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Found 8 results

  1. hello guys i need help with website control panel. i created test account for it if you guys wanna test and help : username-lordcraft@test.com pass-lordcraft my site is "newworld-wow.com" it is html+php main pages but control panel (newworld-wow.com/cp) is fusion cms you have test account you can try the question is like this account is (username 65#1) (email-lordcraft@test.com) if i go to control panel i can login with ( username:65#1 pass:lordcraft) but can't login with ( username-lordcraft@test.com pass-lordcraft) because it is old system login must change with emal like this: login: email-password not username-password fusion cms read incorrect for legion queries how can i change username for email is fusioncms configs or folders? to login with email and not username sorry for my english i and thanks for helping me and give suggestions! iam useing trinitycore_rbac_cata_soap for fusinrealm. source:(trinitycore master branch legion 7.1.5) @OMGhixD @Jiinx hi guys note: registration page is not fusioncms its simple registration with soap http://newworld-wow.com/signup.html? trinity_rbac_cata_soap.php
  2. hello I tried to use the repack from but when I launch the MySQL is it empty and when I run the bnetserver.exe it says the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). click ok to close the application. and I am sure I have 3.5 net framework installed
  3. Ey when i created a account on the page, give me an error. Realm: Legion Error.
  4. hello i am searching for tutorial how to fix broken class spells on trinitycore legion i dont need to create costum spells i need just change and fix broken spells (or i just add new costum spell and change id for broken spell?) please help me thanks alot i use trinitycore master branch 7.1.5 patch
  5. Raiding: The raidbot is fairly outdated and doesn't have the newest raids included when you download the Bot. 0/10 - Profiles for raids are probably downloadable. Which most of the content for the bot is, but some of it you have to pay extra for. Dungeon: The Dungeonbot is also fairly outdated and doesn't have the newest dungeons. 0/10- Profiles for raids are probably downloadable. Which most of the content for the bot is, but some of it you have to pay extra for. Combatbot: This bot is amazing. It does the highest DPS for your specific class. I do 90k DPS alone on my Rogue, my ilevel is fairly low. It's 827, and when the bot runs it does about 120k, up to 400k recorded with Recount. (Outlaw) It can also heal for you, it heals members in the group but sometimes it needs a push before it starts. Or else it waits for your mana & Health to go full. Which is a pain in the A$$ sometimes. The DPS can also be a pain in the ass, it targets one NPC at a time, and if you want to change target, it keeps targetting the same mob. It's great for raids where there's only one Boss and no mobs being spawned, but if you are required to kill the mobs, then pause the bot and kill them manually and then start it again and target the boss. Single target (Outlaw - Rogue ilvl 827 - Raid) Multi target (Outlaw - Rogue ilvl 827 - Raid) -This bot is also in any of the other bots, so if a mob attacks you, and you're using the Gatherbuddy2, you're fine. 7/10 Gatherbuddy2: Gatherbuddy is great for farming and levelup your Mining or Herbalism. I couldn't get it to work to begin with and researched for a while. Then i found this: Fjarnskaggl farm Profile [Stormheim] - Horde Profile It works so great, it farm 200 Fjarskaggl with my current config for 2 hours. 2 hours = 200 Fjarnskaggl worth 4800 on my realm. It also farms any mines that's spawned, which adds extra, but i prefer to farm the Fjarnskaggl and Felstate. It's worth a lot and i've earned over 100k gold over 2 days. (Didn't run the whole time, only at nights.) 8/10 Questing: Questing is awesome! It quests for you automatically, clears your bags to a vendor and it just does everything. I have tested this in the following locations: Azsuna, Val'sharah, High Mountain and Stormheim. (All storylines completed!!) It completed all the storylines from 100-110, and it even completed them BEFORE it hit 110. I am very satisfied with how it leveled my Rogue in under 1 day. I am still unsure, but i think it also works for all other locations from 1-110. Only location it wouldn't start, is at Suramar. It just wanted to quest in Highmountain when i tried. (Maybe it thinks it's missing some quests there i don't know yet.) Sometimes, the bot acts weird and stuck itself, this can be fixed by just moving around for alittle or attacking a mob. (Or restarting the bot) 9/10 - IMPRESSIVE. Untested: ArchaeologyBuddy FishingBuddy Grind Bot Mixed mode (Mix 2 bots together) Party bot ProfessionBuddy UI: Settings: - There's also individual bot configs. This is just general config. GET IT: https://honorbuddy.com/ - Prices are fair, i rate 7/10. (They should include a license for 2 sessions, monthly payment, 20€ or something.) Overall conclusion: Very awesome bot, it works like a dream and one of the bests i know so far. I'm definetely keeping my subscription. 7/10 Anything missing? Leave a comment and a like below.
  6. View File Legion - World of Warcraft PhpBB3 Forum Style Improved version of my old "Demon" style for Phpbb3. Sorry for the low-quality images, but I just don't know what's causing that. Demo: No demo available. Submitter EmD Submitted 08/29/2016 Category Designs  
  7. Version 2.0.0


    Improved version of my old "Demon" style for Phpbb3. Sorry for the low-quality images, but I just don't know what's causing that. Demo: No demo available.


  8. Slapped this together earlier out of boredom, let me know what you think! Download Link (PSD): Click Here! PREVIEW:

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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