock delivers an online first person shooter that's hampered by unfortunate technical issues. Across its three game modes, players will split into two teams, either the Derbaran Military or NIU forces. Neither side has any real differences in terms of weapon loadout, but they do have differently colored uniforms and, depending on the game mode, different objectives. Though War Rock isn't coated in the most polished graphical luster and can't boast the best sound effects. There's a decent amount of game here, as well as a persistent online statistic system. The game's five character classes all have their own uses, though their effectiveness largely depends on waht mode you're playing. Medics, for instance, are well suited for the Counter-Strike style Close Quaters Combat (CQC) mode, since they can heal themselves en teammates. Though they can't use the heaver, more powerful guns in the game, they can hold their own with MP5s. It's unfortunate that the developers decided to go with a syringe type health booster, since it requires you to be right next to a teammate to perform a heal and often results in an unintended self-heal. Had a health pack system like that in return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory been used, this awkwardness could have been avoided. Then there's an engineer who carries around a repair wrench, most useful in the Battlefield-style Battle Group mode in which vehicles and turrest are occasionally present. The heavy troopers who carry mines along with heavy machine guns and rocket launchers, also tend to be more effective when vehicles are running around. The two remaining classes, snipers and assault soldiers, are effective across all game modes, one providing accurate fire from long distances and the other capable of charging into battle with assault rifles. All classes have a standard set of starting weapons and items. Generally, you'll get a primary weapon, sidearm, grenade, bare fists, and a class-specific item. By competing in online matches, you'll earn experience to level up your profile and earn War Rock's form of currency, called Dinar. Eventually, you'll be able to use Dinar in the game's item shop to "lease" new more powerful weaponry and items like a Desert Eagle, Famas, MP5K, PSG-1, RPGs and much more. For the more deadly weapon models, you'll need to meet a level which is a strange design decision. Pumping in all that time to grind enough Dinar and experience for that shiny new weapon only to have it taken away a month later seems unfair, but that's how it is in WarRock. Once you're happy with your loadout and hop into a game, you'll see it handles itself slightly different from a lot of other shooters out there. First off, you can roll forward, back, or to the side, accomplished by hitting Shift. This, in combination with sprinting, can help to keep your fragile self from getting puncture by to many lead pieces, and is regulated by a stamina bar. War Rock also gives you the ability to, like in Battlefield, quickly drop to a prone position, resulting in many firefights being decided by who can fall down and center their fire on your opponent the fastest. Since your character can't absorb all that much damage and headshots are pretty easy to pull off, toe to toe battle tend to be quick. In that sense, the game demands a solid set of twitch skills for players to be successful and top the server lists. Each of the game's three modes offer one sub-mode. In Close Quarters Combat, up to 16 players can compete in "explosive" mode, where one side tries to plant and detonate a bomb while the other must defuse it. Urban Ops and Battle Group, which have player caps of 24 and 32 respectively, offer deathmatch modes, though in Battle Group a Battlefield-style flag captures is implemented to open up more convenient spawn points. In each mode there are a good number of maps available, though people seem to prefer specific ones. Marien seems to be the "de_dust" of War Rock's Close Quarters Combat right now, mostly because it offers a nice mix of cover spots and choke points through which players coagulate, filter, and fight. The Verdict If you're sick of Battlefield or Counter-Strike at this point, War Rock isn't much of an alternative. The graphics are ugly, it's sounds effects get annoying very quickly, and the shooting mechanics aren't very sophisticated. It's free, however, but that's about the best thing that can be said about it. Close range combat can be erratic at times, thanks to significant lagging and frequency of headshots. With its three game modes, though, you can always move on to vehicle combat on large maps or play against zombies if you get sick of the smaller scale CQC battles. If you're really set on trying out a new shooter, definitely spring for the free download before making any purchases. It might be while before War Rock's technical flaws are ironed out. Presentation: 7 Server menus and purchases are easy to use even it, the UI makes sense, but no real standout features. Graphics: 4.5 Advanced graphics options cause problems for this otherwise dated looking game. Sound: 4.5 Weak gun effects, repetitive player screams, but a few decent, though short, music tracks. Gameplay: 5 It's got a different feel than other shooters, but strange lagg issues frequently cripple firefights. Those are rates that IGN gave not me. Requirements Minimum Recommended CPU Pentium 3, 800 Mhz Pentium 4, 2.0 Ghz RAM 512 MB or better 512 MB or better Graphics Radeon 8500LE, Geforce MX400 or better FX5700 / ATI 9200 OS Windows ME / 2000 / XP Windows 2000 / XP ISP DSL Cable / T1 Network Card 10 Mbps 100 Mbps / 1000 Mbps Preferred: Killer NIC Hard Drive 900 MB 900 MB
