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Found 2 results

  1. I'm currently making a private server and haven't made any mobs or loot tables until just now. I made a mob but now I've made a loot table, I got the mob in the game fine but the loot table whenever I try use it in HediSQL I keep getting an error that says "SQL Error (1054): unknown column 'ffa_loot' in 'field list'". How do I fix this? I've used ArcEmu quite a while back and never came across this problem.
  2. Death

    Recommended Equipment

    For beginners I recommend Navicat. It's basic and simple. Download Navicat Here: Navicat For the ones with a little experience I highly recommend Heidisql (Beginner-friendly) Download Hedisql Here: HeidiSQL These programs are trusted by me, and thousands of other developers. If you have any questions on how to use or help with SQL in General, please navigate here: Support and post your problem. I guarantee it will be answered within an hour.

About us

MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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