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Found 5 results

  1. Hello yesterday I have been looking around on my pc while doing that I found a repack for the old well known server called cascade wow so I said why not share with people so here it is Download link(patch already inside) https://mega.nz/#!ZZwFVLwK!rYkDiQqJuEiOSMcBiNGqLzSLoJ22QXY2o_FCA-JrU8s If you like it give me +rep
  2. WEBSITE FORUM DISCORD Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that after couple of months of hard work, our realm is up and ready! A few things you should know about our realm: - Level area 1-255 in Zul'Drak - After Level 255, start your journey into our scaled, balanced instances/World Bosses T1 - Molten Core T2 - Blackwing Lair T3 - World Bosses T4 - Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Karazhan T5 - Tempest keeep: The eye, Serpentshrine Caverns T6 - Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell T7 - Naxxramas T8 - Ulduar T9 - Trial of the Crusader T10 - Icecrown Citadel More in the upcoming updates ^ Custom Bosses Customly Scaled and modified Instances Custom Zones - Mounts Heaven + 35k Cata/MoP/WoD/Legion items (+950 artifact items) + 300 Legion mounts (Check all of them out at our Mounts Haven custom zone) + 300 Legion pets 2 long and 1 short(but tricky) stair events - Automated event redeeming system - Killstreak system (Get PvP tokens, and buy sets with them) - Level Booster NPC (Buy levels with tokens) - Retreive VP/DP command. |( .getpoint) - Buff Master NPC - Fancy world chat - Level up twice as fast in the Weekends. - Learn spells on level-up - You don't have to manually loot leveling mobs. Some tokens from them will automatically get into your backpack. - Epic Guild Housing system: Build houses, beat other Guilds, capture their flag, etc. (more info in the Guild Features section on our website) - Extra rewards if in a Guild - Crossfaction Battlegrounds - VP/hour for gameplay. Default VP/h is set to 2, 2x VP/hour if you voted in the last 24 hours, and 3x VP/hour if in last 12 hours + A lot more to be discovered! Also, we have a MALL with lots of insanely fun stuff: Bounty Hunter Arena Gambler Arena Master Arena Spectator Crossfaction Battlegorunds Custom Quests Starter/Runner Gear Pvp Gear Transmogrification Item Requester Item Enchanter Item Reforger Profession Master Guild Banker Tokens Exchanger DP <=> VP Exchanger Event Redeemer & more! We're open for suggestions and we're awaiting you to start your own journey with your friends at Havoc-WoW!
  3. Hello some of you may have already seen my older post where I shared the repack of an old well known server called cascade wow when I looked deeply into the link that has the repack I saw that the source was not included inside of it ( I forgot to share it ) I know I could have edited my older post but I thought people will who already saw it will not know that I edited it and never see the new download link here is the download link for the source: https://mega.nz/#!Zdp3CRLA!nJR5EPGAuUQS9qRX48DJlWqN632qbhEIpuWrcIRA2a4 Here is my older post:
  4. General info: Hello, i workt on a 255 server for about a year ago, but i did never finish is, becuase i got kinda bored of it and i dident have anybody to work with. I have benn trying to make a story line for the server but i think i failed hard on that one anyway if you would like to try it you can just download it and run the mysql, realm and world server. I would like if you came with some feedback if i should continue developing this server, becuase then i might do it. Note: There is bugs on the server and they will be fixed if i get good feedback and that i am going to continue the development on it. Account info ingame: Login:Admin Pass:Admin Database login: Name:root Pass:ascent Info about the server: A leveling road atm Custom leveling script after max level Custom forgeing system (a bit complex to understand at start) 10 sets of obtainable gear PvE for each class Mall 1 set if PvP gear Core modifications have been made Rochet2's Multivendor and Transmog npc is in there too(Credit to him for those) 1 world boss (not scripted) World chat(byt typing ".world text") Who list works up to level 255 Player commands: .buff for some basic buffs .world to talk in the world chat .plevel to check you sub level Admin commands: .Reload Creature_template so you can get npcs you have made right away .Reload Item_template same for items, but they get cached remember that Custom Forging system explenation: First you have to go to one of the instances and kill one of the bosses, when you have done that you have a chance to get Broken cloth, leather, mail or plate item. These come in all the 8 armor pieces, so to get a full set you need all the broken parts for either cloth, leather, mail or plate. Then when you have gotten one or more broken parts you need to get a hammer of serten quality as are listed below. Copper Hammer = Tier 1 Silver Hammer = Tier 2 Gold Hammer = Tier 3 Platinum Hammer = Tier 4 Cobalt Hammer = Tier 5 Titanium Hammer = Tier 6 Iridum Hammer = Tier 7 Zinc Hammer = Tier 8 Ziconium Hammer = Tier 9 Palladium Hammer = Tier 10 So when you have gotten the hammer and the broken pieces you can go to the first world boss and behind him it should be a Anvil for the Tier 1 set. You can also spawn the rest of the anvils if you want, their IDs are from 400003 to 400011. Enjoy!! Melee patch: https://mega.nz/#!n0olFZoQ!LruIqZyHVx-trwU7EsztkuP2CifVoOIQZpmXMtPtsoc For custom gear, herlooms and some other stuff (40MB size) Server Files: https://mega.nz/#!Lp5BgQTD!RRumM4nvqzTQEs36ccZ3yRMlf5aSvwjJMePHAN3Vb8k you have Mysql, Database all in one so it is just to start the server (about 1GB size) So if you want to try the server out download it and take a look, if not just continue with you own bussiness. Have a good day! Screenshots: Leveling road Mall Teleporter Custom leveling system
  5. Greetings dear community, i am stuck at this, and hope some one of you has done this before or has experience with this. As the title says, i 'd like to make Heirlooms available for level 1-255 (not only 1-80 scaling). Scaling stops atm at level 80. I figured out the edits in ScalingStatDistribution.dbc + Scalingstatvalue.dbc are the required editing there, although it doesn't effect according to edits. I modified the level to 255 max, same as figured how stats are scaled and how they are distributed although no success at making them scale beyond level 80. I am probably missing some very simple change but i dont know what it is. I' d love if some one could help me in this concern. Kind Regards Beast

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MMO-Society is the Forum former known as Lordcraft, MMO-Society offers various of Resources to help you evolve your knowledge within Emulation, In the process we make sure to form a strong community bond in-between each other and thus we are proud to can admit that MMO-Society is possibly the friendliest Community Forum to currently exist.

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