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Found 9 results

  1. Vipo


    Welcome to my project This project consists of creating a free code for everyone. A website for all expansions with many functions available Many modules and themes will be for you. Currently the work is in "green" color, it means what is very new The modules available are few, the design is already create. The project will handle Versions, initially The database will use versions, initially v1.0 The copyright is reserved. The design is Blizzard and the code is mine. In a future version all the variables will be changed and thus you will not have legal problems. (DMCA) Feel free to use my code, alter modules, code lines or design as long as you do not delete my copyright and you can not sell it either. If you want to help me with Development, you can do it freely, that is, you can fork in my github repository, work on the changes and pull request. I will read the work done and make the decision to accept your change or deny it. If you do this, please clearly specify your changes. If you want to use my project on your server please let me know, I will give you in my Discord a special rank for this and I will also make it public on the special channel for this. If you consider yourself a creative person, with many ideas you can let me know and I will give you a special rank in my Discord for this. (It is not necessary to know programming only good ideas, coherent and structured.) If you want to help me monetarily feel free to do so, you can contact me privately and we can reach an agreement. * Remember that helping me monetarily does not make you the owner of anything. The development of this project is huge. I work 15 hours a day to work on this and I will not abandon it. --------------------------- What systems do i use? Codeigniter - v3 HMVC Semantic-UI v2 Why Codeigniter? Feel free to investigate this framework before you speak ill of it. Codeigniter is very fast, very flexible and lightweight. Your page load is very fast and the additional libraries are very good. - HMVC This is a complement to Codeigniter, it gives you the option to add a new folder called "modules" where you can remove and put external modules without affecting the other codes. - Why Semantic UI and not BOOTSTRAP? In this case Semantic will win. The reason is that it will not affect the design scales of my template. It has very good transition systems Many colors for everything. Buttons and forms of all kinds. You are invited to my Discord channel Please respect the channels created My nickname of Discord: Vipo#6404 E-Mail: vipo@lordcraft.net Repository: https://github.com/fixcore/BlizzCMS Database Wiki: https://github.com/fixcore/BlizzCMS/wiki Issues: https://github.com/fixcore/BlizzCMS/issues Album: https://imgur.com/a/jvkW7
  2. I write this ad on behalf of my dog Rusty of whom was violently chopped in half by the Frostmourne this morning. Whilst you sit there reading this ad, the Lich King terrorizes our realm, raping and pillaging poor innocent peasants without an end in sight! This is a recruitment thread to put this monster down once and for all! Wonderland WoW is desperately seeking players to join this alternate WOTLK universe, to partner up with the horde & alliance and to smash his head in! Luckily the gods have shown mercy to this realm and set the rates to x2 but hurry, for the Lich King's power only grows, rise from rags to richest and claim the greatest prize the realm has to offer. Straight to the point Latest TrinityCore/TDB Premium Server Hardware Ultra Fast Connection Fully Scripted No Customs No Donor Cross-Faction x2 Drop/Gold/XP X3 Drop/Gold/XP Weekends Events Vote for Heirlooms Avenge Rusty! http://www.wonderlandgaming.co.uk
  3. What is Inner-Realms? Inner-Realms is a progressive PvE WoTLK server beginning at patch 3.0.x. Our goal is to not be the largest server, but to be the friendliest and most welcoming towards players and developers. Our staff and developers are dedicated to creating a truly great experience that is as blizzlike as possible. Our primary objective is to constantly dedicate ourselves to learning and improving the quality of our services. Website Link Facebook Link Discord Link Reddit Post Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq0WPJwKhGM The Basics • 1x rates on everything (EXP/Quest EXP/Gold/ Reputation/Honor) • RDF enabled on launch • Donation/Vote shop for vanity items only. No “Pay to Win” items on the Donation/Vote store And yes, you begin at level 1. Level up to 55 if you want to play DK. What makes Inner-Realms different