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Found 6 results

  1. About Us Pulse Servers has been providing powerful server solutions for a competitive price since 2012. Our clients get access to step-by-step guides and video tutorials for common tasks like server installation and updating. We give you full control of your own powerful server machine, which you can use to host your web, mail, database, voice, game, radio, FTP, IRC, cloud, and VPN servers, to name a few. For example, you could run your website, SQL, e-mail, TeamSpeak, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Minecraft, FTP, and VPN server all on one powerful and protected server. Our company is registered and licensed to be selling our servers and using the applications we utilize in a commercial environment. What do we offer? Where are we located? We have clients all over the world. By locating our servers on the Eastern coast of North America, we're able to provide a great latency (ping) to both America and Europe. A ping of 150 or less is desirable for optimal performance. The average pings are below: United States -- 48ms average between 43 servers Canada -- 49ms average between 5 servers Central America -- 89ms average between 4 servers Europe -- 109ms average between 35 servers Europe (United Kingdom) -- 88ms between 3 servers (A latency chart with country specifics is available at https://i.imgur.com/2Jkqsce.png) Check us out on social media! Our promotions and giveaways are announced on Facebook and Twitter! Forum Vouches
  2. I find it somewhat weird that new games don't drop in price like smartphones, tablets, and some PCs like the Raspberry Pi 3 which can be bought for $35 or less. I notice that there are now mobile games from SquareEnix which cost close to $30 which is cheaper than some unlocked Android smartphones and tablets. There are some Android smartphones, tablets, and cheaper Linux and Android computers which can be bought for $20-50+ on websites like Amazon and eBay, and sometimes at Wal-Mart which sells a lot of cheap stuff. I know of a few Windows 10 mini-computers and tablets which sells for $60-100, so these PCs cost the same price as 1 to 2 new games made by bigger game studios like Ubisoft, EA, and SquareEnix.
  3. Hey guys, Selling my Zhyper WoW account, lost all motivation to play WoW these days. I'll be selling It cheap compared to the amount of money I've spent on It (over $100). I have the following classes with full Zhyper gear: Disc Priest, Arms Warrior*, Ret Paladin*, Holy Paladin, Unholy DK*, Elemental Shaman. * Indicates Liang au Fait. * Indicates Frostmourne. The account Is premium of course, so each class gets stat bonuses. Contact me on Skype If you're interested: JimmyRvssle Thanks for reading!
  4. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE WHOLE THREAD BEFORE MAKING AN ORDER Hey Guys its Iminurpocket Here offering a Diablo 3 Power leveling Service!1-60 can take me anywhere from 1-60 anywhere from 24-48 Hours and for only 40$! Almost all orders were completed in under 24 hours so far! 20-22hours! However please keep in mind sometimes technical difficulties happen such as internet outage. Refunding Policy and Other Information1. You can get refund only if we exceed the wait time (48 hours) and you will not be refunded 100%. The refund will be the same % as the remaining levels.FOR EXAMPLE: Your character is level 50 and we exceeded the wait time, you want a refund. Leveling 1-50 is 2/3 of the time thats normally needed for 1-60 which means that you will be refunded only 1/3 (33%) of your original payment. If your payment was 40$ that means, that your refund will be 13.33$2. We are not accepting payments like 50% upfront 50% when done! Burned once already, wont happen again.3. We are not running through all the quests in the game, we are just farming the same place over and over again, which means that you will not have your quests unlocked, but your character will have Nightmare, Hell and Inferno(If you paid the extra 5$) difficulties unlocked.Which also means that most likely the only follower that you will be able to use is the Templar.4. When you make an order and pay for it, thats it. If you expected something that is not described in the thread and not guaranteed by us that you will have it, you can't ask for refund or anything else. Ask all the questions that you want before you make the order so that you don't think in the end that we missleaded you!BY MAKING AN ORDER YOU AGREE AND ACCEPT THE ABOVE TERMS, YOU ALSO CONFIRM THAT YOU KNOW ALL OF THIS AND FULLY UNDERSTAND IT!Excuses like I didn't read or I didn't know are not accepted!So how does it work?After I receive the payment I will require your login info (email address and password only) then I will login and start leveling. It is not advisable that you log in during the leveling process because that can slow me a littleNOTE: Sometimes your account MAY get locked, there's nothing to worry about it's a normal procedure from blizzard when your account is logging in from different location. All you have to do is just change your password and it will be fine.Me and my team can take up to 5-6 characters per day, all characters are leveled by hand!NOTE 2: If you are ordering more than one character it may take 48-96 hours to finish both characters but never longer than 30 hours!If we are full on orders we will let you know, and if you decide to make a Pre-order (starting with yours as soon as we are done with the others) you will receive additional discounts!WE CAN ALSO LEVEL RUSSIAN ACCOUNTS!SOFTCORE:1-60 - 40$ - up to 48 hours1-40 - 25$ - up to 20 hours40-60 - 25$ - up to 28 hoursHARDCORE:1-30 - 30$ - up to 48 hours30-60 - 40$ - up to 60 hours1-60 - 70$ - up to 108 hoursNEW!!!!If you want Inferno unlocked that will cost u 5$ extra. (without increase in the waiting time)- SOFTCORE ONLYFeel free to contact me onskype - Iminurpocketemail - Joeyn240@gmail.comNOTE 3: Ordering more than one character for Pleveling, or getting a friend of yours to buy from me will get you nice discounts!For every of your friend that buys 1-60 from me you get 10% discount!For every order that you make for 1-60 you get 10% discount! That's right guys! after a total of 10 characters (yours or from friends) you will receive the opportunity to have one character leveled from 1 to 60 for FREE!Note4: I won't take away any gold or items from your account that I acquired through the leveling process. I will be using the gold to update the gear with my current level, whatever lefts when I hit 60 will stay in the account.

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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