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Found 8 results

  1. Hello members of LordCraft, here is the latest update of LoL Account Checker. Follow these steps in order to update your lol account checker manual ! 5.22 Patch Download the checker from [hide]HERE[/hide] (only if you don't have it) ↓ 1. Go to the checker's folder 2. Open settings.json file with notepad 3. You will find a code in there, change it to this one { "ShowPasswords": true, "SelectedRegion": 2, "ClientVersion": "5.22.15_11_08_17_18" } 4. Every time you open the checker press cancel Virustotal link. You have updated your checker successfully
  2. The Only League of Legends ELO Boosting Service Powered by EpicNPC EpicBoosts.com >> PURCHASE ELO BOOST << Safe. Trusted. Verified. Fast. Easy. Want your placements done? No problem! Now Offering FLEX QUE BOOSTING Use Code 5BOOST At Checkout For 5% Off Your Elo Boost Order! Why EpicBoosts is the best: The official EPICNPC boosting service and is the most trusted name in gaming, so buy from the best! Committed to providing you with the best experience offering state of the art order tracking, and booster chat Our professional boosters are top tier players ranked challenger / diamond Always very discreet, and our boosters are trained never to communicate with your friends. We will finish your booster faster than anyone else! Duo Boosting: We offer DUO BOOSTING, where you get to play your own account with one of our top boosters who will help you dominate the games! You can watch our pros in action, and learn some new things while climbing the ranks! We also offer a variety of packages to suit your individual needs from per game, to per win, and coaching. For more info check outduo queue boosting >> PURCHASE ELO BOOST << Boosting Terms - the person that is leveling your account is located in (countries). We do our best to ensure the booster will be located in the same country as the customer. We employ the best players from all around the globe. - they are using a vpn/proxy to boost? (yes/no) yes, the booster will use a vpn if they are not from the same country as the customer. - if the account gets banned or rewards are removed during boosting or right after (within 2 days), we will compensate you (yes/no, details) if the account is banned or rewards removed within 24 hrs of the boosting being completed and the reason for the ban specifically state it was due to recent activity on the account that is against tos, the customer will receive a full refund and be compensated for the account that was banned if it can't be unbanned. Full TOS can be found here https://www.epicboosts.com/faqs
  3. Hello There! World of Warcraft Status: Available League of Legends Status:Unvailable Here are my services World of Warcraft & League of Legends Services: . Contact with me: Skype: xxraidersxx1 Payment Methods: PayPal PaySafe Thank you all
  4. Hello LC, I'm selling my LoL EUNE account. Acc Info: - Champs: 70 - Rank(last season): Platinum - Rune pages: 4 (adc/ap/supp/jungler) - You will get full account info For more info PM or skype: keffy96 Also + 2 PBE Accounts Some pics:
  5. ABOUT US! Get Discount Code At Website and It's even more cheaper -> 20% Discount now when you like our facebook page! Evolvexsport.com offers unparalleled boosting services at guaranteed low prices. There is no third party or middle man involved! Remember if there’s a product you can’t find you can always get in contact with us on Skype or E-mail, where one of our gamers will be ready for you! Available Servers: NA/EUW/EUNE/TR/RUS Price list: Division & Bundles Bronze V ---> IV = 15€ Bronze IV ---> III = 18€ Bronze III ---> II = 20€ Bronze II ---> I = 25€ Bronze I ---> Silver V = 30€ Bronze to Silver V = 80€ 1 WIN = 3€ 5 WINS = 15€ 10 WINS = 30€ Silver V ---> IV = 15€ Silver IV ---> III = 20€ Silver III ---> II = 25€ Silver II ---> I = 30€ Silver I ---> Gold V = 35 Silver to Gold = 100€ 1 WIN = 3€ 5 WINS = 18€ 10 WINS = 32€ Gold V ---> IV = 30€ Gold IV ---> III = 35€ Gold III ---> II = 40€ Gold II ---> I = 45€ Gold I ---> Platinum V = 50€ Gold V ---> Platinum V = 150€ 1 WIN = 5€ 5 WINS = 28€ 10 WINS = 55€ Platinum V ---> IV = 45€ Platinum IV ---> III = 50€ Platinum III ---> II = 55€ Platinum II ---> I = 65€ Platinum I ---> Diamond V = 70€ Platinum to Diamond V = 250€ 1 WIN = 12€ 5 WINS = 55€ 10 WINS = 145€ Diamond V ---> Master = 1000e Diamond V ---> Diamond IV = 130€ Diamond IV ---> Diamond III = 160€ Diamond III ---> Diamond II = 180€ Diamond II ---> Diamond I = 210€ Diamond I ---> Master = 325€ 10 PLACEMENT GAMES UNRANKED = 40€ Normal Draft Pick 5 = 15€ 10 = 30€ 15 = 45€ 20 = 60€ 25 = 75€ 30 = 90€ More coming soon! We guarantee 8/10 wins in your placements. Other sites will cheat you by losing 50% of your placement matches, causing you to have to come back to them and ruining your MMR. Here at at evolvexsport, we think quality over quantity and will always make sure to win at least 8/10 games. Some other sites find 50% win rates acceptable causing your MMR to drop. Remember, the higher your MMR, the faster you climb! WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE EVOLVEXSPORT 100% Anonymous. Our boosters are professional and will never speak to anyone while boosting your account. The safest boosting service. All of Evolvexsport’s boosters will use a VPN with a custom IP address while on your account. Feel free to ask your booster questions via the chat/email or skype and check your progress on your boost at any time! Remember if there’s a product you can’t find you can always get in contact with us on Skype or E-mail, where one of our gamers will be ready for you! IS MY ACCOUNT SAFE? Your account is in 100% safe with us. We never ask for your personal datas (secret question / answer). We do everything 100% by hands! IS MY PRIVACY PROTECTED? Our players will never answer to any of your friends messages. This will guarantee you to get your boost done without any worry about being revealed. We will use VPN of your country and your city so it will looks like you just logged from another PC. However you can add any note once you purchase and ask us for any kind of special request that would make you comfortable using our services. REFUND POLICY! We will refund 100% of the money if we fail to complete the service. Also, we will refund 100% of the money if the Customer asks for a refund before the order is in process. After we give the order to our employees for processing, we can only provide a partial (10-50%) refund. For more information you can add me on Skype: evolvexsport or PM me here. VISIT US! Note: In order to avoid any scams always request for a PM on the forum, so you know it's me.
  6. Hello! As promised, here is OMGhixD's own League Of Legends Custom Login Screen. Designed and created by me! Preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckyDykIXDck&feature=youtu.be Download : You can download the login screen from here. Installation instructions can be found in the installation aswell. Click the button below to download the file If you want your own, please create a request HERE Hope you like it!
  7. Hello everyone! i want to sell a diamond 1 pbe account.. pm or add me on skype

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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