from other 3.3.5a Servers? Inner-Realms has the following features that are uncommon on other servers. • Revised Badge Drops for Progressive Content • Blizzlike Patch Releases • No "Pay to Win" items on Donation/Vote Store • Direct lines of communication with Administration and Developers • Dedicated Website and In-Game Support Systems • Developer Training Program Our goal before launch is to have at least 99% of the Northrend quests working. As of now, ALL Loremaster achievements are able to be earned in-game without any auto-completed quests, or GM assistance. We are continuing to test content, including quests, dungeons, raids, and more to ensure that we continue to update and provide the best quality we can. The Launch Let’s be honest, no server can launch bugless and neither can we launch the server in perfect condition. Inner-Realms has been in development since April 2017 and although we have set in stone the launch date on February 23rd, the development staff is putting major resources towards fixing the critical issues before these bugs will affect the players. However, we’re always on alert for those that manage to slip by. Let it be known that all bug reports will be seen by multiple eyeballs and the issues that will cause the greatest harm to players will be treated with importance. What is your stance on donations? Inner-Realms is operating as a non-profit project. Meaning that any monetary gain will be used to: • Pay Server Hosting Fees • Increase Server Quality by Hiring Developers • Purchase Additional Server Space We will aim to be as transparent as possible with our community regarding how community donations are spent. What is the current status of the project? Inner-Realms is currently in an Launched state. We are currently rewarding all confirmed valid bug reports with vote points, that can be used to purchase vanity pets, and TCG mounts and other fun cosmetic items. Project Development In an effort to be as transparent as possible, I’ve produced a list of our developer staff, their duties and experience: • Jiinx – Database Admin (System Admin, Repository Admin, and Realm Maintenance) with over 8 years of working experience on TrinityCore and Linux experience since pre-2000’s. • Olion – Senior Developer with over 7 years of experience developing TrinityCore as well as 2 years of experience working with Mangos. • Pook – Developer • Simon - Senior Developer The development staff is capable of addressing at least 80-95% of the current issues that are being dealt with in our bugtracker. At the same time, we’re training and actively recruiting developers to join the staff. The Nitty Gritty (1) Since the server is simulating patch 3.0.x, the following dungeons will be available: • Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom • Azjol-Nerub • The Culling of Stratholme • Drak'tharon Keep • Gundrak • Violet Hold • The Nexus • The Oculus • Halls of Lightning • Halls of Stone • Utgarde Keep • Utgarde Pinnacle • Vault of Archavon (Archavon Only) • The Obsidian Sanctum • Naxxramas • Eye of Eternity Heroic and 10-man content will give Emblem of Heroism and 25-man content will give Emblem of Valor. (2) The following dungeons will be closed: • Onyxia’s Lair • Trial of the Champion • Trial of the Crusader • Ulduar • Pit of Saron • The Forge of Souls • Halls of Reflection • Icecrown Citadel • The Ruby Sanctum (3) Auction House fully functional. (4) Guilds: Guild creation, Guild Charter, Guild Tabard design and creation, Guild Vault, Ranks, Bank-Tab Permissions, Repairs from Guild funds all working as intended. (5) Arena Season and PvP: a. As per patch 3.0.x, the server will begin with PvP Season 5 (“Hateful” equipment). b. Arena season will start two weeks after launch. c. All battlegrounds working as intended. (6) Random Dungeon Finder: a. Will reward Emblem of Heroism instead of Emblem of Triumph (at level 80). b. Will be available at launch. (7) Double EXP Weekend and low level bonus: a. As per Blizzard's launch of WoTLK, a catch-up system was put in place for players still in the TBC era. We have reproduced and implemented this mechanic for players to enjoy double exp from monsters and quests from level 1-58. b. We have introduced blizzlike double exp weekends, starting Friday 20:00 server time every week. Further Inquiries If you have any questions not answered here, please visit our discord and available staff members will answer you to the best of their abilities. On the same note, our discord has a #staff_list page where you may find all current staff members and their roles in the project. The server is ONLINE.
