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Found 25 results

  1. New Logo! Tell me what you think about it
  2. Hello forum, I'm happy to announce that the new gambling csgo site has been released. Try your fortune and DOUBLE your skins! Items for Withdraw: JOIN US ! Promo code for free coins: EZ2K
  3. Hello members of LordCraft, here is a video tutorial on Repackaging Icon.utx And The Creation Of His New Pack. Credits for the tutorial: ◄√i®uS►
  4. ORIGINAL EDITED http://puu.sh/be3JB/e16e7a209f.psd IF YOU LIKE MY WORK GIVE A +1 ?!
  5. Hello everyone So I came across this video about the 1.9 version of Minecraft which is in development for as far as I know. This guy is showing us a snapshot of the newest version of Minecraft and is talking about many new things. New roads, new blocks and also new bosses. It sounds so exciting and I'm really looking forward to the new version. Check out the video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XB_FEbc0OY What do you think about the new version of the Minecraft world? Wait with replying till you have seen the updated video which can be viewed below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOZ_RLzSm9A&feature=youtu.be So what are your thoughts, what do you think and what can be improved? Let's talk! Kind regards, Unrecognized.
  6. Here are some creations of me. - Advertise Banners - - Banners & Covers - - Signatures - - Avatars - - Logos -
  7. Made using new techniques, this is an entirely new style for myself, using paint splashes, splatter brushes, lassoo tool, and more. I hope you guys like this! Stock used: here Deviantart: here Before anyone asks, I have recently had a surge in stolen signatures, that's why the watermark overlay is there. Alternative colours have been made, but this is my favourite so far, I will keep playing with adjustments.
  8. t1on

    * SOTW #30! *

    THEMES: ZOMBIES and POST-APOCALYPTIC THE RULES: The updated rules. The SOTW is now strictly 100% anonymous. You are no longer allowed to release, or showcase your signature in any way until the voting has ENDED. Your signature can not display your name on it at all. Max size is 500 x 500 pixels unless stated otherwise. You can edit your signature throughout voting, but votes will be reset on the signature if this is done - so edit your signature early if you need to. Plagiarism will have you disqualified immediately and you will be unable to compete for the next two weeks. CC is appreciated, accepted and rewarded with +rep. The signature must follow the theme to the judgement of Katos, OMGhixD and/or Death, or it is viable to disqualification. (You will be asked to remake it.) You are not allowed to use signatures that have been used for a SOTW on another forum. Signatures submitted after the deadline will not be counted. PARTICIPATION: To participate, leave a PM to Tion with your entry and the stock or main image that you used. Remember you may only submit one signature per contest, but you can edit that throughout voting. Submitted entries will be used for voting, I can not submit you for voting if I do not have a signature by the closing date. Please do not post your signature anywhere other than in a PM to Tion until the voting has ended
  9. Rate / CC: View my: Deviantart Render ( Here )
  10. Hello everyone, I made this morning a new intro video for my Youtube channel. For the people who doesn't know about my channel I'll explain it to you... I made a Youtube channel for much different games, there are already many channels which are posting gameplay videos. But most of them are about one game only like Ali-A is posting about Call of Duty and since couple months ago he's posting about Minecraft to. Well, I want to post all kind of different games, Action, Adventure, Shooters etc... Want to tell me which game I need to play for sure, you can post a reply in my channel thread here: http://lordcraft.net/forum/6-gamers-lounge/ Now we're going to take a look about my new intro video: This is my second intro ever made in After Effects and my first video with sound. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching, I really appreciate it Kind regards, Tunes.
  11. render used: here Visit my: Deviantart Rate / CC much appreciated as always. Signature made mostly with textures and paintbrush, I am quite pleased with the outcome myself. Even if I did use my pet hate of scan-lines
  12. Death

    Updates 6/7/2014

    Although the changes were made from 6/5-6/7, I have been tweaking the templates to fit the user panel as best as possible. Let's get into what's new. Reputation in post view has been re-added Joined Date has been re-added in post view V.I.P System now completes transactions automatically If you purchased V.I.P within the last year and wan't to add on an additional package while it's on sale then please use the contact us with your interest, and we will reduce the price depending on the duration of your current package.
  13. Hello There . Well i made that for my league of legends team/website. This is my first job with adobe after effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zZFgUkZW0ls Rate it and i hope you will like it.
  14. Hi,this one was for a customer today.
  15. New Signature for OMGhiXD, and his New Promotion to Management!
  16. Well I've been reading tutorials and watching videos and reading a lot about how to create business style sites and this is what I got, it's unfinished because I went completely brain dead after 3 Hours of Non-Stop Working on this.
  17. Happy Holidays everybody ! I hope you all have a great Christmas/eve (= Stay safe & enjoy your day ! Don't drink so much ...
  18. Death