  4. Name: BEARZERKERS Creators: Various BEARZERKERS is a unique take on the local multiplayer genre, with a focus on indirect combat. What does that mean you say? The goal of the primary mode in BEARZERKERS is to be the last Critter left with the Bear through manipulating the environment around players to their doom. Trap other players with your rock walls and use your powerups at just the right moment on your way to killing the hell out of everyone. Think of it as part Tron Light Cycles, part Nintendo Land, and all chaotic multiplayer nonsense. Features: Genre: Local Multiplayer Release Date: Approx. November 2014 Development State: Alpha Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux Game Modes: Classic Based on our original prototype with a number of tweaks, a classic is the last man standing scenario with a variable number of bears, lives, and powerups spread across a broad selection of open, twisting maps. Hunt Hunt is a competitive survival mode that allows 2 or more players to become the bears, and hunt the critter players to their doom. The critters need to do everything they can to survive until the time runs out! Spiral Spiral is a cooperative maze mode that has the players slipping and sliding across a bunch of different surfaces between various deadly hazards on their way to the finish. Inspired by one of our favorite mods - "Run Kitty Run" from Warcraft 3. Video: Review: Graphics: 10/10 Genre: 8/10 Fun? - 9/10 Single-player: 10/10 Multi-player: 10/10 Rating: 9/10
  5. Join And Play Now! Hello guys this is Blake Greenhoe(Laugh At It Lol) Or otherwise known as DevBlake. Today i'm going to be reviewing a game called Knight Online. This game consists of 2 factions. Listed Below Is there legend and classes. (Human Faction) Warrior Barbarian I El Moradian Male I El Moradian Female When Zigenon escaped from El Morad with Orc in 448, there was no existence of giant in El Morad since most of Claro Mercenary was away for the war. However, improved swordsmanship make them stronger also there was no difficulty to foster Barbarian. All male and female took a part in fostering the warrior, and the warrior takes a great role as Tanker in El Morad these days Transform Blade Blade is specialized in short-range combat, handling with various weapon type and has skills to protect blue force. Blade has never retreated until death.. Blade Master He mastered all about blade and can have a special ability to increase or cancel opposite's attack. _________________________________________________ Rogue El Moradian Male I El Moradian I There is a Rogue class group required specialized education at El Morad. They get an education to defeat physically weak enemy at once such as Mage and Priest of Karus. Even they are detected by enemy; they have a great and outstanding skill to hide themselves. This class is able to equip not only Dagger but also Bow. Transform Ranger Rogue applies hunting technique to combat. By using the technique, Ranger chases enemy which they used to apply on chasing animals or hide own self to observe enemy’s movement, approach to enemy stealthily then defeat with critical attack eventually. Kasar Hood Kasar Hood has the highest speed never be caught by anyone based on fast reaction and agility. Kasar Hood is specialized on continuous attack to make enemy mad rather than single attack. ______________________________________________ Magician El Moradian Male I El Moradian Female Mage from El Morad have an education same as Karus country. Since both countries have a similar mage education before Empire, they also do not yield at all the magical fight against Karus. In 448, El Morad could not do anything on escape of Orc, and the reason was an absence of this mage. After that, El Morad has invested to educate and train Mage. In the end, Mage from El Morad becomes indispensable. Transformation Mage Mage uses destructive magical power with element from nature. Fire has the strongest destructive power, Glacier makes enemy move slowly and Light makes enemy fainted for a while. Ark Mage Ark Mage gives a damage by using nature such as Fire, Glacier and Light not only enemy but also everything near around. No one can challenge again to the Mage after combat history. _______________________________________________________ Priest El Moradian Male I El Moradian Female Glorious Monk at El Morad; Smite.. Existence of the Monk transmits great power to recover all illness in the world. The power becomes stronger due to appearance of New Cypher and Orc. Even curse and magic are made to resist the monsters and the power also encourages improving each other’s potential ability. If there are more than 2 Priests on opposite side, then it is better to leave that place. Transform Cleric Cleric is welcomed class at everywhere since the major role of Priest is recovering own injured force. Apart from recovery, Cleric increases Stat Point of blue force, heal curse and illness, also can lay a curse on enemy adversely. Paladin Paladin has different tendency of ability with Mage, and is able to attack mentally and heal. Even valiant warrior becomes just nothing against Curse of Paladin. Paladin is a dear blue force to encourage mentally rather than physically. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Next Faction is A Sortve Trollish Looking Faction. Warrior Arch Tuareg Claro mercenary group of Piana Knights, El Morad; Without the mercenary group, Knights could not seal Pathos, however blood of Pathos made the group to Orc, and finally they are expelled from El Morad. Hero of Orc ‘Zigenon’ thinks highly of their braveness, invite them to Karus and give them great support. Claro mercenary group change the name to Arc Tuareg and fight for victory of Karus. They are in front of Karus, and lead the war with immense health and power. Transform Berserker It keeps as front line with the great Health in the war, and is second to none in strength comparing to Barbarian from El Morad. It has skills to protect colleague. Berserker Hero Explore rage to spout power as a devil. The best way of Warrior from Karus surpassing Berserker. _____________________________________________ Rogue Tuareg When descendant with black blood ‘Zigenon’ was born in 412, Zigenon House was a Rogue house of Ardream where had resent El Morad for long time. After Pathos sealed, Ardream became tainted with curse and descendants were born as Orc; One of the descendants is Zigenon. In 430 years, Zigenon rescued Orc who used to be a slave, and finally built up a country called ‘Karus’. Rogue from Tuareg house who have the most clear sprit of Zigenon have a great balance physically and mentally and they are able to use dagger and bow professionally. Transform Hunter Rogue applies hunting technique to combat. By using the technique, Ranger chases enemy which they used to apply on chasing animals or hide own self to observe enemy’s movement, approach to enemy stealthily then defeat with critical attack eventually.. Shadow Bane Enemy will feel cold blade of a knight before they notice an existence of Shadow Bane. Continuous attack skill makes enemy admit the defeat. ______________________________________________________ Magician Wrinkle Tuareg I Puri Tuareg Wrinkle Tuareg had contribute a brilliant exploit to built up Karus! Karus built up based on magic power of Wrinkle Tuareg, and Karus grew gradually even up to Puri Tuareg race. They have small body and weak power innately, this characteristic makes them to improve own intelligence and evil spit. No one can defeat them in front of the magic power, so Karus achieves notoriety.. Transformation Mage Mage uses destructive magical power with element from nature. Fire has the strongest destructive power, Glacier makes enemy move slowly and Light makes enemy fainted for a while. Ark Mage Ark Mage rules natural element like Fire, Glacier and Light, then attack everything surrounded with the strong power from the element. ______________________________________ Priest Tuareg I Purituareg Priest ‘Smite’ had mastered of healing with purely sanctified mental energy or how to magic and curse. Healing skill, magic and curse what Smite had contributed until his missing in 360; Those skills has been used as traditional energy even after division of country ‘El Morad’ and ‘Karus’. And both country improve and transmit the skill and now they are known as a Priest with fearsome power. Transform Shaman Shaman shares spiritual communication with an ecstatic state, and they believe in traveling spiritual world. With this kind of power, they are outstanding on mental attack and cure Shadow Knight Shadow Knight has an advantage from Knight and Mage by using mental power. The knight is a great supporter in the combat who can support and attack at the same time. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Screenshots Of The Graphics _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Opinions This Game is made in turkey, and has more then a 50% Turkish player base. But the thing that sparks my mind about this game is the Faction rivalry. This Game As Shown Above doesn't have much of a good graphics engine. Although that half the player-base is Turkish. You will still find American people playing. And a couple of American guilds. But my overall ratings of this game are listed below! Graphics: 3/5 Customization: 4/5 Faction Rivalry: 4/5 Competition: 5/5 _____________________________________________ Other Info This game is freetoplay. Although The Customization is 4/5 There is alot of Pay To Look Epic items. There is over 4-5 OpenWorld Farming PVP grounds. There is over 5-6 PVP Battlegrounds And Arenas. This game has the +Weapon System Witch Is Quite Fun To Use. There is also a special feature where guilds can impalement there own icon. (64x64) And That's All Thanks For Reading!

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