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Found 21 results

  1. I am Looking for King of the Kill for free Link: https://www.h1z1.com/king-of-the-kill/home If anyone know how i can get free please reply Or If anyone have King of the kill please Upload King of the kill folder on Mediafire and Message me the link Thank You, RoyalKing
  2. Hello since WoW-V has shut down does anyone know a good program or a website alternative for making custom wow items for trinitycore it would be better if it also made custom quests npcs and mobs but just items would be fine
  3. Hi, Just wondering - does anyone know of any decent quality (and open source) PC Builder scripts? Something similar to this: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/ But obviously not as advanced would be the desired outcome. I've tried free php script websites but so far haven't been able to find anything good.
  4. Just thought i'd show-off a signature I made upon request for EpicBlood! Alot of revisions have been put through this siggie although, this is the final product (My apologize for sending it out early, all images/links are updated as are the revisions completed.) Deviant Art: http://absent720.deviantart.com/art/EpicsSiggie-521904828 Final Product: Speed-Art:
  5. Size: 851x314 Render: (Barcelona 2015) Stock Suitable for this Text: FC Barcelona Photography Subtext: Where the game gets started Animation: N/A. Additional information: Surprise me.
  6. Format Render/Stock : http://i.imgur.com/9aNNQ3K.jpg Text : Basic Information of my server contact me via skype jakewyattmelton Subtext : World Of Warcraft Private Server Color Scheme: What Type of Request is This? : Server Information Banner Size : 765x1200 Any Additional Information? : please contact me on skype for server information below take what you can WoW-Delusion 3.3.5a High Rate Realm Futures Outdoor Capture the Flag Weapon Tramsmog Mall Wars Very stable uptime 24/7 multiboxing welcomed leveling in battlegrounds Old School PVP Rank System Titles Transmog mall Friendly players world chat Rates Rate XP Kill = 15 Rate XP Quest = 250 Rate XP Explore = 30 Prof Rate 50x About Staff From different time zones giving the option of GM’s on 24/7 Experienced Staff members, resulting in quick fixes and great customer service
  7. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone could make my new youtube channel a introduction video at the beginning of each video. I would like it to invovle alot of artistic things in it! please and thanks
  8. Render/Stock : http://i.imgur.com/GEdcIkN.png Text : Allusona, Allu, or Sona Subtext : N/A Color Scheme: Anything you see fit What Type of Request is This? : Avatar Size : Any Size Any Additional Information? : If you have any questions ask them here or on my steam( SUP | JrLemonsHD )
  9. So without going into to much detail I have a theme pack the I purchased for FusionCMS but was wondering if anyone here was willing to spend a small amount of time fixing not only a spelling error from the original theme pack but also changing the background so it doesn't advertise another server. Any help would be greately appreciated if you want to know more info and would be willing to PM me I will give you my skype. Thank you for reading
  10. Hello could, anyone below please create a profile picture and signature? Profile Picture: Please add text like deaths prof picture, displaying Who? And add some awesome lens flares please. images < Wont Let Me Use The Orig Image Signature Picture: For the sig picture please add the text Serenity and add a bit of lens flares matt-smith_doctor_who11.jpg
  11. DediShot


    Hello There :$ I'd like a new avatar. Info: Name: DediShot Size: Lordcraft Size Background: Something Cool Colors: I don't care Animated: if its possible. Thank you
  12. <First Avatar> ~ Link ~ Size: 160 x 160 Text: Raven Subtext: No. Animation: Yes, At Raven. "Special" Additional information: Make it Special. <Second Avatar> ~ Link ~ Size: 160 x 160 Text: Raven. Subtext: Administrator. Animation: Yes, At Administrator. "Special" Additional information: Make it Special.
  13. #1 Forum Ranks for minecraft. #2 Logo for minecraft #3 shop icons etc. This is a paid job that varies in quality and uniqueness. Skype: Bizzman09 I will also accept private messages.
  14. Size: 100x100 & 90x90 Picture/Stock: Arthas Text: Pen Animated (If yes, what type of animation?)?: Make it special Color Scheme?: Black/White/Grey/Dark Green/Silver Anything Else?: Subtext: Cruel-Wow (make it flash) Thank you
  15. Hello everyone, I was really hoping that I could get a nice banner for a gaming-community I am a part of. I am not looking for a banner for xtremetop100 or anything like that but a nice header banner. Request Info: Size: 278x57 Font: (Any Futuristic Type) Effects: None Words: Vanir-Gaming I am basically looking for something to substitute in for on our vbulletin forum. If you could honestly pull something off like this with vanir-gaming as the typing I would love it.
  16. Just need a siggy now 500x200 is a good size for this (or whatever you think is best) Make it themed around Java (the coding language, not the nickname for cofee) Just add Epicblood in the corner somewhere or something
  17. Hello guys im going to be opening a blizz like server, thats called guild wow wit ha couple of unique features. One is called The King Wars. And i was wondering if anyone could make me a logo for the site / top games sites. Heres what i sortve want it to look like. The Motto Is For My Server: Guilds Are The Key Please and thanks
  18. Logo: 338*77 Text:Razer-Web Rendor:Nothing Because Its A Logo. Avatar: Size:100x100 Text:Jexter Rendor:Suprise Me.
  19. Asandru


    Hello guys I really suck at graphics, really tried my best to do my own logo but I get nervous because I don't have photoshop experience so.. If someone can help me out.. There is my exemple: Just please dont laugh... Font used: Terra Negria
  20. Well as it turns out im not the greatest Graphics Design Guy! (Silly Me) Anyway Im trying to start a new project but to do so me and my staff are going to need a little bit of help on graphics If you think you can work with a Black & dark greenish looking theme i could se ur help on the following Signature PSD (400x150) Avatar PSD 200x200 Facebook banner (psd not required) Twitter Backgrounds Slider images (PSD required) forum rank PSD and of course a logo & favicon (PSD required) Name of the Server is going to be Disintegration-WoW hit me up on skype or email / private msg if u would be as kind to help (And be immortalized on my site forever) Skype zack.macphee email zachary.macphee@gmail.com
  21. Hello,I'm busy with a IP.Board forum about myself and where I can release some things what I made.But now I need some forum ranks.Here is what I need:Size: The normal forum rank size (Don't know the size)Text: I need those ranks: Colors: Look behind the rank names, there are the color names.Style: Not a specific style but lets make it cool, with a transparent background (behind the rank image)I hope someone can make this true :P/>I really hope that :$Thank you so much for making this!!More questions, just ask them.Kind regards,Tunes.

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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