    Update 11/23/2013

    Changelog: Comments issues with 3.4.6 Apostrophe in URL not handled properly BBCode member bug. Social Networking Registrations+Validation Wrong / not allowed extension in signature generates php errors public_forums_forums_topics->_generatePollOutput can cause warnings Un-archving topics with more than 250 posts will delete posts Facebook / Twitter Validation Confusion Additional Information: We will be doing additional updates on the following week. Downtime not planned, if any changes we will notify the community via board announcements.
  19. Death

    Update 11/10/2013

    Thanks for your patients during our extended period maintenance! Changelog: New stream feature added! Rewards cabinet temporarily unavailable. Rules and Guidelines set and enforced. User rule/terms agreement enforced at registration. Additional Information: We will have an additional maintenance on the following date(s): Monday, November 11th & Friday November 15th at 5pm - 8pm GMT/CTZ
  20. I decided to post what I'm currently working on. Will keep this thread updated with different versions and layouts I'm making as I work on it. This design is not finished at all, only the header is completed and I was thinking of posting this now so people (you guys) could suggest different layouts for me! (Click image for larger scale) Please don't CC anything else other than the header/navibar. Otherwise everything else isn't finished yet. I wanted to post it now (like I said) for others to give there opinion on what I could do BEFORE I finish it since this could be a better way to help out I also don't see the need to rate my work. Nothing at all really gives me help more than C&C but if you feel the need to rate it go right ahead for my work so far.
  21. Death

    Update 5/20/2013

    The lordcraft administration team would like to thank everyone for being patient as we worked full time updating and releasing new content to lordcraft. #Changelog: Forum Software updated: 3.4.4 Board skin updated: IPB 3.4.4 All modules updated: 3.4.4 Removed unused hooks and applications. (Improves your browsing speed on lordcraft) BBC fixed and improved. New emotions(See Smiley pane for new bbc commands) New logo (By Slayerduck) Skin graphic improvement. Massive clean up. New mobile skin: 3.4.4 LordCraft Development & GFX has been renamed to LordCraft Development and Design?: For a long time we have been planning on the change because really GFX is bound to graphic design, but that's not all we support. We support web design, software design and etcetera. So to fix this we've decided to change GFX to Graphics. Some modules are still being updated, and a few have been removed for good. Social Groups bump topic We are in no rush to release them due to the fact their hardly used. If you would like to see them back feel free to leave us a suggestion in the suggestion thread. Found a bug? Report it.
  22. Hello, Something i've worked on today, when i was bored. I throw some epic electronic songs together i've collected some months ago. Also added some nice transitions, and increased abit the volume. Also added some music FX, at some points. (Link is down at the post) You can also hear them while you're playing, nice combo if you ask me or simple just to get the party started. You may also notice, that i use the Girl avatar on all my producer pages, thats because my name refers to my sisters name . I just copy paste the story, why i picked that name from my Producers Page. I also played alot in some Clubs around in germany, some of the tops, and some of the flops. Been deejaying since almost 3 years now.. and ye heres the whole "Story". Here is the latest track for listening & free download. http://www.4shared.com/mp3/dmCbWnzM/Dj_Amanda_-_Special_Electronic.html If you want more of my mixes, simple visit: YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/djamandaofficial HulkShare - http://www.hulkshare.com/Splicho SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/deejayamanda DJ/Producers/Radio profile Radiojar - http://www.radiojar.com/dj/dj-amanda/
  23. Death

    Update 3/2/13

    LordCraft was down for approximately 2 hours and 12 minutes. More than we anticipated, but not too bad over. We managed to get everything we wanted done tonight. Changelog: Fixed quick moderation box. (Moderation Staff) Fixed SQL timeout error upon account creation or attempt login. Fixed BBC dump after re-cache glitch. (Still report posts that have been effected before) Fixed PHP timeout error when uploading a large file. Thanks for your patients as we were improving your lordcraft experience! Regards, The Staff

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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