  4. * Implement Blink v4 for REv2 (read more)blink in abyssblink by path ( rechecking each step )where player can walk - blink will available thereimplemented check on dynamic objects (locked doors and etc)implemented total path of blink. video* implement Master Call (read more)* pet should moving at player* in melee distance cast spell (for remove root-effects)* after cast will going at his (pet, not player) targetvideo* implement Spell Dancing Rune Weapon (read more)* copy 50% of melee damage* special abilities damagevideo* fixed Core/Spell: Titan Grip Penalty (warrior) * fixed Steady Shot damage (hunter)* fixed Shadowmeld (night elf)* fixed Fix drop stealth by Slice and Dice (rogue)* fixed Living bomb (Fixed check on AOE for all nearest targets, when cast explosion) (mage)* fixed Pets and LoS - available to use spells of pets on target in LoS or Out of Rangevery important changes:Fear effect (priest/warlock/warrior) :* fixed Movement Fear visual bug Confuse effect (polymorph, blind, scatter shot (right movement position and right orientation bug)):before : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJe24fYTgkwafter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dmc9-Nsrys* Fix npc drop under texture. (fixed Collision check in Target Movement Generator)(Try to check this place on your server!)It's from big changes, other commits you can see web-site___________________________ In-Game Accounts : admin 123456; test 123456___________________________Visual C++ Redistributable2015 (need 64 and 86)
  5. AzerothCore is a core based upon SunwellCore which is based upon TrinityCore. I'll quickly talk about why custom server developers should use it, especially people with new gameplay ideas as it's often the case on modcraft. Sorry if it's not well structured or if it's lacking information. Advantages over TrinityCore Better for players It has been mainly worked on by private server developers unlike TrinityCore (many devs there aren't interested by making playable private servers at all). Almost everybody who contributed to AzerothCore runs his own small public server at the moment, so they want as few bugs as possible for their players. The two developers behind SunwellCore had a server with 3000 players online in January 2016 when they released their code and shut down their server. The two founders of AzerothCore also worked on their own small private (but public) server. It translates into a more polished experience for players, less bugs (look at the SunwellCore features), less complaints and a top notch stability. The database is included in the repo (with working dungeons and raids for example). Custom modules The core makes use of custom modules which allows us to plug them in and out easily, and which doesn't require us to modify the core files. It also means we can keep pulling the git changes from the main repository if we only work with modules. Extras features A better configuration file system which allows us to use a tiny configuration file for better readability and maintenance. A (very) new feature allowing people to disable some unneeded features to increase the performances. A script to easily merge all new SQL updates into one without worrying much. Several custom modules available (such as a Transmogrification module). Based on TrinityCore, so many things are compatible with AzerothCore or require minimum modifications. Sunwell team provided custom addons (raid browser and arena spectator) to use as well which should work very well on AzerothCore. For now, there is no need to extract the client data, it's available as a direct download. Comparison Just found this on google right now : old comparison between trinitycore and azerothcore. Philosophy The goal is to have a playable server, and to favour custom creation. This is an explanation of the long term goals of AzerothCore from the founder : https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/12792-can-someone-explain-sunwellcore/ Links https://discord.gg/PaqQRkd - The main place to talk, come ! http://azerothcore.org/ https://github.com/azerothcore/azerothcore-wotlk
  6. Naxxramas 10 Obsidian Sanctum 10 Vaults of Archavon 10 are now released, Join the fight now! Want to Join us but don't want to leave your hard work behind? We are now offering a Character Migration to our realm from your old one! also PROMOTIONAL OFFER: FREE Level 80 Character Boost, Full Riding Provided, 1000G and Heroic PvE Dungeon Gear We are now ready to release our amazing and well scripted blizzlike realm onto the public, Thanks to lots and lots of hard work from the team and the testers that spent their time finding bugs and allowing us to fix them we now have a stable and well fixed core that is ready for release. The Realm: The Realm is a 3.3.5 WOTLK Progressive Server which will begin at level 1 all the way to level 80, Players will be able to level at x7 rates while also being able to do everything that was once possible in retail while leveling. Professions, Spells, Talents and Glyphs are working as intended and the damage per class is scaled to how blizzard once had it in Wrath of the Lich King. We also have Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Mounts and Pets available to players as rewards and also have Transmogrification sets available also. Using these expand our horizon upon bringing the latest released Blizzlike realm and creating an Impact with allowing players extra features to enjoy their game-play. We also have Seasonal Events and Quests for players to enjoy and earn some fun items from. The Staff: Runic-WoW has a dedicated and highly professional staff team who are available to help the community with their needs. The team are here to help and do their job accordingly whilst also handling issues when required. If you ever have an issue in-game you can always feel free to make a ticket in-game or head to our forums and a member of staff will deal with your issue as a professional. Information regarding the realm: Name - Vanguard Realm XP Rate x7 - Quest, Exploration, Drop Rates, Reputation and x2 Profession Rates Progressive Server - Will be releasing Naxxramas as first available. Starter Heirlooms - Vendor at every starter place. Transmogrification - Transmogrification Available in every Capital City Improved Anti-Cheat System - Allows us to manage and keep track of hackers / bug exploiters easier. Instant Flight Paths - Fly to your Location Immediately Cata / Mop Mounts - Used for Rewarding our players in a unique style! Cata/MoP Pets - Used for Rewarding our players with an Awesome looking pet! Cata/MoP Items - Used for Transmogrification as Rewards or directly through the store! Spells on Levelup Script - Get your spells instantly if they are available for your level 24/7 Uptime - Guarenteed Uptime with only a few minutes downtime due to restarts! Constant bug-fixes - 24/7 Bug-Fixes for your reports to our developers! Friendly, Active and Professional Staff - Our Professional and Active team is here to help with your problems. No Pay to Win Gear! - We Guarentee no Pay to win gear to give players a unfair advantage over others! Future for Runic-WoW: Our future is simple. Open a new Blizzlike Realm with a Custom Expansion which will include: New features like Mentors, item upgrades, new raids, dungeons, world pvp zone, new continent, new spells for all classes Custom Dungeon Finder guide custom models custom quest line and much more! We are currently writing the story line and making it behind the scenes. Within the next few months we will be adding these features onto our developer realm and making these new and unique additions become a reality. Runic-WoW is hoping to have this custom expansion released by the beginning - mid of next year and will be a fantastic way to bring a new style of 3.3.5 expansion. Facebook Twitter Website Forums Happy Gaming!
