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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, This time a buff command. Download [hide]https://pastebin.com/w8vNNxjx[/hide] If you have any tips or suggestions how I can make this script better, just post them.Thanks for reading. Kind regards, Alternative.
  2. Greetings, I'm presenting <Random Commands> To you.
  3. Greetings, This time I will be showing you a new Script. First of all, This script helps Instant 80 Level. It helps to skill up, Skills on your first login into the server. http://pastebin.com/UFUzyjuR Good Luck with it.
  4. This little script lets players to put bounties on eachother. You need to predefine the bounty values you can set. Bounty hunters can then hunt down the target player and earn the bounty set on him. - There can be max hunters that have placed a bounty on the same player at a time. - The hunters and the victim are all flagged for FFA. - The bounty handler NPC can show the location, race, class, level, name from the victim and the total bounty and the hunter names who have placed the gold on the victim. - The victim can claim ALL the bounty money on him by killing one of the hunter players that have placed a bounty on him. _______________________________________________________ SQL [Paste this in your char DB]. <Here!> Lua Script [Replace it to that direction above]. <Here!>
  5. Greetings guys, Class change was made to change the class. So, I hope it works 100% no bugs. PASTEBIN
  6. Greetings LordCraft members! # Today I'm gonna share Gender Changer by using a command. # Get it from Pastebin.Com # Go to \Arcemu\Scripts\ArcEmu\scripts # Paste it there. # Restart WorldServer.Exe # Go In-Game type " #gender " [Don't use " #Gender " but use " #gender " (Otherwise it won't work!) Please Notice: You can Edit it with your server. I don't mind. FAQ: Q: Where? A: Here! Random Picture from In-Game
  7. Raven

    [Lua] Lord Luth

    Greetings, Here is the Epic Trainer "Lord Luth". 4 Pages: 1. "Learn Class Spells." 2. "Learn Weapon Skills." 3. "Learn Talent Spells." 4. "Reset All Talent Points." 5. "I was looking for something else." PasteBin ~ Click Here! ~ WoW-V ~ Click Here! ~ Don't forget to change: " local TrainerEntryID = IDXXX " " TrainerEntryID " " TrainerEntryID "
  8. WARNING: Before proceeding to the topic, there is one thing that you need to do, YOU MUST DELETE YOUR "World of Warcraft/Cache" FOLDER. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I present to you, Enchantment Vendor v4.8. What this Vendor does is simple, Right-Click equip a Enchant instead of search and cast. Enchant the custom item. And every other benefit that comes with the retail items. # You can download the Vendor from here. The password is: "lordcraft" (case sensitive). # You can also get it by paste2.org # Make NPC @ WoW-V Guide >> Select Mob/Npc Then choose Display/Entry " ID " Important thing! (Otherwise it won't work!) That's everything concerning the Vendor. Read this topic well, I won't even bother helping someone who did not read anything. FAQ: Q: Can you make it for trinity? A: I'm really sorry I cannot do it for Trinity core, Others can. 4.1 Added Weapon and Armor. 4.2 Added all Enchants for level 60+ 4.3 Error. 4.4 Error. 4.5 Weapon success. 4.6 Weapons 2 Error 4.7 Weapons 2 Success. 4.8 Added Armor. 4.8 Tested [success]. 4.8 Checked [success]. Random Pictures, I hope you like it! ____________________________ 1. 2. 3. 4. For the first time! 5.

About us

MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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