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  1. Arcanian-WoW is an up and coming Cataclysm project with plans of becoming a high quality Blizzlike 4.3.4 Realm, currently in Alpha testing phase #1. In order to speed up the process of fixing issues, we are searching for skilled developers who would be interested in being part of and volunteering as a member of our friendly staff team and a growing community! We are searching for individuals with the following skill sets: SQL Programming skills Experience working with Trinity Core (Optional) C++ Programming Skills Just some personal requirements: Must be able to work in a team environment Must be committed to the server and passionate about the game Must be able to speak English Please keep in mind that the position is voluntary To contact us simply follow this link to our Discord server: or contact Xaye on Discord directly. xaye#3223 Regards, Arcanian-WoW Management.
  2. Greetings Readers, Arcanian-WoW would like to invite you to our open alpha testing phase #1. We are a 4.3.4 Blizzlike Cataclysm realm that will be PvP based, as well as focused on scripted PvE content. Our passion for the expansion is what fuels this project and we want our members to enjoy the nostalgia just as much as we do. With a dedicated staff team and a non-toxic community we want everyone to experience. All testers (for Alpha phase) will receive the Obsidian Nightwing mount as well as 4 Embersilk bags to start out on the live server as a reward. Requirements for the rewards: 5+ hours of log time and must have tested throughout the whole alpha stage. We are currently testing with level caps. At the moment you can test until level 30, every Sunday (starting 18 August 2019) the cap level will be raised by 10 levels until we reach level 80 and 5 levels the next Sunday from 80-85. After Alpha phase #1 has been completed, we will move into Alpha phase #2 where level 1-85 will be open for all to level freely without any caps. For more information or to join in the testing, simply join our Discord or visit our website & Forum Regards, Arcanian-WoW Management
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