  7. Hi everyone.I am releasing to you the core that B-Zone WoW 3.3.5a used in repack.Even if I closed the server I continued to develop it, scripting and fixing quest/dungeons/raids etc.I hope that you will like my work and help me finding more bugs to fix. 01.12.2014 - Released the V2.0 of Flameshot Repack 3.3.5a 13.06.2015 - Repack Development Forum In this years of working on this repack I saw that it is hard to maintain the thread everytime updated with new fixes, working content, download links so I decided to make a forum just for repack where you can find every info you need.I will post the links below but I want everyone to understand (expecially administrators of this forum) that my forum is used just for "Flameshot Blizzlike Repack" development and any other Repack Development from my future work.So everyone who is interested in helping me finding bugs and testing a quality repack is kindly invited there but this doesn't mean you cannot ask for help here too. Development Forum: Repack Development (I didn't have time to buy a .com domain and when I checked about flameshot.com someone sells it with $1,895) Changelogs: Version 1 + Version 2 Working Content News & Updates Report a Bug: Unconfirmed / Confirmed / Fixed Download Repack: Last Released Version Because I know some people are lazy to read all the thread I want to remind that my forum is just for Repack Development
  8. About Us Storm-WoW is one of the top "World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King" providers, giving players a truly unique and unrivaled gaming experience. What's so special about us? Our community is made up of "World of Warcraft" veterans, people with a high level of experience and knowledge, both in PvE and PvP, and with a strong focus on quality over quantity. Why "Wrath of the Lich King"? Because in our opinion, this was the greatest expansion in the history of "World of Warcraft", and also the last one to provide the key features this game is known for: discovery, mystery, epic story, amazing music and limitless adventure. Server Features Dynamic LoS and Pathfinding: Enabled. No more creatures passing through textures, spells ignoring LoS etc. Enhanced security: Warden Server Guard is enabled, providing a secure - hacker free environment for our players. Core: Thousands of NPC and game-object spawns with Blizzlike movement/positions/orientation and millions of re-factored, revised and updated code, on a state of the art core, create the most advanced and sophisticated World of Warcraft experience. Unique feature: Transmogrifier - Adds a sense of unique to your character, making you stand out from the crowd, whilst resurrecting old content and bringing back the forgotten-glorious dungeons of the old world. Server: The realm runs on a dedicated machine with 6 cores and 30 GB RAM. Experienced Staff: We recognize that we have a responsibility for the well-being and stability of our community. With this in mind we strive to offer the best support, in a responsible and professional manner. Website Features Armory: Storm-WoW's comprehensive Armory provides a detailed insight on the server's database. Character Tools: Gives you the power to customize your character (Name Change, Race Change, Faction Change, Appearance Change). Teleport Hub: Enables you to teleport to various locations across the world. Online Store: Ever dreamed of getting that spectacular mount or that funny companion? Server Rates Kill rate: 10x Quest rate: 20x Money rate: 10x Honor rate: 2x Crafting rate: 2x Gathering rate: 2x Reputation rate: 10x Uncommon items: 10x Rare items: 50x But don't take our word for it, join now and witness the amazing things Storm-WoW has to offer! Website: http://storm-wow.com Forum: http://storm-wow.com/forum Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stormwowcommunity

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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